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Comic Book Creator Tutorials

Narrated by Bill Vallely

  • Tutorial #1
    Creating New Documents
    See how to start a new comic or other project, and choose the pictures you want to use.

  • Tutorial #2
    Adding a New Page
    Choose the best layout and perfect color for your next page.

  • Tutorial #3
    How to Open, Save, and Publish
    See how to open, change, save, and print a project you’ve already started.

  • Tutorial #4
    You're The Star
    How to use your own clip art and photo images in Comic Book Creator so that you can be the star of your own show.

  • Tutorial #5
    Using and Placing Balloons
    See how to use the balloon tool to place and customize speech and thought balloons.

  • Tutorial #6
    Inserting Caption Boxes
    Insert caption boxes to provide third party narrative to your story.

  • Tutorial #7
    Clip Art
    How to use clip art packs in your comic.

  • Tutorial #8
    Text Boxes
    In the long awaited sequel "The Caption Boxes". Bill shows you how to use and put your personal touch on text boxes.

  • Tutorial #9
    Working with Images and Screenshots
    See how to use the drag 'n drop resource manager, screenshots, and content assets.

  • Tutorial #10
    Printing Your Comic
    Bill completes the comic he's just created and shows you how to print your comic.

About Bill Vallely

Bill VallelyBill Vallely is a professional illustrator and writer. He has spent twenty years working in various media, and for several publications after attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After years of getting his hands dirty with ink, colored pencils, paints, and just about everything else possible to commit image to paper, Mr. Vallely has discovered computer illustration. He has become proficient in Illustrator 9, PhotoShop 6, Flash 5, Quark 4, Poser 4, and several others.

He was Assistant Art Director for United Press International. During this time, he ran the Art Department on weekends. He has also been a Staff Artist for the New York Daily News. During much of his career, Mr. Vallely has worked as a freelance artist. He wrote and created medical illustrations for documentaries on The Lifetime Network. During his stint at Inkwell Press, Mr. Vallely wrote science textbooks for children. He also designed sets for National Touring Companies of Lincoln Center. He has illustrated children's books for Larado Press. Mr. Vallely has also worked in television for Disney Studios, Hanna-Barbera, Saban, and Porchlight Productions.

Above all, Mr. Vallely considers himself a comic book artist. Companies he has written and drawn for include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Valiant Comics, Omni Comix, Archie Comics, Harvey Comics, and Hanna Barbera Comics.

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