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Hi there, listeners! This is Rash Lambaste, the liberals' Limbaugh, with all the news you need to know. Well, we just had another beaut from Newt. The Speaker hired a House historian who thought Nazism should be taught in schools. That's good sound Republicanism: instead of condoms, let's distribute SS armbands. Newt dumped her, but in the nicest way: he visited her and served her with divorce papers. And how about term limits, that great notion of an electorate that can't trust themselves to vote the rascals out? Old Guard Republicans must love that! Newt's in his ninth term, so he's way over the limit. And Senator Thurmond -- wasn't he the Founding Father who filibustered against the Declaration of Independence? C'mon, Republicans! Don't make it so easy for me!

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Now let's go to the phones.

< THAT'S A RADIO MONOLOGUE YOU didn't hear last week, and not only because we in the evil dinosaur liberal media made it up. We don't matter anymore. Today the big noise comes from talk radio. Its conservative hosts are the kings of AM radio and the kingmakers of the new Republican majority; one survey showed that hard-core listeners to the format voted 3-to-1 Republican. As could be expected, the hosts showed little interest in ribbing Newt Gingrich and the G.O.P. They had bigger fat to fry. Have a listen:

Ken Hamblin, a hot-button black conservative, on "the Nazi point of view" comment that cost Christina Jeffrey a Capitol Hill job: "Being a bigot does not void your First Amendment rights." The self-styled "Black Avenger," who is syndicated to 63 stations nationwide, has also railed against gun control and even against James Brady -- "the cripple guy" -- for promoting it.

Neal Boortz, morning commentator for Atlanta's WSB, on the arrest of three local boys for attempted robbery, and a later fracas involving the boys' mother: "When the police came to her welfare house and knocked on this welfare queen's door and took her little predators away, this woman, who by the way was about the size of a phone booth -- she obviously puts her food stamps and welfare checks to good use! -- she was screaming like a stuck pig because the police were taking her little predator welfare tickets away! . . . Lady, your ((kids will)) go into the system and they'll be home in a few days, and when they grow up, they'll probably kill somebody! Maybe even somebody you know!"

Sean Hannity, Boortz's competition at Atlanta's WGST, on the Democratic proposal to raise the minimum wage: "How much more can you pay to someone who flips burgers for a living? Are you willing to pay more for a hamburger? ((But)) the Democrats feel they can get a lot of mileage out of this because they can create this class envy and strife -- which they're masters at."

The true masters are motormouths like Hamblin, Boortz, Hannity -- and the supremo, Rush Limbaugh, whose syndicated sermon is attended by 20 million people a week on 660 stations. Talk radio trails only country music as the nation's most pervasive format; it commandeers more than 15% of the fragmented audience. More than 1,000 talk stations (up from 200 ten years ago), and hundreds more with Evangelical Christian commentators, deliver hot chat to an avid constituency. About half of all American adults listen to the format at least once a week for at least an hour, according to Talkers magazine.

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