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“Various nations will be annihilated...”
So spoke Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, warning us of the many temporal punishments that would ensue should the ecclesiastical hierarchy spurn Her heavenly requests. Ninety years have now passed. Our blind, apostate hierarchy considers the Message of Fatima even more irrelevant to this century than they did to the last. As a consequence, all the nations of Christian Europe, long since internally corrupted by Ashkenazi-Jew supremacism (via its gentile arm Freemasonry), are now set for extinction. Nations formed by Divine Providence over hundreds of years will formally fall to these Judeo-Mongols from Khazaria and their satanic federal Europe. Since these nations have rejected Christendom, Heaven will now give them over to Satandom.

When, in the summer of 2008, the British Prime Minister and the Queen sign the sixth (and most secret) of the European Union treaties, the so-called Reform Treaty, Britain will formally cease to exist as a nation. Like other European nations, it will quickly degenerate into an extremely nasty place to live and work... until such time as God has mercy on us and this Khazar-controlled European Union finally collapses.

Robert Sungenis gagged
In an astonishing climbdown, Dr. Robert Sungenis, director of Catholic Apologetics International, has abjectly apologised for his "hard-line" stance against the Jews over the last five years and has pulled all his Jewish Issues webpages. This is truly tragic as he was, in our opinion, one of the Church's ablest defenders against the Jewish peril, particularly its Heresy of the Unabrogated Mosaic Covenant, a heresy now infecting vast numbers of uninformed and/or unfaithful clerics.

Dr. Sungenis has been hounded for year by his Judaizing peers. Has he now been blackmailed? Or received threats? We know not, but something is most certainly afoot here, as his published reasons for this volte-face do not stack up. They may well have satisfied his bishop but they most surely cannot have convinced him. They relate to (i) the allegedly uncharitable and offensive manner of his writings (not it seems to any specific doctrinal content), and (ii) his bishop's desire to "preserve peace and tranquillity" in the Church.

Now, on the contrary, what is is truly offensive and uncharitable is to lie about Catholic doctrine, particularly that concerning the Jews, whose eternal future depends on their acceptance of it. And what is guaranteed to destroy the true peace of the Church (which comes from God alone) is to persist in such criminal infidelity. On both counts it is obvious that Dr. Sungenis is inculpable. Indeed he is a model for their very antitheses.

As regards the alleged manner of his teaching, a similar attack was made by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith against the Abbé Georges de Nantes when, in 1968, he compelled them to try him formally for heresy. They were unable to identify a single error in his writings and resigned themselves to declaring him "disqualified" for his tone – an unprecedented canonical verdict, if one can even call it such! One day, please God, ecclesiastical judges will again learn to confine themselves to objective ad rem criteria, and not to indulge in subjective ad hominem attacks that focus on manner, style, attitude, tone, etc, etc.

Double-agent Malachi Martin exposed
One of the most brilliant ecclesial double-agents of all time, Fr. Malachi Martin SJ, has now decisively been exposed as an agent of the Jews, at least, that is, during the time of Vatican Council II (1962-5). Recently released documents from the Manuscripts Department of the New York Public Library confirm that Malachi Martin was indeed the anonymous double-agent described by Look Magazine in 1966 and reveal how he was paid for his services by Jewish interest groups. Their particular objective was the resolution of the "deicide problem". Martin performed his brief with flair, blackmailing senior clergy who opposed the Judaeophile agenda, much of which subsequently found its way into the document Nostra Aetate. After that, he left Rome to fulfil a new role as a pseudo-traditionalist, weaving the most fantastical tales to deceive Catholics of a conservative persuasion.

Pope BenedictPope's motu proprio, 'Summorum Pontificum'
Today (7 July) the Pope released his long awaited motu proprio permitting any priest to celebrate the Tridentine rite of Mass (effectively suppressed almost 40 years ago) without seeking permission from his bishop. In his accompanying Letter addressed to the bishops of the world, the Pope openly states
that the old form of the Mass was never juridically abrogated. It is clear therefore that bishops who have prohibited the Tridentine rite of Mass in their dioceses have acted ultra vires and illegally. The penitent among them will doubtless wish to apologise to their priests and faithful for their scandalous behaviour.

