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Published October 27, 2006  8:00 AM EDT
Last Chance, America:
If you re-elect the same people who have gotten us into the mess we're in, folks like me may have to assassinate them!

October 27, 2006 -- As the November 7 Election approaches, I decided to write a few lines to my fellow Americans about the state of our nation and the ugliness that may have to occur if the people who caused these problems are re-elected:  They may have to be assassinated.

The list of "wrongs" committed by our government is long, so I'll limit my chat with you to just the really BIG things they've done that may warrant killing them.

1) Limited our freedom of political speech

The first five words of the First Amendment to the US Constitution are plain: “Congress shall make no law . . . . .” Seems simple enough, doesn't it? Apparently not.

In 2002, the Congress of the United States violated the First Amendment to the Constitution, by passing the McCain-Feingold "Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act.” Within that law is a provision making it unlawful for individual citizens to purchase television and radio advertising within 60 days of a federal election. The only persons allowed to make such purchases are candidates for office or political parties.  You know, the very people responsible for our screwed up state of affairs!.

Such a restriction upon free speech is a clear violation of the First Amendment prohibition forbidding the government from “. . . . .abridging the freedom of speech . . . . . “ . Each member of Congress who voted for this law, violated his Oath of Office under 5 U.S.C. 3331 to “ . . . . . support the Constitution. . . . . .”

By enacting this law, the incumbents in Congress assured they would no longer have to answer for their voting records because “issue-advocacy ads” and “voting record ads” cannot be run by those wishing to shed light on what the rascals have been up to

President George W. Bush, violated the Constitution and his Oath of Office under Article II Section I of the Constitution by signing this Bill into law.

Shortly after the Law was enacted, Senator Mitch McConnell and others filed a federal lawsuit seeking to have the law overturned.

On December 10, the US Supreme Court issued a 5 - 4 ruling of almost 400 pages, upholding this violation of the Constitution because, in the courts words, “. . . . .there is a fundamental national interest in rooting out corruption or even the appearance of it. That concern justifies limitations on the freedom of speech . . . . .”

This ruling is not valid because the Supreme Court did not and does not have the power to decide that something forbidden by the Constitution is permissible.  The court lacks the power to make such a ruling because the ruling is not merely an "interpretation" of the Constitution, it is an actual rewrite of an Amendment. 

Lets recap: A majority within the United States House of Representatives violated the US Constitution and their Oaths of Office by voting in favor of this Bill. A majority of the United States Senate violated the Constitution and their Oaths of Office by voting in favor of this Bill. The President of the United States violated the Constitution and his Oath of Office by signing this Bill into Law. A Majority of the U.S. Supreme Court violated the Constitution and their Oaths of Office by asserting that some governmental interest means such violations of the Constitution are permissible.

2) Killing of 655,000 innocent people

In addition to the items above, it has now been proven that our government unlawfully waged "aggressive war" against the sovereign Republic of Iraq for no valid reason whatsoever.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.  None.  Iraq wasn't a threat to the United States or any part of any terrorism. 

According to the US Government, upwards of 100,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS have been killed by US actions since the start of the "war."  Other reports now indicate upwards of 655,000 innocent Iraqis have died in this war! 

Our government invaded and took over another country for no valid reason whatsoever.  None.

Was Saddam Hussein a ruthless dictator?  Yes.  Was that any of our business? No.  It was the business of the Iraqi people, 655,000 of whom we have now  killed.  In fact, we have killed more innocent Iraqis than Saddam Hussein!

3) Congress doesn't read the Bills they pass!

This Letter-To-The-Editor of the Washington Post by a sitting US Congressman  admits they don't even read the Bills they vote into law! 

If you had any illusion whatsoever that your government actually represents you, this shocking admission by an actual Congressman should disabuse you of that view.

A government which will not obey the supreme law of its own land or obey international law, has no right to continue in existence. As such, I say that the United States federal government should be removed from power. Not only should it be done, but we live in a particular time and set of circumstances in which it actually can be done!

4) Elected Officials Simply Ignore Our Will

Now, some of you are probably thinking, we can just vote the guys out of office and correct things politically. Yea, right.

The 2004 election proved that the majority of Americans are too stupid to protect their own rights. Even before our political speech rights were limited by an apostate Supreme Court, more than 95% of the incumbents were re-elected because of the tons of cash sent their way. Now that only the incumbents (and the poorly funded opposition) can buy tv and radio time, I suspect the rate of incumbent re-election will come closer to 100%. So in my mind, voting is a lost cause. but I'm willing to try one more time, this Nov. 7.

