When the idea of building a tramway between BLACKPOOL & FLEETWOOD first saw light of day, no one on the  Fylde coast showed any interest in buying a single share.
But  shrewed businessmen of East Lancashire jumped up with £150,000 to start the wheels rolling were more far sighted and history proved they had back a winner.
The newly formed BLACKPOOL & FLEETWOOD TRAM ROAD CO. Made a another wise move when they appointed JOHN CAMERON as general manager. This tough Scottish engineer had been a ganger with the navvies who braved horrendous conditions to build the SEETLE-CARLISLE railway over the famous Ribble head Viaduct. He was heavily involved in the railway systems on the Isle of Man and brought a big team of Manx workers with him when he moved to the Fylde Coast
His home, called “Pooldhooie” is now the BISPHAM CONSERVATIVE CLUB and company headquarters, complete with coal fired power station next door where SAINSBURYS is now.
The no-nonsense Scotsman was a hands-on manager, It was said his staff swore by him and he never stop swearing at them.
He fathered 18 children of which 15 survived and a number worked in transport all over the world.
It is believed the bowling green next to the club was his garden and just beyond at the back was the tramsheds so he could look at his garden and also keep an eye on his workers.
The tram sheds later became what was possibly the first type of super market in Bispham called “ALPIC”

Taken over by BLACKPOOL on 1st January 1920 until 15th August 1921.

Purchased by BISPHAM CONSERVATIVE CLUB August 1925 for £2,000 freehold

Over the years many a modernisation as taken place along with extensions and
And disabled facilities to what it is to-day.
The area of Red Bank Rd, is excellent for shopping with it’s wide range of consumer
Products, also there is a good choice of Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses,
Bowling Greens. And a short distance a Golf Course and Driving Range.    
  John Cameron
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