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K., who had half-risen and smoothed his hair, looked at the
people from below and said: "What village have I wandered into?
So there is a castle here?"

"Why, of course," the young man said slowly, while several peasantsš
here and there shook their heads at K., "the Castle of Count Westwest."

"And one needs permission to spend the night here?" asked K.,š
as though he wanted to persuade himself that he hadn't perhaps heard
the previous statements in a dream.

"Permission is needed" was the reply, and this turned into crude mockery at
K.'s expense when the young man, stretching out his arm, asked the
landlord and the guests: "Or perhaps permission is not needed?"

"Then I must go and get myself permission," said K., yawning andš
pushing off the blanket, as though he intended to get up.

"Yes, but from whom?" asked the young man.

"From the Count," said K., "there doesn't seem to be any alternative."

F. Kafka , "Castle"
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