Although we very much welcome the Pope's initiative, we note that several of his conciliatory arguments are patently erroneous, particularly the claim that the Old and New forms of Mass are not in fact two distinct rites but two editions of one and the same Roman rite. Hatched by a freemason (Archbishop Bugnini), in close accord with proven Jewish plots to undermine the Catholic liturgy, the New "edition" of the Mass (albeit of course perfectly valid) diverges so radically from the Tridentine Rite and has such a distinct "ecumenical" ethos of its own that to refuse to recognise it as a separate rite is patently disingenuous.

We now expect to see subtle efforts by liberal, judaized bishops to derail the Pope's initiative, particularly as the prerequisite for public celebrations of the Old rite ("a stable group of the faithful who adhere to the earlier liturgical tradition") is open to some very elastic interpretation.  The Pope doubtless hopes his eirenical overtures will do the trick, but we are too convinced of the rabid Judaic influences behind the New rite to share his optimism.

Update: Pope Benedict uses the older ritual for his private Masses, having altered his Redemptoris Mater chapel to facilitate such celebrations.

Police at Royal Alexandra Hospital Britain's "Terror Attacks"
Michael Hoffman explains how both the secret services and the mainstream media function as partners in crime in the Cryptocracy's staged terrorist attacks.

Complicit also, albeit unwittingly, are those who, by their naive trust in the fraudulent news media and their “obedience culture”, provide the captive audience indispensable to the Cryptocracy. It is this credulous audience who provide the raison d'être for false-flag atrocities. The horrible truth is that Credulity Kills. As Michael Hoffman writes, “Until the media have about as much credibility as the government, and are made to bear responsibility for the totalitarian control system which the Cryptocracy is toiling to impose on us in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’, we are entirely at the mercy of any police agency, from London to New York, who choose to set-up a ‘terror’ attack.”

Of course, the Cryptocracy's agents of evil, the secret services, always co-opt genuine Moslems into their plans. These are the fall guys. Some they fool into thinking they are assisting in a counter-terrorism training exercise, as in the 7/7 atrocity, and some they incite and direct from the side-lines. The latest batch of these Islamic stooges, we are informed, are all doctors or medical students linked to the National Health Service. This new fall-guy profile is interesting. The Cryptocracy's implicit message is that all Moslems, even the most-educated and apparently humane (given their taking of the Hippocratic oath to preserve life), are, if not latent terrorists, at least suspect terrorists.

2012 normalJudaic Symbology Goes Belly Up
Whether or not the Khazar cryptocrats plan a special move in 2012, the year of the next Olympic games, they certainly couldn’t resist parading their criminal hegemony in the odd-looking Olympic logo unveiled on 4 June. For £400,000 they got exactly what they wanted from Jewish brand-consultancy firm Wolff Olins: a deniable emblem of their shibboleth “ZION” masquerading as the date 2012. To do this they used a distracting, grafitti-like typeface in which “2” can be read as either “Z” or “N”. They then went on to arrange the characters in a square so that they can be read either horizontally ("2012") or vertically ("ZION"). Those tempted to reject this interpretation should ask themselves whether a more rational explanation can be found for an otherwise inexplicably feeble logo.

2012 editedHowever, the cryptocrats badly miscalculated. So focused were they on their finely-balanced act of deception – one that would defeat the observational powers of the conspiracy-illiterate whilst at the same time satisfying the conspiratorial symbologists – that they completely overlooked the hue and outcry that would erupt from uncomprehending Londoners aghast that such an opportunity to advertise their pride in their city had been squandered in a childish design which (as Education Secretary Alan Johnson so humorously quipped) is reminiscent of "Boris Johnson's hair"!

No doubt we will enjoy the nonsense expended in the new logo's defence by the Crytpocrats' minions. However, this statement from Tony Blair is truly sinister: "When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life." Now this, far from being prime-ministerial twaddle, is a coded way of saying that he hopes the logo will help people to become (on a subconscious level at least) as open to Zionist domination as he (being a top-ranking freemason) is himself.

