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Evening lecture: November 2004

At last night's monthly planetarium lecture, 94 people watched spellbound as one by one, the infamous 'Moon hoax' claims were dismantled by Martin Hendry and Ken Skeldon of Glasgow University.

The top ten so-called lines of 'evidence' proving the Apollo Moon landings to be a 'hoax' were individually addressed, and each subsequently demonstrated to be bogus. The audience discovered how easy it is to photograph objects that appear to cast non-parallel shadows; how to explain the fact that an object in total shadow can be 'mysteriously' lit up (see photo); and that capturing different objects with the exact same background does not imply trick photography.

After a stirring conclusion under the ScottishPower Planetarium's beautiful night sky, a full half-hour of discussion and debate followed. Interestingly, even after Martin and Ken's superb presentation, there were 'hoax' claim believers in the audience who remained unconvinced. It did not take long though for everyone to see that these beliefs are based more on personal prejudice than fact.

In total the evening brought in £345 for GSC, and ended the 2004 lecture season on a high note.

Mario Di Maggio
Education Co-ordinator: Astronomy
Glasgow Science Centre