Royal Canadian Mounted Police
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Royal Canadian
Mounted Police

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Western Frontier Constabulary
1868 Dominion Police Force
1873 North West Mounted Police
raised at Fort Garry
1900-1902 245 men served in Canadian Mounted Rifles
1904.06.24 Royal North West Mounted Police
1914.08.06 contributed vol sqn (badged RNWMP) to Canadian Light Horse for service in France
1918 raised A Squadron for service in France and Flanders
1918 raised B Squadron for service in Siberia
1920.02.01 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
formed by amalgamation Royal North West Mounted Police and Dominion Police Force
1921 RCMP designated a "dragoon regiment"
1939 raised No. 1 Provost Company (RCMP), Canadian Provost Corps for service in Europe

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (official RCMP site)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Government of Canada home page)
Educational and Training Establishments:

Northwest Canada 1885, South Africa 1900-02

The Great War: France and Flanders 1918, Siberia 1918-19

The Second World War: Europe, 1939-45

Honorary Distinction: The badge of the Canadian Provost Corps1

1. presented 21 Sep. 1957 at a Parliament Hill ceremony for contributions to the Corps during the Second World War.

flag As a "dragoon regiment", the RCMP carries a guidon.
Record of Guidons:
1. 1935 Apr. 13 at Regina, Sask., by His Excellency the Earl of Bessborough (Governor General of Canada)
2. 1973 July 4 at Regina, Sask., by HM Queen Elizabeth II
Uniform: construction sign
tartan: McLeod (pipers' & drummer's kilts, 1993-1997) RCMP (pipers' & drummer's kilts, 1997-present)
1936? F.M. HM King Edward VIII
Honorary Commissioner:
19uu HM Queen Elizabeth II
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K Division Pipes & Drums formed 1993.
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monument RCMP Chapel at Regina, Sask.
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