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KOKO is a four year old bird-child inspired by Pag-asa, the first Philippine eagle hatched under laboratory conditions. Koko symbolizes hope, tomorrow and a cleaner, greener world. Koko also represents the Filipino every child, the country's young population who shall inherit this planet and hopefully do a better job in caring for it.

Koko is five feet, ten inches tall. He wears an ethnic-inspired beany cap with a propeller made of green leaves. When excited, the propeller spins magically.

Koko wears an orange, long-sleeved turtle neck with a letter "K" in front of his shiRt. He also wears a moss green puruntong shorts with dark, geometric figures or apple-green long pants with lavender high-cut rubber shoes.

Like any healthy, active four-year old, Koko likes to play, sing, dance, listen to stories, explore the world and discover things, places and people. He is full of curiosity and even the most common things never fail to fascinate and surprise him.

He likes vegetables, especially green, leafy ones.

He likes fresh food, fruits and organically grown food items, especially fruits and nuts.

He is a self-confident kid, eager to try anything (even if it means taking some risks i.e. failing the first time-around). His favorite expression is "SISIW!".


MANANG BOLA is the resident "manghuhula" (fortune teller). She still relies too much on her crystal ball and ostensibly helps children and other guests find the answers - when actually, they help themselves.


KAPITAN BASA is our superhero who loves to read. He loves to answer questions with the help of his magic book where video clips appear.


SITSIRITSIT and ALIBANGBANG are the ever-inquisitive space aliens who take delight in discovering things, places and people around them.


SULTAN PARACHIBUM, with the help of his advisers (ang grandchildren!) always tries his best to solve the many problems in his sultanate Agamanyog.


NINGNING and GINGGING are sisters. Ningning is older and more serious. Gingging is younger and more playful.


NOLI DE KASYO is our reporter/interviewer. He takes himself very seriously and ends up doing all sorts of interviews (with various objects, puppets, people, etc.)


IRMA DALDAL is as stage-struck, shallow and "cheapipay" as ever. She is faddish, but doesn't quite have the taste to go away with it. She thinks of herself as the "most gifted actress" this side of Batibot (but we know better!)


DIREK is a movie/TV director who tries his very best to make a star out of his main protegee, Irma Daldal.

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