Student Health Action Coalition

The Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) is a student-run organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that provides free health and social services to local residents and communities.

SHAC is run by entirely by student volunteers from many schools within UNC-CH:

• The School of Medicine
• The School of Pharmacy
• The School of Public Health
• The School of Physical Therapy

• The School of Nursing
• The School of Dentistry
• The School of Social Work

Under the supervision of UNC physicians and professors, the students combine their skills to hold weekly health and dental clinics. SHAC also provides care for home-bound citizens, partners with local community groups to create sustainable health promotion programs, partners with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County to build a house, and works to be a partner in activities with local health and social service organizations.

Volunteering with SHAC provides students with experience in health care outside the UNC academic setting. SHAC also prepares students for life-long careers built upon upon teamwork among health professions and collaboration with local groups dedicated to improving the health of the entire community.

SHAC's success depends on the generosity of its volunteers and sponsors!

If you're excited about SHAC and want to join our mission, you can contact group leaders on the SHAC Leaders page to the left!

Please consider supporting us with a financial contribution through the Medical Foundation of North Carolina. If you have information about grants, charitable foundations, or other sources of funding, please visit our fundraising page to contact the finance directors.

“The practices attendant to being with patients in their health and sickness are not taught in the lecture hall, but learned in communities.”

– a former SHAC Director