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Poker, blackjack and roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino


Established in 1863, the casino in Monte Carlo is the most famous location in the world for roulette, poker and blackjack.

Despite competition from Las Vegas and online casinos, Monte Carlo remains a firm favourite for poker players the world over, with an annual tournament that has the richest potential winnings in Europe.

Set in Casino Square, Monte Carlo and her casino oozes style and class, and remains a firm favourite among Europe and the wider world's wealthy.

Adding to the glamour and legend of the poker tables and the roulette wheels is that Ian Fleming in his first James Bond book includes it as a setting in Casino Royale, and the 1995 Bond film Goldeneye includes it as one of the locations.

Just outside are the wonderfully relaxing Casino Gardens and the equally famous Cafe de Paris offers morning and afternoon teas and coffees, as well as lunch.

The casino opens its doors at 2pm, suitable attire is expected (jacket and tie, no shorts or flip flops) and some form of ID, for example a driving licence with photograph or passport is requested upon admission. Military and religious uniforms are not allowed. The current admission price is 10 Euros.

If you're visiting a casino to play blackjack, poker or roulette make sure you visit Monte Carlo for the best casino experience in the world!

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