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McDonald’s UK position on ‘Super Size Me’

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August, 2004

People might be surprised to learn that on the whole we agree with Super Size Me’s message - that it’s important to have a balanced diet and take exercise – something we’ve been saying for a long time. But in reality, the film doesn’t tell us, or our customers anything we don’t already know, and as a result it makes little contribution to the wider debate taking place on nutrition and lifestyle in the UK today, of which we are already a part.

The reality here is that he ate a one dimensional diet of more than 5,000 calories a day – that’s twice the recommended amount for adult males, while he goes from being a highly active individual, to purposely stopping all physical activity. That’s not reality, and it’s not the way people live their lives. Our average customer in the UK visits our restaurants two to three times a month and it would take them between seven to eight years to consume the same amount of calories that Mr Spurlock did in just 30 days. It’s hardly surprising then that this had an impact on his body.

There is no question that McDonald’s food can fit into a balanced diet, and well within the recommended daily calorie intakes for men and women.

Our customers will recognise the choice and variety on the menu and that we support them by providing relevant nutritional information so they can make informed decisions. They know their own diet and lifestyle best.

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