Judaism As Humanism (by Patrick Grimm)
"... Secular humanism is self-deification, self-glorification, a struggle to lift man to the level of God, much like Lucifer who made the same power play before he was cast down upon the earth. This is what the Jews have done. Even those Jews who believe in nothing, still devoutly place their faith in the Jewish people.

"Rest assured, Judaism and secular humanism are brothers-in-arms, compatriots, confederates, partners in the Jewish war against us. Look too at the specifics of their agenda. Secularists ... work side-by-side with radical Jews to junk religion, poison the well and mainstream unfettered abortion, the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered deathstyle, doctor-assisted murder of the sick and infirm, and to finish off the frivolity, they scrub the public square clean of any mention of God, Jesus, the Ten Commandments or the Bible....

"More people have been killed in the name of Judaism than any other ideology...." Read the whole article.

The Nativity Story [2006]Can anything good come out of Hollywood?
This question (analogous to that asked by Nathanael concerning Galilee – Jn 1.46) was recently answered in the affirmative by certain "Christian" voices. Their evidence? Hollywood's Nativity Story. "Ah, at last", they thought to themselves in their naivety, "a sympathetic portrayal of biblical events – something even our children might watch!" Even Vatican officials were said to be impressed. But for anyone who truly knows and loves Catholic dogma, the film is yet another instance of Satan dressing up as an angel of light. The beautiful sets, fine acting, and ostensible "sensitivity" of the film mask a fierce, anti-dogmatic attack on the prerogatives of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And for theologically trained Catholic churchmen to be taken in by this is surely a sign of eternal reprobation.

The Message of Fatima informs us that five particular blasphemies against Our Blessed Lady merit Heaven's sternest punishments. Now this film blasphemes Her Immaculate Conception and Her Perpetual Virginity. The scale of the crime can only be measured by the suffering, wars, and massive loss of souls prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima if we do not wake up and  begin honouring Her as God demands. If we fail to do this, Almighty God will continue to chastise us by permitting His deadly enemies, the crypto-Judeocracy, to continue their war against Christendom. If anyone thinks "realistic" explorations of teenage life and childbearing apply to the Glorious and Ever-Virgin Mary, Her whose holiness is simply unimaginable, they are ipso facto part of the problem.

Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands with Rabbi Netanel Teitelbaum as he leaves the Cologne synagogue.Pope Benedict XVI - awaiting trial for heresy
It is clear that Joseph Ratzinger, despite the wide-ranging heterodox views he gave voice to in his writings and speeches prior to being elected Pope, was not a manifest heretic. No one formally delated him to Rome for heresy, nor therefore did he ever undergo a canonical trial for such. A heretic he may well have been, but he was not a "manifest" one in the proper canonical sense of that term. Hence his pre-papal heresies, no matter how "manifest" they may appear to us as individuals, do not permit us to cast doubt on the legitimacy of his papacy. To do so would be uncanonical, anarchic, and indeed schismatic.

However, now that Joseph Ratzinger is Pope, it is more important than ever that his apparent heresies be properly documented and collated in a canonical document of accusation, much as the French priest Fr. Georges de Nantes did in 1973 against Pope Paul VI, in 1983 against Pope John Paul II, and in 1993 against the author of the so-called Catechism of the Catholic Church (all of which Rome has so far proved incapable of answering). The rationale for such an approach is ably documented in Fr. de Nantes' The Question of Papal Heresy, Schism and Scandal, part 3 of which is of especial practical interest here.

Above all, the accuser must under no circumstances set himself up as the judge of the Pope, as this automatically invalidates his plaint. Furthermore, he need be particularly careful and respectful in his mode of speech. He should also concentrate on those heresies manifested by Joseph Ratzinger qua Pope, and not on such pre-papal heresies as those found, say, in his Principles of Catholic Theology (1982). For these reasons, the various sedevacantist attacks found on the Internet, e.g. Br. Michael Dimond's The Amazing Heresies of Benedict XVI, whilst containing much of interest, are ultimately misguided.

