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Home > Review Archive > Video Games > Results: Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004
by Andrew Bub
June 13, 2004

UT is back to its bloody and gory roots!

Reviewed for PC.

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GamerDad Seal Of Approval - 14+.  Click to learn more about our review seal. Unreal Tournament 2004 isnメt just an expansion pack or semi-sequel to last yearメs 2003 edition. Itメs a full blown and worthy sequel to the original Unreal Tournament, and a rock solid multiplayer and single-player game in its own right.

For starters UT2004 looks fantastic. The Unreal engine is built to compete with the best graphics engines around and Epic didnメt skimp on the special effects here. The missions run the gamut from cramped intense corridor fighting to wide open spaces. There are plenty of pilot-able vehicles to choose from, and all of your favorite weapons, from the rocket-launcher to the flak cannon.

Single player is still extremely strong because the robots you can compete against are so well programmed. Theyメre not programmed to beat you, but to convince you youメre playing against a cadre of real people. Some are good, some are bad, they miss occasionally, and they even spout the trash talk like the people online do.

Multiplayer is where itメs at with the return of Deathmatch mode, Domination, Double Domination, Capture the Flag, the return of Assault mode (a favorite missing from the 2003 edition) and a brand new concept called Onslaught that challenges teams to capture Power Nodes scattered throughout the level. The game offers the fun of paint-ball with the thrill of vicarious warfare and ultra-violence, in the safety and comfort of your own office or computer room. Really, the only complaint here is the whopping 6 gigabyte Hard Drive installation requirement and the fact that the game requires an impressive computer to run it. Look at the system requirements carefully before buying!

Kid Factor The action is violent and warlike, but decidedly sci-fi and more outrageous than realistic. Thereメs a lot of blood, a lot of mayhem, and a lot of violence, but what keeps people coming back is the emphasis on twitch/action skills, not the gore factor. Itメs a well designed game and the developers showed restraint, but itメs called Deathmatch and has a Mature rating for good reason.

Reviewerメs Recommended Ages: 15+
ESRB: M-Mature
Producer: Atari
Developer: Epic Games

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Home > Review Archive > Video Games > Results: Unreal Tournament 2004
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