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Champion scroll -Ghoul- Champion scroll -Ghoul- [ Submit Correction ]
Members? Yes Quest? No Tradeable? No Stackable? No
Examine: It's a challenge from the Ghoul Champion! Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Other Sub-category Minigame
High Alchemy 0 gp Specialty shop sells for 0 gp
Gen. store buys/low alch 0 gp Gen. store sells 0 gp
Location Obtained as a very rare drop from a Ghoul.
Uses Enables you to fight the Ghoul Champion in the basement of the Champions Guild.
Notes Like all other Champion Challenge Scrolls this drop is VERY rare.
It is possible to simultaneously have more than one of the same Champion Scrolls, but you cannot obtain a different scroll while another is in your possession (including your bank). i.e. You cannot have Lesser Demon and Earth Warrior scrolls at the same time.
Links Champions Challenge, Ghoul Champion
Credits Eyehawk78




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