Other readers may think that mass protests would do the trick. “After all” you say, “they can’t ignore millions of people.” HMMMMM. Well, let’s examine that.

Poll after Poll of Americans from all walks of life agree that Immigration needs to be cut back and ILLEGAL immigration must be stopped. In fact, most Polls show that upwards of 80% of Americans want something done to halt illegal immigration. 80% of Americans want this matter taken care of, yet the federal government has done NOTHING.

 So those of you who think “they can’t ignore millions of people” had better think again. They already are ignoring us and have been doing so for quite some time. More proof: In 2003 Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge said it's time to legalize aliens; and the White House confirmed Legalization of Illegal Aliens was under review.

5) Deliberate Fraud

Just after the 2004 election, the White House announced yet another major push to legalize illegal aliens despite the fact they didn't dare mention that prior to election day!  This despicable action was deliberately concealed from the American people so they could be fooled into re-electing the people responsible for this outrage!  It was deliberate FRAUD perpetrated on the American people by our elected officials.

So voting them out of office proved impossible because they were and are willing to perpetrate deliberate FRAUD.

6) They've broken the nation's financial back

If the above wasn't bad enough, the federal government is now importing $2.6 Billion every working day to support its deficit spending.  According to the Chief Economist at investment giant Morgan Stanley, there simply isn't enough money left in the entire world to sustain this rampant spending.  He claims in this story originally published in the Boston Herald that America will face what he calls "Economic Armageddon";  a complete collapse of our entire monetary system.  This will wipe out all of out personal savings accounts, retirement accounts, stock portfolios, mutual funds and the like.  The average American citizen will be totally wiped out by a depression worse than the one in 1929!

On October 27, 2006 the Comptroller of the Currency, David Walker stated the United States is headed for a "demographic tsunami" which would see the national debt at $46 TRILLION.  Interest alone would take up every cent of taxes taken in by the federal government!  He warns voters the ship of state could "founder"  (sink)

7) Passed the "USA PATRIOT ACT" and the "Military Commissions Act of 2006"

These two pieces of legislation severely limited the privacy, basic freedoms  and basic rights of all Americans.

The USA PATRIOT ACT allows government to enter YOUR home or business, without notice to you, and plant eavesdropping devices in your home and on your computers.

If they secretly find information they don't like, they can secretly declare you to be an "enemy combatant" and instantly shred ALL of your Constitutional Rights!  You get hauled off to a military jail and are tried by a Military Commission.  This violates the FIFTH Amendment.

Under the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), if you are declared and "enemy combatant" you cannot appeal it to anyone; not even to the courts!  This violates your right to "Due Process" under the FIFTH Amendment of our Constitution.

You can be jailed INDEFINITELY without being charged or tried! This violates the SIXTH Amendment of our Constitution.

You cannot appeal to the courts to find out why you're in jail (habeas corpus).  This Violates Article One, Section Nine of our Constitution.

You cannot petition the courts for your release on Bail.  This violates the EIGHTH Amendment of our Constitution..

Under the MCA, they can use hearsay evidence (rumors) as well as evidence obtained by TORTURE (of you or anyone else). Torture violates the EIGHTH Amendment of our Constitution.

Under MCA, evidence obtained without a search warrant can be used against you.  Lack of a search warrant violates the FOURTH Amendment of our Constitution..

Under the MCA, you do NOT have the right to remain silent and can be FORCED to testify against yourself!  This violates the FIFTH Amendment of our Constitution.

Military Commissions can sentence you to anything - even death - based on hearsay evidence or evidence gathered by torture!

Are you with me so far?  In the brief time I've written here, I have proved that our government has violated the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments as well as Article One, Section Nine of our Constitution!

8) Take YOUR land and sell it to someone else for higher taxes!
Thanks to our Apostate Supreme Court, states, counties and municipalities can now declare an area "blighted,"  seize YOUR home and land through Eminent Domain then sell it to somebody else so it can be redeveloped to pay higher taxes!

8) Boating, Hunting and Fishing in  "navigable waterways" ruled ILLEGAL!

