Tape of Mohammad Sidique Khan

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Tape of Mohammad Sidique Khan
On September 1, 2005, Al Jazeera aired a tape featuring Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the 7 July 2005 London suicide bombers. He spoke in English. This is his statement. Source: [1] Video: [2]

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I'm going to keep this short and to the point because it's all been said before by far more eloquent people than me and our words have no impact upon you. Therefore I'm going to talk to you in a language that you understand.

Our words are dead until we give them life with our blood.

I'm sure by now the media's painted a suitable picture of me. Its predictable propaganda machine naturally will to try to put a spin on things to suit the government and to scare the masses into conforming to their power and wealth-obsessed agendas.

I and thousands like me are forsaking everything for what we believe. Our drive and motivation doesn't come from tangible commodities that this world has to offer. Our religion is Islam, obedience to the one true God Allah and following the footsteps of the final prophet messenger.

This is how our ethical stances are dictated.

Your democratically elected governments continuously perpetuate atrocities against my people all over the world. And your support of them makes you directly responsible, just as I am directly responsible for protecting and avenging my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Until we feel security you will be our targets and until you stop the bombing, gassing, imprisonment and torture of my people we will not stop this fight. We are at war and I am a soldier. Now you too will taste the reality of this situation.

I myself, I make duaa (pray) to Allah ... (garbled)... to raise me amongst those whom I love like the prophets, the messengers, the martyrs and today's heroes like our beloved Sheikh Osama bin Laden, Dr Ayman al-Zawahri and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and all the other brothers and sisters that are fighting in the ... (garbled) ... of this cause.

With this I leave you to make up your own minds and I ask you to make duaa (pray) to Allah almighty to accept the work from me and my brothers and enter us into gardens of paradise.

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