Fathers Denis Fahey and Leonard FeeneyKhazars attack true defenders of the Church
In the latest quarterly edition of its Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) of Alabama, a Khazar organisation ostensibly upholding tolerance and civil rights, publishes an article entitled The Dirty Dozen. This article attacks twelve US traditionalist Catholic groups, all of which are accused of exhibiting "varying degrees of anti-Semitism [and of] typically focusing in on conspiracy theories that accuse the Jews of corrupting the church and society." First among those to be targeted by these litigious Khazars is Robert Sungenis, in out view the most able and faithful lay exponent of Roman Catholicism in the world today. Readers may also wish to read Heidi Beirich's The New Crusaders, another typically noxious Khazar hit-piece.

Nor do the SPLC stop there. In a rich inversion of the truth, they have also recently accused traditional Catholic Lt. Cmdr. John Sharpe of the US Navy of... wait for it... "supremacism"! Furthermore, they calumniate him as an "anti-semite" because he promotes the works of Hilaire Belloc and G K Chesterton via IHS Press and is a member of the Legion of St Louis, both of which are, according to the SPLC, "nakedly anti-semitic" organsiations. Read the story here.

It is good that the battle lines are now being more clearly demarcated. What has been so damaging to the Church since Vatican II has been the covert manner in which her sacred institutions have been systematically subverted by the Khazars. It is far better for the Church and certainly for the more visible glory of God that the persecutions against Catholics be carried out openly.

Archbishop Loris CapovillaHave nothing to do with the Red Dragon!
Previously we had dismissed the theory that, in addition to the vision of the Third Secret disclosed in June 2000, there exists a separate text of Sister Lucy's containing further words of the Blessed Virgin. However, with the publication of Antonio Socci's new book, Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima (The Fourth Secret of Fatima), as well as the new evidence provided by Archbishop Capovilla (the former private secretary of Pope John XXIII), we have been forced to reconsider our previous position. In this article we explore the implications of this sensational new information.

Update: "Cardinal Bertone attempts an answer to Antonio Socci’s explosive book accusing the Vatican of covering up the Third Secret of Fatima, but the Cardinal only succeeds in embarrassing himself and confirming the suspicions of the faithful."

Further Update: Cardinal Bertone's TV interview (31 May 2007) only serves to strengthen case for existence of "Fouth Secret".

Alan Yentob, BBC supremo - Khazar JewKhazar media perfectly fulfils Fatima prophecy
The Blessed Virgin warned us at Fatima in 1917 that if the Pope neglected Her urgent request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, Russia would spread its errors throughout the world. Since the reign of Pius XI, every pope has failed to do as She requested, including our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who has so far shown not the slightest inclination to obey Her sovereign command. Logically, therefore, we must assume that this prophesied chastisement is still operative today, nay that it intensifies every year that the reigning Pope publicly insults the Queen of Heaven by spurning Her anguished, motherly plea.

Now obviously the only way this prophesied chastisement can be fulfilled is via the mainstream media. There is simply no other way of spreading errors throughout the world. Logically, then, we need only identify who controls the mainstream media today to realize exactly what Our Lady meant by Russia. This being so, just how is it possible that any informed, prayerful Catholic could fail to appreciate that She was specifically referring to the Khazar (i.e. Russian) Jews, who today, as this article reveals regarding Britain, have nigh total control of the world's media? Fatimists, like Father Paul Kramer, who fail to make this connection must inevitably fall into the most egregious errors; see, for example, this entirely misinformed article of his.

Those who patronize the Khazar Jewish media by sponsoring their satanic propaganda (e.g. by buying their newspapers or subscribing to their media services, including the purchase of a TV licence) make themselves their accomplices. For Catholics, such financial assistance to their diabolical cause must (objectively speaking) constitute a grievous sin. It is little different from sponsoring pornography - another antichristic invention of the Khazar Jews.