A federal judge ruled that government has absolute control of the central navigable waterway and riparian land owners have private property rights outside of those navigable waterways, therefore boating, hunting and fishing is trespassing! 

9) Talking about AMNESTY for ILLEGAL Aliens.

Talk in Washington seems to indicate that when the next Congress convenes, they will move to approve an AMNESTY for the millions of illegal aliens that slithered their way across our border from every third world cesspool on earth.

I know how it will go:  There will be all sorts of media coverage of the terrific things illegal aliens have done.  There will be heart-breaking tales of families split up by the mean, evil terrible immigration system that deports
"hard working, honest people."  It is all complete bullshit.  Here's why:

The Democrats view illegal aliens as easy votes and the Republicans view them as cheap labor for their big
business campaign contributors.  That's why there is ZERO political will to do anything to stop the hordes
of diseased, uneducated, sub-human filth coming into our advanced country.  Nowhere in the politics of this issue is anyone asking "Is this good for AMERICA?"  Obviously, it is not good for America.

Since the last Amnesty in 1986, millions of people have come here against the law,  They were uninvited.  In May of last year, we watched as tens-of thousands of them marched through our streets under FOREIGN flags!

Folks, when people come to a country uninvited, against the law and march through its streets under foreign flags, there's a term for that: Invasion.

It doesn't matter one bit that "they're only trying to better their lives."  It doesn't matter one bit that "they're hard working people with families."

These rationalizations ignore one immutable fact:  They broke the law.

But beyond the law, this issue comes down to a matter of fundamental fairness.   When you go to the store, or to the bank, or to a movie, you get on line and are taken in your turn.  If anyone cuts in line, they are confronted and told to go to the back of the line.  It is common courtesy.  Common decency.

What these illegal aliens have done is cut in line.  They have cut in line ahead of MILLIONS of other, decent, hard-working LAW ABIDING people around the world, who have done everything the right way.  They went to a U.S. Embassy in their country.  They filled out the paperwork and got on a list to come here.

But the ILLEGAL alien said "screw that." They cut in line.   It is wrong and it cannot be allowed.

If it is OK for the illegal aliens to break the law, then it is ok for the rest of us to break it too.  As you read below, I will OPINE on how that  might have to happen.

The items above are the "biggies." The BIG reasons for folks to step up this election and make change.

I won't even get into how the 22,000 gun control laws around the nation violate the Second Amendment or how numerous acts of the federal government violate the Tenth Amendment which reserves rights to the states or to The People!

All these things took place right under your nose, but YOU have done NOTHING about it.  Well, you may be willing to give up YOUR rights, but folks like me will not allow you to give away OUR rights.

You may be content to put up with these things, but very many of us are not.

So again I say, if you re-elect the people who have committed these wrongs against us and our Constitution, then we may have to simply kill them!

Lest you think it cannot be done, think again.  Here's a HYPOTHETICAL for your consideration:

Right now, the U.S. Military is so over-extended around the world, the U.S. simply cannot find enough troops to get all the work done.  That means they don't have enough to protect them from being overthrown.

But whether they have enough troops or not is of no consequence because here is how they can be taken down in less than one hour; wherein the military wouldn't stand a chance of even arriving on-time to stop it:

First, let me say that I do not envision a Second American Revolution as being some gallant fight, with tens of thousands of armed citizens facing tens of thousands of US troops on some battlefield. No. Far from it.

In watching the military campaigns of the past 25 years, I have come to admire “surgical strikes.” When force is applied in a specific, limited way, the results can be magnificent. Such is my HYPOTHETICAL thinking for our present circumstance.

Suppose, HYPOTHETICALLY  just for the sake of argument, that not all of the Congress and Supreme Court need to be removed. The House of Representatives consists of 435 members. The Senate consists of 100 members. But not all of them are “problems.”

For the purpose of this HYPOTHETICAL discussion, let’s say that only half of the US House and half of the US Senate are “problems” That’s a total of 267 “problems” in Congress. Obviously, there are at least three “problems” on the Supreme Court. 267 + 3 = 270 total “problems."

Imagine if you will, teams of 5 committed citizens each, who were fed up with these “problems.”

270 x 5 = 1,350 committed citizens needed to resolve these “problems.”

Do you think that in America, a nation of 300,000,000 people, there are 1,350 committed citizens willing to put it all on the line to “correct” these “problems” and thus  save the nation?   I do.  

It could be called "patriotic assassination."

