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we are the company active in produce nano products in the field of petrochemistry.

The Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) of RIPI was established in 2006 after five years of activity as nanotechnolgy committee. The center provides a framework to ensure the RIPI leadership in nanotechnology that will be essential to improve the petroleum industry. The center's research focus is on carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites, nanocatalysts, nanoparticles, nanocoatings and their applications in the petroleum industry.

Nanopac Persia’s mission is to become the market leader in middle east and centre of Asia for nano photo-catalyst coating solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications within our target markets, by selling unique products that exhibit antibacterial, antifungal, UV protection, and self cleaning properties.

IPPI with more than 110 highly trained staff at Ph.D. and Master degrees level worked in 14 research departments which include: Rubber, Plastic, Composite and adhesives, polyurethane, fibers and nano-polymers, Paint, Adhesive & Resin, Novel Drug Delivery System, Polymer Science, Polymeric biomaterials, process modeling and control, polymerization engineering, polymerization catalyst, gas conversion, engineering design and construction ,petrochemical synthesis .

Stem Cell Technology Company, the first Iranian private center on tissue engineering has been established since 2004. Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Team is one of the major teams in Stem Cell Technology Company. Designing, fabrication, modification, and characterization of materials for medical applications are the main goals of the team.

The approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Department, the first of its kind in Iran, was set up in March 2003 in a brand new building to concentrate the research on all aspects of computational nano-science, and to help promote the fields of nano-science and nano-technology across the country.

The major domain we are focusing on is coatings that contain nano structure materials.
At first, we have investigated the usage and appliance of these materials in domestic industries, and then have searched the ways of preparing suitable markets for them in Iran. Now, we are speaking with the best foreign nano technical companies for getting their delegations of sales and commercial services in nano technology field.

Producer of silver nanoparticles with antimicrobial properties for the global health market.

Arya Nano Fan has been established in Iran, aiming to give consulting services and supplying and distributing Nano-tech Products in the Middle East.

Consumer Nano shop center in Iran and middle East.

To raise awareness of the issues presented by nanotechnology in the fields of Policy and Decision Making.

Jazirehpur nanotechnology database.

Green nanotechnology works in nanobiosensor and nanobiomaterial for military and biochip applications.

Nanotechnology policy studies committee.

NanoScience and Technology center of the university of kashan was established in 2001 for promotion of nano scale science and technology researches in Iran. This center consists of two main parts namely theroretical studies as well as experimental studies branches. The activity of the center contains all related topics to the nanometric researches upon nanostructures.




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