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ACACIA BLOSSOM: Represent for a secret, innocent love and last forever.
CORN: North Europe's representation for life
ALOE: Meaning sadness and religious superstitious
AMBROSIA: Represent for an old love that will come back to you
AMARYLLIS: Meaning for a luxuriou beauty: arrogance but shy
ANEMONE: being abandon
ARBUTUS: Only love one's significant other, no one else
ASTER: Represent for a beautiful love
AZALEA: Represent for gentleness in love, take care your woman,
also is a quality in Chinese's woman


BACHELOR BUTTON: Lonely and innocent
BEGONIA: Beware!!!
BELLS OF IRELAND: Represent for luckiness
BITTERSWEET: Represent for honesty
BLUEBELL: Being humble and patience


CACTUS: Patience and high spirit
CAMELLIA: Represent for a woman's admire their man, that's a great gift
for any man
CAMELLIA: Pink meaning longing for a man
CAMELLIA: Red: A man thinks his woman is a burning fire in his heart
CAMELLIA: White: A man thinks his woman is so lovely!
CANDYTUFT: Represent for one's negligent carin for other
CARNATION: General: Being attracted by a beautiful girl
CARNATION: Pink: A man said: "I will never forget you"
CARNATION: Purple: An unstable change
CARNATION: Red: My heart is tremble because of you; admire!!
CARNATION: Solid Color: Meaning to agree
CARNATION: Striped: Deny a woman's love; Sorry:
I cannot bring love and happiness to you eventhough I try
CARNATION: White: Represent for loveliness: innocent
and worthy of love. Also represent for a chaste love. Great gift for a woman
CARNATION: Yellow: Represent for denial and don't even care to notice
CATTAIL: Represent for peacefulness and successful
CHRYSANTHEMUM: General: You're a great friend with a sense of humor and easygoing
CHRYSANTHEMUM: Red: You're so lovely
CHRYSANTHEMUM: White: Represent for an honesty in love
CHRYSANTHEMUM: Yellow: Represent for a love that a man didn't pay attention to
COREOPSIS: Always happy
COWSLIP: Meaning for thinking and honorable
CROCUS: Be happy and Don't torture yourself too much
CYCLAMEN: Meaning denial and say goodbye


DAFFODIL: Caring and loving other but haven't had any feedback from them but still love and care for that particular person
DAISY: Meaning innocent and true love
DANDELION: Represent for loyalty and happiness
DEAD LEAVES: Represent for sadness


FERN: Represent for a passion and attraction; trusting and protective.
FERN: Maidenhair: A secret promise for one's true love
FIR: Timing is everything
FLAX: Represent for one's faith.
FORGET-ME-NOT: True love and hard to forget
FORSYTHIA: Meaning to know something in advance


GARDENIA: You're so lovely; Secret love.
GARLAND OF ROSES: Reward of Virtue
GARLIC: Bravery and full of energy.
GERANIUM: Stupidity and Idiotic.
GLADIOLUS: Love at first sight.
GRASS: To obey; useful.


HEATHER: Lavender: Represent for admire; loneliness
HEATHER: White: Protection; All of your dreams will come true
HOLLY: Defense; Represent for one's happiness; provident
HONEYSUCKLE: To sacrifice and forgiveness; admire
HYACINTH: General: This flower will be given to the sun
HYACINTH: Blue: Loyalty
HYACINTH: Purple: Apologize: Please forgive me!
HYACINTH: Red or Pink: Playing a Joke
HYACINTH: White: Really lovey; I always pray for you.
HYACINTH: Yellow: Jealousy
HYDRANGEA: Thankyou for your understanding.