It seems to me that a HYPOTHETICAL operation using teams of five men assigned to each “problem,” could gather information on the assigned persons. It is easy to find out things like daily schedules, public appearances, travel routes to and from work, etc.. Once the data was collected and analyzed a time and date could be set for “solving” these “problems.

Then, one night, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, these HYPOTHETICAL heavily armed teams of five committed citizens each, would move.    I envision a surgically precise, lightning strike: Front doors kicked-in, entry, locating the target, solving the problem and out within 90 seconds. Within minutes, all 270 “problems” would be “solved.”

Since most of the “problems” live in and around Washington, DC, the local police would be overwhelmed immediately and unable to respond to all the calls for help. This means only a limited police response and limited ability to “apprehend” anyone. Even if there was a local security detail, taking them out at the start of such an operation wouldn’t be a problem; they would be "collateral damage." By the time police from neighboring towns , the county or even the state police were told what was happening, it would be too late. The feds at FBI, ATF, the military, et al would be useless because they too would all arrive long after it was over.

At this point, it may be wise to mention that the Capitol and surrounding House and Senate Office buildings have experienced some interesting "situations" in October, November and December 2003. At Halloween, one Congressional Office Building had to be evacuated because x-rays showed that someone with a gun had gained entry. It turned out to be a water pistol.

In early December, 2003, "someone" pulled a fire alarm, causing the evacuation of the Canon House Office building, and prompting the response of an anti-terrorism unit armed with sub-machine guns.

Wouldn't it have been funny if these events were done intentionally to allow persons outside those buildings to videotape and time the response of defensive resources? Knowing where the defenses come from, how long it took them to arrive and in what manner they deploy upon arrival would be very valuable information, wouldn't it?

Those situations aside, if something like this were to occur with several hundred members of Congress and a minority of Justices on the Supreme Court taken out,  the nation would be stunned. The media would go nuts. But look at the results: The nation would have been saved from those who are wrecking our Republic. Those in Congress and on the Court who were not “problems” would make damn sure they didn’t become problems for fear of suffering the same fate.

Since he would not have been targeted, the President could tell the nation how “those responsible for this outrage will be caught” and how “we will not rest until. . . . . .”  But deep down in his guts, he would fear the same thing happening to him.  Like the remaining spineless politicians, I suspect he’d roll over and behave quite nicely.

Sure some of those involved in such a "corrective action" may be arrested, tried, convicted, jailed or even killed during such an operation, but it would have been for a worthwhile endeavor; an effort that would go down in history!

This is not far fetched. It can be done.  In my opinion, it might have to be done.  Or, to use a spin-off of the Supreme Court ruling, “there is a fundamental national interest in making certain the government obeys the Constitution. That concern justifies assassinating officials who violate it.”   I would call it "patriotic assassination."

For the record, I voluntarily renounce and repudiate the use of force and violence to effect political or social change- but I acknowledge that it is a viable option of last resort.  For now, I refuse to utilize force or violence in all circumstances when the use of such force or violence would be unlawful.

In closing, just remember, you may be willing to live under tyranny, but I am not.  You may be willing to give up your rights, but I won't let you give up MY rights. 

If push comes to shove, don't be surprised if your vote ends up being nullified for the good of this republic.  But then again, you've proven your vote is worthless because you keep sending the same "problems" to Washington.

So if some type of drastic act actually DOES occur, just follow whoever appears to be in charge; that's what the average American seems to do best.

I don't want to see such an attack against our government.  I have no plans (at this time) to kill anybody.  But I can - and I am willing to - if it comes down to it.

So think about it, America.  You certainly have the right to elect whomever you want.  But actions have consequences and this election, the consequences could be the worst imaginable.

Just for laughs . . . . . . Who agrees with me?

Author e-mail: Host@HalTurnerShow.com  
Web Site: www.HalTurnerShow.com

-- Hal Turner

The remarks above are protected speech pursuant to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court as follows: "Brandenburg v. Ohio" 395 U.S. 444, 447 (1969) as they are uttered in a context which does not lend itself to imminent lawlessness, AND; do not constitute a "true threat" as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case "Virginia v. Black" 538 U.S. 343, 359 (2003) as well as U.S. Supreme Court decision of "Watts v. United States" 394 U.S. 705 (1969) Id. at 708 which specifically applies to this type "political hyperbole."

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