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The  Worcestershire
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by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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1881.07.01 The Worcestershire Regiment
organised as the county regiment of Worcestershire, encompassing its Militia and Volunteer infantry [see below] and uniting two regular battalions:
1970.02.28 amalgamated with The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment), to form The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (29th/45th Foot)
pip The Worcestershire Regiment, by Louis Scully
pip History of the Worcester Regiment (Worcester City Museum)
pip Worcestershire Regiment Timeline, by Louis Scully
pip The Worcestershire Regiment, by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War).
pip The Worcestershire Regiment, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
  RHQ and Depot:
    29th Regimental District at Worcester [1881-1905]
    K Group, at Oswestry [1946-1948]
    Mercian Brigade, at Lichfield [1948-1968]
    Prince of Wales's Division at Lichfield [1968-1970]
    1st Battalion [1881-1970]
    2nd Battalion [1881-1948]
3rd Battalion [1900-1923]
    4th Battalion [1900-1922]
Militia and Special Reserve:
5th Battalion (Worcester Regiment of Militia) [1881-1953]
6th Battalion [1881-1953]
Territorials and Volunteers:
1st Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
2nd Volunteer Battalion [1881-1908]
7th Battalion [1881-1967]
    8th Battalion [1881-1946]
    Mercian Volunteers [1967-1970]
  Hostilities-Only Units (First and Second World War, including T.A. duplicates):
    2/7th Battalion [1914-1918]
    7th (Reserve) Battalion [1915-1919]
    2/8th Battalion [1914-1920]
    8th (Reserve) Battalion [1914-1916]
    9th (Service) Battalion [1914-1919]
    9th Battalion [1939-1945]
    10th (Service) Battalion [1914-1919]
    10th Battalion [1939-1945]
    11th (Service) Battalion [1914-1919]
    11th Battalion [1940-1943]
    12th (Reserve) Battalion [1914-1916]
    12th Battalion [1940-1942]
    13th (Reserve) Battalion [1914-1916]
    14th (Service) Battalion (Severn Valley Pioneers) [1915-1919]
    15th (Transport Workers) Battalion [1916-1919]
    16th (Transport Workers) Battalion [1917-1919]
    17th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers) [1914-1919]
    18th (Service) Battalion [1919-1919]
    50th Battalion [1940-1940]
  107th Battalion [1947-1947]
    1st (Reserve) Garrison Battalion [1916-1919]
[combined battle honours of 29th Regiment and 36th Regiment, plus:]  

Ramillies1, Bellisle2, [Ushant]3, Mysore4, South Africa, 1900-02

The Great War [22 battalions]:  Mons, Le Cateau, Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914, Aisne 1914 �18, La Bass�e 1914, Armenti�res 1914, Ypres 1914 �15 �17 �18, Langemarck 1914 '17, Gheluvelt, Nonne Bosschen, Neuve Chapelle, Aubers, Festubert 1915, Loos, Somme 1916 �18, Albert 1916, Bazentin, Delville Wood, Pozi�res, Le Transloy, Ancre Heights, Ancre 1916, Arras 1917, Scarpe 1917, Arleux, Messines 1917 '18, Pilckem, Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Broodseinde, Poelcappelle, Passchendaele, Cambrai 1917 �18, St. Quentin, Bapaume 1918, Rosi�res, Villers Bretonneux, Lys, Estaires, Hazebrouck, Bailleul, Kemmel, Scherpenberg, Hindenburg Line, Canal du Nord, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Courtrai, Selle, Valenciennes, Sambre, France and Flanders 1914-18, Piave, Vittorio Veneto, Italy 1917-18, Doiran 1917 �18, Macedonia 1915-18, Helles, Landing at Helles, Krithia, Suvla, Sari Bair, Landing at Suvla, Scimitar Hill, Gallipoli 1915-16, Egypt 1916, Tigris 1916, Kut al Amara 1917, Baghdad, Mesopotamia 1916-18, Baku, Persia 1918

The Second World WarDefence of Escaut, St. Omer-La Bass�e, Wormhoudt, Odon, Bourguébus Ridge, Maltot, Mont Pincon, Jurques, La Varini�re, Noireau Crossing, Seine 1944, Nederrijn, Geilenkirchen, Rhineland, Goch, Rhine, North-West Europe 1940 '44-45, Gogni, Barentu, Keren, Amba Alagi, Abyssinia 1940-41, Gazala, Via Balbia, North Africa 1941-42, Kohima, Relief of Kohima, Naga Village, Mao Songsang, Shwebo, Mandalay, Irrawaddy, Mt. Popa, Burma 1944-45

7th Battalion:  South Africa 1900-01

1.  awarded 1882 for service of 29th Regiment.
2.  awarded 1951 for service of 36th Regiment.
3.  the Naval Crown badge superscribed "1st June 1794"; awarded 1909 for service of 29th Regiment.
4.  awarded 1889 for service of 36th Regiment.