IRIS: Your friendliness give me a deep impression; trusting and hope; Being careful and brave; My heart is out with you
IVY: Love in marriage; or friendship
IVY SPRIG OF WHITE TENDRILS: From worry to admire; sympathy


JASMINE: Lovely, cute.
JONQUIL: Please love me; I have feeling for you; I wish my love will come back to me


LARKSPUR: Pink: Meaning something will change
LILAC: Feeling of your first love
LILY: Calla: Represent for a girl's charming and beautiful
LILY: Day: Usually adorn oneself; represent a Chinese mother
LILY: Euchard: Represent for a chaste innocent girl, she's also attractive; and lovely
LILY: Orange: Despite
LILY: Tiger: Rich and arrogant
LILY: White: Meaning innocent, virgin, and assertive. Wonderful to be with that lady
LILY: Yellow: I walk in space; mistake
LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY: Sweetness and gentle; Water of Virgin Mary; happiness is back; modest; you make my life complete


MAGNOLIA: Being noble; natural love
MARIGOLD: Suffering; sadness; jealous
MISTLETOE: Kiss me; admire; overcome any obstacle                                      Magic herbs of India;  Demon trees of Druids
MONKSHOOD: Beware: Death is comming; Forgiveness
MOSS: Love between mother and child; kindness
MYRTLE: Represent for love and marriage of Hebrew


NARCISSUS: arrogant; praise oneself; let keep it simple, be kind and lay aside your arrogant.
NASTURTIUM: taking over; win the war; patriotic
NUTS: surprise


OLEANDER: Be careful and beware
ORANGE BLOSSOM: Innocent; Love forever
ORANGE MOCK: To lie to someone
ORCHID: Love; beauty; lovely lady; also represent for full of children in China
ORCHID: Cattleya: a decent beauty and solemn


PALM LEAVES: Win and success
PANSY: Thinking or miss someone
PEONY: Embarrass; Peaceful life; Happiness in marriage; or shyness
PETUNIA: Angry; or your appearance make me feel more safety
PINE: Hope and kindness
POPPY: General: Sleep into eternity; forget; illusion
POPPY: Red: happiness and consolation
POPPY: White: Advice; to sleep
POPPY: Yellow: Success and happy
PRICKLY PEAR: To mock someone
PRIMROSE: Evening: Not patient enough


ROSE: Bridal: Satisfy in love
ROSE: Cabbage: Angel of love
ROSE: Christmas: I'm scare; anxious
ROSE: Damask: Being glorious
ROSE: Dark Crimson: sympathetic
ROSE: Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
ROSE LEAF: You can hope
ROSE: Pink: Completely happy; Believe in me
ROSE: Red: I love you
ROSE: Single Full Bloom: I love you and still love you
ROSE: Tea: I never forget you
ROSE: Thornless: Love at first sight
ROSE: White: Chaste and innocent; I'm your only love;   secret and last forever
ROSE: White and Red Together: To agree
ROSE: White on Red Together: Represent for England; Unity
ROSE: White (Dried): Choose to die because keep virginity for a woman's love
ROSE: White (Withered): Represent for a small impression; a simple beauty; You don't even remember
ROSE: Yellow: Lose one's love; jealousy; care for
ROSEBUD: young and beautiful; a pure heart in love
ROSEBUD: Moss: to confess that I love you
ROSEBUD: Red: innocent and love
ROSEBUD: White: A girl's puberty
ROSES: Bouquet of Full Bloom: Being graceful
ROSES: Garland or Crown of: Beware of your attitude; to reward; Represent for brilliant merit
ROSES: Musk Cluster: To lure, attract


SMILAX: You're so lovely!
SNAPDRAGON: to lie; arrogant
SPIDER FLOWER: agree to runaway with me
STEPHANOTIS: Happiness in marriage; or want to travel
STOCK: A rope to tied couple together in love; a lasting beauty
SWEETPEA: Say goodbye; thank you for your time


TULIP: General: A wonderful woman; famous; Represent for Holland
TULIP: Red: Believe me!; to announce that I love you
TULIP: Variegated: Beautiful eyes
TULIP: Yellow: Hopeless in love


VIOLET: Being modest
VIOLET: Blue: Being careful and honest; I always keep my words
VISCARIA: Would you like to dance with me?


ZINNIA: Magenta: Being admire for long time
ZINNIA: Mixed: Thinking (or missing) of being loneliness because missing a bestfriend
ZINNIA: Scarlet: Patient
ZINNIA: White: Represent for an honest person
ZINNIA: Yellow: I miss you every day

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