The Game Dies:Dad not happy with Celebrity Death Match

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celebrity death matchCompton Rapper, The Game’s father is not happy with Viacom’s Celebrity Death match showing son killed by bullets.

The Game (real name Jocelyn Taylor) older brother, Jevon Taylor, a Crip gang member, was shot and killed at a gas station. His brother had just received a record deal; The Game says that he felt if his father would’ve been around, his brother wouldn’t have been killed. His father is George Taylor, he is around now and he does not want to see his son get killed. George Taylor told Playahata.com that “I was upset watching the video showing my son get killed by all those bullets”. The Celebrity Death Match (CDM) featured The Game vs. 50 Cent. In the match shown on MTV2 50 Cent flexes hard and 9 bullets shootout of his body and The Game dies in a pool of blood.

The video can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9PA_r8JTbM (for now)
Having a son who bled to death from his bullet wounds makes the video especially insensitive and George Taylor feels that the network should do more research before putting out episodes that touch so close to home.

During the 2006 season, fans were able to vote on MTV2.com for the next season’s CDM by choosing one of three matches and by sending a write-in request. The Game vs. 50 Cent Death match was said to be a fan demand that came from write in request.

CDM had originally suggested Daddy Yankee vs. Sean Paul and Nas vs. Jay-Z. According to wikipedia fans chimed in with #1 Write-In - The Game vs. 50 Cent

CDM features fights between celebrities from popular culture representing, TV, music and politics. The winner must kill his or her opponent. The show has faced a lot of controversies with the years, particularly for its gratuitous violence and sexual content. Creators/hosts Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond serve as animated host. Both men have been arrested for showing illegal content in the show. They have also gone to Congress to defend the show’s violence .In 2002 the show was canceled by MTV. Creators Diamond and Gomez suffered severe hardship during the show’s absence. Currently it’s been revived on MTV2.

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