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Races of Hyrule

Throughout his journeys around Hyrule, Link has stumbled upon many various types of creatures. Here you will find information about the different races, where they live, and more.



Location: Hyrule
Famous Race Members: Link (Picture), Zelda
Description: Blessed by the Gods with exceptional magical skills, such as the ability to communicate through telepathy and making powerful potions, the Hylians have always been the most powerful race throughout Hyrule. They look a lot like humans, except their ears are long and pointy. The Hylians are known for having the skill of manipulating magic.


Location: Kakariko Village in Hyrule
Famous Race Members: Impa (Picture)
Description: The Sheikah, also known as 'The Shadow Folk' are the people chosen by the gods to protect the Triforce and the Royal family of Hyrule. They looked just like Hylians, but bigger. During the great war all the Sheikah except Impa died. The Sheikah built the Shadow Temple.


Location: Kokiri Forest in Hyrule
Famous Race Members: Saria (Picture), Mido
Description: Living in Kokiri Forest protected by The Great Deku Tree, the Kokiri were the only race that did not participate in the Great War. An ancient legend tells that if a Kokiri leaves the forest, he or she will die. Every Kokiri is born with a protecting fairy.


Location: Forest Haven on the Great Sea
Famous Race Members: Makar (Picture)
Description: The Korok are the Kokiri. Confused? When Hyrule was flooded around a century after Ocarina of Time, the various races then had to adapt to their new every day lives. As a result, the magical children of the Deku Tree took the form as Koroks, simply because this was a more suitable shape for them. One of the reasons was that they could easily fly with the help of the Deku Leaves, and it was also most likely a shape that was more true to their nature, rather than the human-like shape they had as the Kokiri Children.


Location: Hyrule, Labrynna, Termina
Famous Race Members: Darunia (Picture), Darmani, Darbus
Description: The Gorons are generally a helpful race that won't harm anybody that doesn't want to harm them. However, they do possess great power and knowledge about fighting techniques. This is proven when Link inhabits the body of an ancient Goron Soldier, Darmani, in the adventure of Majora's Mask. They can live under extreme heat, and grow to become HUGE (Example: Biggoron who lives at the top of Death Mountain). The Gorons eat rocks. It is believed that once Hyrule was flooded the Gorons fled to other parts of the world, such as Labrynna and Termina, as they are not very tolerable to water.


Location: Hyrule, Labrynna, Termina
Famous Race Members: Princess Ruto (Picture), King Zora, Mikau, Prince Ralis
Description: The Zoras are a powerful, but at the same time very voulnerable race. Their powers are shown in Majoras Mask when Link inhabits the body of a legendary Zora musician, Mikau. They are extremely good swimmers, but they need water to survive. In Ocarina of Time, most of the Zoras died when their home, Zora's Domain was frozen during Links seven-year sleep. The Zoras have also appeared as an evil race, but then they go by the name "Zola".


Location: Dragon Roost Island on the Great Sea
Famous Race Members: Quill, Medli, Prince Komali (Picture)
Description: It is believed that as the known world of Hyrule was flooded, and only the Great Sea was left, somewhere along the line the Zoras that lived in Hyrule became, be it by magic or evolution, what is known as the Rito - A birdlike tribe which lives on top Death Mountain, which is then known as Dragon Roost Island. The Ritos worship Valoo, the God of the Sky, and every Rito who wants wings must face Valoo to get them.


Location: Hyrule, Termina, Labrynna
Famous Race Members: The Deku Princess
Description: The Dekus are a strange race, which can be considered both as enemies and friends. In Ocarina of Time they mainly show up as Deku Scrubs (enemies), but Majora's Mask show us that there exists a people of Dekus that live in their own society. The Dekus are a race who is mainly concerned about themselves, and therefore they can switch sides between good and evil, depending on which is best for them at the time.


Location: Hyrule, Termina
Famous Race Members: Ganondorf (Picture), Nabooru
Description: The Gerudos are a lone people. They live in fortresses, and are known as thieves. Nearly all Gerudos are women. In Hyrule, a male Gerduo is born every 100 years and this man is destined to be the leader of the Gerudos until a new male is born into the tribe.


Location: Everywhere
Famous Race Members: Navi, Tatl (Picture), Tael
Description: Guardian Fairies, or simply fairies, are small glowing 'flies' that have been assigned to guard and protect their own Kokiri Kid. The Great Fairy is a big fairy, that seems to be put together by many small Guardian Fairies, or at least she is in Majora's Mask when Skull Kid shatters her into many small fairys. Special fairies that are only used for healing are called 'Faeries'. The Fairies are often forgotten when the races of Hyrule are mentioned, even though they play a great part in the journeys of Link.


Location: Subrosia
Famous Race Members: Rosa
Description: Not much is known about this strange, lonely people. Their land, Subrosia, is a boiling hot land filled with living-volcanos everywhere. Nobody has ever seen what a Subrosian really looks like, as they always wear their capes which hide their real faces.


Location: Crescent Island in Labrynna
Famous Race Member: None
Description: A very rare race, only found on Crescent Island in Labrynna. These creatures look like Lizards, but their intelligence is far beyond the ones of the Lizards. They can walk and talk, and even lie, which Link gets to experience when he visits this island. Not an evil race at all, however.
The Minish Peopl


Location: Hyrule
Famous Race Member: Ezlo, Vaati
Description: The Minish people are a legendary people who live scattered throughout Hyrule. Some live in villages in the forests, others live right amongst the people of Hyrule, but because of their small size inhabitants of Hyrule aren't aware of their existence, and they are most often thought to be but a legend. The Minish only show themselves to children, and so adults are inclined to belive them to be only legends.


Location: Twilight Realm
Famous Race Member: Midna (Picture, seen cursed), Zant
Description: The Twili are descendants of beings who tried to invade the Sacred Realm and harness its power. As a result, they were banished to the Twilight Realm and there they remained, making the best of a bitter situation, until a dark intruder appeared and changed their way of life.


Location: City in the Sky
Famous Race Member: Ooccoo, Ooccoo Jr (Both seen in picture)
Description: An ancient race inhabiting the sky who some believe are the creators of the Hylian race. Not much is known about the mysterious, bird-like beings, but it is said that their story is entwined with that of the Royal Family and Hyrule. Could all or some of the unlikely and perhaps farfetched rumors be true?


Location: Peak Province
Famous Race Member: Yeto (picture), Yeta
Description: Somewhat large beings who are known to endure extremely cold living conditions. To date, only two members of the species are known. Yeto and his wife Yeta live in Snowpeak ruins of Peak Province, remaining relatively unseen. When one fell ill, however, the other was not hesitant to go in search of reekfish. Once he'd obtained some, he cooked his wife a soup with the hopes of seeing her recover.
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