Representation of the Third Secret of FatimaKhazar supremacists won't get their World War 3
Try as hard as they may, the Khazar supremacists, chief among whom are the Rothschild dynasty, will not obtain the World War 3 they so ardently desire in line with the prophecies of 33
o freemason Albert Pike. Why? Because, although, in the normal course of human affairs, they would succeed in their objective, as they did with World Wars I and II, this time the Blessed Virgin Mary has interposed Herself and She continues to prevent their diabolical plans from reaching fruition.

How do we know this? From the Third Secret of Fatima itself, ignorance of which leads to manifold interpretative errors concerning the events of our day. The Internet is replete with such errors, and conspiratologists are clearly no less prone to them than those entirely oblivious of the global conspiracy. Here is the relevant text:

A little higher up (was) an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; it flashed and gave off flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire. But these flames were extinguished on contact with the brilliant light that Our Lady radiated against them with Her right hand.” (continued)

AristotleGuess who's behind our Diseducation Systems
Home-schooling is on the rise as parents, aware that something is seriously amiss in State-controlled schools, are increasingly pulling their children out of them. Doubtless the majority of these parents fail to appreciate just how contrived this educational rottenness is, but we salute them nonetheless. A return to the Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek), the mediaeval Trivium (Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric), and traditional Christian teaching will inevitably lead to some children at least achieving a reasonable education. In this connection, two recent works are currently making a significant impact: Tracy Simmons' Climbing Parnassus (a humanist appeal for a return to the Classics) and Andrew Campbell's The Latin-Centered Curriculum (a practical, albeit Protestant, guide to creating a Classics-centred curriculum), both available from Memoria Press.

However, we advise home-schoolers to steer well clear of Susan Wise Bauer's books. Whether or not this good lady is Jewish (as her name certainly suggests), she tends to disregard pivotal Christian teachings and to favour Jewish, masonic, and communist authors. It is instructive that, in the first volume of her Story of the World, she follows the standard Jewish revisionist myth that the Romans were not just the instrumental agents of Christ's death, but the formal agents as well. Any author who takes this deplorable line and treats the Holy Gospels with such blasphemous disrespect gives themselves away immediately.

So just how much of what today passes for “education” under our Zionist-occupied governments (ZOGs), faithfully reflects the satanic cunning of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? Let the reader judge for himself. Here are the salient extracts... (continued)

Judaism's Strange GodsFundamental Errors Concerning the Jews
The Internet is replete with the most basic errors concerning the Jews. Some of these are due to Gentile ignorance, others to Jewish deception. The single best book we know of for unmasking these errors is Michael A. Hoffman II's Judaism's Strange Gods, an expanded hardback version of which he hopes to publish this autumn (2006).

The Jews are in no way the descendants of Abraham. Both physically and spiritually they have nothing in common with the People of Israel formed by God in the Old Testament. Physically, they are Caucasians not Semites, almost all of them having descended from the Russian kingdom of Khazaria which converted en masse to Judaism in the 8th century AD. Spiritually, their religion is not biblical, but anti-biblical and (as regards its written redaction) post-biblical. Why? Because the real Torah of orthodox Judaism is not the Old Testament but the antichristic Talmud. The Talmud is Judaism's fundamental hermeneutic system. And the Talmud, to quote Hoffman, represents the institutionalised nullification of Biblical law and doctrine. Jews who reject the Talmud are not even recognised as Jews by mainstream Jewry, and the Talmud despatches them to hell for eternity, along with anyone who reads the New Testament.

Sadly, marrano prelates and judaized churchmen continue to play out the charade of interfaith dialogue with the Jews. They act as though Orthodox Jewry were essentially biblical and its Talmud purely incidental. They squander their energies on the bizarre modern cult of Judeo-Christianity, a violent contradiction in terms if ever there was one. Let them discuss square circles if they really must abuse their intellects on such contradictory notions. Anything but the idolatry involved in these perfidious Judeo-Christian relations which are crucifying God's Church and leading countless souls to Hell.

The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay
The Plot Against the Church is an astonishing book. Written just before Vatican II, apparently by a group of 12 mainly Spanish priests, it presents a history of Jewish attempts to subvert the Catholic Church over the last 2000 years. Handed to every one of the Council Fathers at the beginning of the Council, it warns against Jewish plans to overthrow Catholic dogma during the Council itself. But it appears that few of the Bishops read it or took it to heart, and we know with what result.

