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  Human collagen  


Collagen is the principal protein in the human body found in large quantities in the derm. Collagen has many biomedical uses such as a tissue sealant, artificial skin, implant coatings, wound dressings, platelet aggregation, tissue engineering, wrinkle and scar treatments ... The market for artificial skin and tissue repair indications alone was estimated to be greater than € 140 million (source: Clinica report 1997). Currently the only available collagen on the market is of bovine origin. This situation creates a demand for recombinant conform human collagen as this would eliminate the potential for immune reactions or the possibility of a transfer of pathogens from animal material. MERISTEM has been developing collagen as a method of validating their technology platform as it is a complex protein requiring significant post translational modifications.

Stage of development

In partnership with the Lyon laboratory of the CNRS, MERISTEM has produced several grams of human recombinant collagen in tobacco. This collagen could be used as biological glue.