flag The Colours, by Louis Scully
Badges: construction sign
Uniform: 1881-1920: scarlet; facings: white
1920-1953: scarlet; facings: grass green
1953-1970: blue; facings: grass green (emerald); piping: grass green (emerald)
headdress: construction sign
  Note: biographical links are to Louis Scully's regimental site
1881 [1st Bn:] Gen. John Longfield, CB [also 8th Foot]
1881 [2nd Bn:] Gen. Sir Charles William Dunbar Staveley, GCB [also Essex Rgt; C-in-C Bombay 1874-78]
1881.12.19 [1st Bn:] Gen. Edward Arthur Somerset, CB [also 60th Foot]
1883.07.25 [2nd Bn:] Gen. Sir William Parke, KCB [also Seaforth Hldrs]
1884.09.14 [1st Bn:] Gen. Robert William Disney Leith, CB
1893.08.29 Gen. Sir George Wentworth Alexander Higginson, GCB, GCVO
1927.02.02 F.M. Sir Claude William Jacob, GCB, GCSI, KCMG [also Col. Hazara Pnrs, 2/10th Baluch Rgt; Hon. Col. 6th Bn Seaforth Hldrs; CGS India 1920-24, C-in-C India; Constable of the Tower 1938-43]
1938.11.02 Brig-Gen. George William St. George Grogan, VC, CB, CMG, DSO
1945.09.01 Brig. Bowcher Campbell Stenhouse Clarke, DSO
1950.04.20 Gen. Sir Richard Nelson Gale, GCB, KBE, DSO, MC [also Col. Cmdt. Para Rgt]
1961.04.20 Brig. Donald Harley Nott, DSO, OBE, MC
1967.07.21 Col. Thomas Jim Bowen, MC [continued 1970 as Dep. Col. WSFR]
vc Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc VCs in the Worcestershire Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
vc Men of the Worcestershire regiment who have been awarded the VC, by Louis Scully
vc Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the DSO in World War 1, by Louis Scully
vc Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the DCM, by Louis Scully
vc Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the MM, by Louis Scully
vc Worcestershire Regiment men Mentioned in Despatches, by Louis Scully
pip Roll of Honour, by Louis Scully
Motto: Firm [inherited from 36th Foot]
Nicknames: construction sign
Anniversaries: Glorious First of June, Gheluvelt (31 Oct.)
Freedoms: construction sign
Marches: quick (1881): Royal Windsor (by Princess Augusta)
  slow: Duchess of Kent (by The Duchess of Kent)
  assembly (drums): Hearts of Oak
Musicians: construction sign
Mascot: construction sign
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Regimental Journal:
book The green 'un.
book Firm.
Full Histories:
book Gale, Richard Nelson, Sir. The Worcestershire Regiment (the 29th and 36th Regiments of Foot). London : Leo Cooper Ltd., 1970. (Famous regiments) ISBN: 0850520312
book Birdwood, Christopher Bromhead Birdwood, baron. The Worcestershire Regiment, 1922-1950. Aldershot : Gale & Polden, 1952.
book Parker, B. A. A history of 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment in Malaya, 1950-1953. In: Firm, 1954-56
book Parkes, E. B. No drums to beat, no flags to fly. London : Minerva, 2000. [1st Battalion in Malayan Emergency]
Short Histories:
book Mylne, K. M. The history of The Worcestershire Regiment : a lecture to recruits. Worcester : Littlebury & Co., 1918.
book 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment. Meerut : Official Press, 1926.
book The Worcestershire Regiment : regimental history. [s.l. : s.n.], 1930.
book The Worcestershire Regiment : an historical note. Bromsgrove " "Messenger" Co., 1946.


book Holden, Robert Mackenzie. Historical record of the Third and Fourth Battalions of The Worcestershire Regiment. London, K. Paul, Trench, 1887.

First World War:

book Stacke, Harry Fitz Maurice. The Worcestershire regiment in the Great War. Kidderminster : G.T. Cheshire & Sons, Ltd. 1928
book How the Worcesters saved the day. Gheluvet. 31 October 1914. Worcester : Printed for the Worcestershire County council stationary dept., by E. Baylis & son, 1915.
book The Worcestershire Regiment : the action at Gheluvelt, fought on October 31st, 1914. Devonport : Hiorns & Miller, 1917.

Second World War:

book Watson, D. Y. The First Battalion, The Worcestershire Regiment in North West Europe. [Worcester : Trinity Press], 1946.
book Scully, Louis M. The battle for Tripsrath: 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment. [s.l. : The Author, ca. 2000] {book notice by the author}
Special Topics:
Bennett, Roger Wilmot. Badges of the Worcestershire Regiment. Bordon, Hampshire : R.W. Bennett, 1994. ISBN: 0952423103