Caracal Power Catamarans founded in January of 2005 is just the tip of the iceberg in a story that spans 10 + years and two continents. Allan Snoek, wife Lynda, and youngest son, Gavin, founded Caracal in an effort to get back to basic boat building. Where many boat companies are expanding to pump out as many boats as possible, Caracal has taken a much different approach........

Build fewer boats in a setting where the quality of the product far outweighs the quantity of boats being built.......

Having been involved in the small boat industry in South Africa and experiencing the swing in the market to the point where catamarans totally dominate sales of new and used small fishing boats, the family decided to enter the enormous market that exits for catamarans in America.

Small Catamarans in Southern Africa are designed for the rough waters of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The boats are built light and strong to enable fishermen to beach launch the boats in the breakers. The power catamaran quickly became the vessel of choice due to their stability and smooth handling in rough seas. Then another natural
progression started to take place, using these same boats to fish streams and estuaries because catamaran hulls were drafting less than a foot of water. Suddenly a market opened up for both the flats fisherman and the offshore fisherman in one package... this concept is what prompted Allan to design his first boat geared towards the American market.

After starting off small in Florida in 1996, and then gradually growing over the years, we decided we needed to scale it back and focus on what we felt was most important, family, and building great boats. Our goal at Caracal is to build quality boats in a controlled environment. We are a family owned and operated business, we have solid dealer base, and hundreds of happy customers, this we have found to be the most rewarding part of building boats.

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