Although few of the Council's theological infidelities relate specifically to the Jews or to the Church's relations with them, this does not preclude us from characterising the whole conciliar debacle as essentially a judaization of the Church. The Jews have constantly sought to sow heresy within the Church: Gnosticism, Arianism, Albigensianism, Protestantism, Modernism, etc. Even the heresiarch Arius himself, we learn from The Plot Against the Church, was a Jew. The failure to realize who the Church's behind-the-scenes enemies were at Vatican Council II almost certainly accounts for how ineffective the Council's opponents have been to date.

Pope Leo XIII, whose encyclical "Human Genus" motivated Mgr Dillon to deliver and then publish his lectures on "The War of Antichrist Against the Church".The War of Antichrist Against the Church
When Catholic clergy fearlessly expose the reality of the Khazar “Jew” conspiracy ranged against the Church, instead of foolishly mocking the very idea of its existence and abjectly cowering at the thought of being labelled an “anti-Semite”, then their proclamation of the Gospel will recover its full force of old. Until then, their preaching, however orthodox, however fervent, will largely be neutralised by their far more canny and organised enemies who have already systematically poisoned the ground in which the seed of the Gospel might otherwise take firm root in human souls.

Here is an example of a well-informed, fearless priest: Mgr. George Dillon D.D. Following Pope Leo XIII's instruction to clergy to “tear the mask away from Freemasonry”, he presented, in 1884, a number of excellent lectures exposing the role of the Jews, the Freemasons and the Illuminati in the conspiracy against the Church: The War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization.

In it he explains the parts played by Voltaire, Adam Weishaupt, Napoleon, and Lord Palmerston in the Conspiracy, as well as providing the full text of the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, a diabolical blueprint for undermining the Papacy. Fr. Denis Fahey (another excellent anti-conspiracist priest whose works we also hope to provide through this website) provides a powerful introduction. Devastating reading!

John Paul I, the Pope of the Secret
God will permit Russia (i.e. the Antichrist conspiracy of the Khazar-Jew elite) to infect both Church and world with its spiritual cancer until such time as one particular event takes place: the public consecration of this malign power to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the bishops. This request was made 77 years ago (June 1929), and yet all the Popes since then have obstinately refused to comply with it – all except John Paul I, who indicated his readiness to do so “should he live”. Alas, he did not live. His enemies took their revenge on him on his 33rd day for seeking to expose their criminal skulduggery.

In this newly translated fourth volume of The Whole Truth about Fatima, learn the amazing facts about Pope Albino Luciani. How he knew in advance that he would become Pope, how he was murdered by his enemies, and how he corresponds so closely to the Bishop dressed in white of the Third Secret of Fatima (even down to his name which means White Light.)

NB. We have also made the first three volumes of this series available to our readers. See the E-Books section on the left.

The Blessed Virgin vs. the Khazar Jew supremacists
The second part of the Secret of Fatima may hold an incredible mystery that so far has escaped the understanding of the Fatima specialists. Three times Our Lady explicitly mentioned Russia in Her Secret, but are we really sure we know exactly what She intended by such a specific and ostensibly straightforward reference? Was She simply referring to territorial Russia, that part of the world which became the first victim of the satanic political system known as Communism, or did She have another object in mind?

In previous articles we have made reference to a mystical Russia, meaning by this term the diaspora from Russia of the Khazar Jews, a small proportion of whose direct descendants today have cryptocratic control over almost every "civilised" government in the world, and who shortly intend to impose an openly antichristic New World Order that will seek to eradicate all vestiges of Christendom.

In this article, we provide a number of compelling reasons why mystical Russia may be the primary object of Our Lady's Secret, and territorial Russia only the second. If our interpretation is correct, it makes the Vatican statement that the Third Secret refers purely to events in the past dangerously misguided and off-target. For the Third Secret's vision of the martyrdom of Christians, chief among whom is the very public figure of the Pope, is clearly yet to see its ultimate realisation at the hands of mystical Russia.


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