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PlayStation 3 becomes UK's fastest-selling home console

Ellie Gibson 19:32 (BST) 26/03/2007

Chart-Track estimates 165,000 units sold in two days

Chart-Track has told GamesIndustry.biz that UK consumers snapped up an estimated 165,000 PlayStation 3 units in the two days following the console's launch.

That makes PS3 the fastest-selling home console in history, beating the Wii - which shifted 105,000 units during its launch weekend - and Xbox 360, with 70,000 sold.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft struggled to meet demand with their consoles, leading to stock shortages - but Sony previously stated that the UK would get around 220,000 of the 1 million PS3 units allocated to Europe for launch.

Overall, the PlayStation 3 is the second fastest-selling piece of games hardware in history. That record still belongs to PlayStation Portable, with 185,000 units sold during the handheld's launch weekend.

PlayStation 3 launched in Europe on Friday, priced at GBP 425 / EUR 599 for the 60GB model.

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