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The key players, the most motivated buyers, and the sharpest publishers in the interactive entertainment industry are all going to be attending E3. And for only $40, you can meet them all. Right now.

E3, the largest interactive entertainment event on the planet, is proud to introduce the next level in your event experience. E365 is a next-generation online networking system which gives you the power tools you need so that you may:


A targeted visual search engine empowers you to find exactly who you are looking for.

Automated always-on networking agents work for you in the background, searching for the people with whom you need to connect.

An integrated scheduling system empowers you to pre-schedule meetings to make your time at E3 work even harder.

More than 60,000 people will be coming to E³ 2006 to get a first look at the software and products that will influence the interactive entertainment industry this year and beyond. With over 1,000 new products set to debut at E3, do you really want to wait until the doors open to meet the people behind them? Create a profile and sign up now!

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