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Ron Paul Supporters Denounce Iowa Diebold Use

Friday, August 03, 2007 - FreeMarketNews.com

A letter has been issued by the following individuals regarding the use of Diebold voting machines in the Iowa primaries:

Jim Condit Jr.
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count; votefraud@fuse.net

Jim Palmisano
National Ron Paul Supporters Meetup
Missouri Coordinator: Restore the Republic
Missouri Coordinator: We the People Congress

The letter reads as follows:

Everything we are all doing is going to be brought to NAUGHT if the Diebold computers - being used to 'count' the votes at the Iowa Straw Poll - are used to STEAL the Straw Poll Election.

YES - despite a study from computer scientists at the University of California paid for by the Secretary of State of California - publicized in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times LAST SATURDAY (July 28, 2007) - the Iowa GOP is STILL planning to use the easily rigged Diebold computers to "count" the vote at the Straw poll!

You see, the study showed that the Diebold computers were easily hacked, easily rigged, -- and totally unreliable for conducting elections. And this is old news, several authoritative studies have already shown this from MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton University, and numerous other sources.

Search "Diebold Princeton University" on YOUTUBE - and you can see a 9 minute demonstration. Add "FOX News" to the search - and there is another 3 minute demonstration by these scientists on FOX News.

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and allies are conducting a verification EXIT POLL at the Ames Straw Poll. We're asking all Ron Paul people who vote in the Ames Straw Poll in the official election on the easily rigged Diebold Machines - to cast a second "ballot" in our exit poll. IF WE COME UP with 5000 Ron Paul exit poll ballots - the Iowa GOP better not say he only got 2000 votes! Get the point?

WE NEED YOU! Did you see the movie BRAVEHEART??? We need the Highlanders to come down to the "battle" at Ames, Iowa on August 11, 2007 - by the hundreds - and the thousands. We need about 200 volunteers to work with our verification "exit poll" on the day of August 11 --- sign up at the election reform meetup, which is at this address:


We need 30 or 40 people donating an average of $100 to help us pay for the ballots, t-shirts, headquarters, banners, tables, chairs, etc. to make sure that Ron Paul's vote is not stolen! Even $5 will help! Please email your contributions to paypal at:

action@networkamerica.org - you can also find the donate button at the above election reform meetup address.We can confront the computer votefraud issue at Ames, Iowa in a big way!

Millions of our fellow Americans have fought and bled and died over the past 200 years for our freedoms --- let's not let Diebold and the Iowa GOP spit on their sacrifice in Ames by conducting yet another SECRET VOTE "COUNT." Let all of us HONOR the sacrifice of all our fallen soldiers over 200 years by ENSURING AN OPEN AND HONEST VOTE COUNT.

For more info, go to this web page for two stories:


- one tells what happened at the Ames Straw Poll in 1995. One (A House without Doors) tells about the proven vote fraud against Pat Buchanan in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, and how it was done. See you in Ames? (Letter slightly edited.)

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1.   8/3/2007 - 11:47:39AM
BY: A. Magnus
If they're using Diebold to count the straw poll then it's a given that they will do anything possible to prevent Ron Paul from sweeping the field of their fake candidate roster.

2.   8/3/2007 - 12:57:38PM
BY: Joe Osborne
I agree with my fellow supporters. Even if no one were to tamper with the Diebold voting machines the fact remains that someone very easily can. The Diebold voting machines simply can not be trusted to produce a fair and accurate result.

3.   8/3/2007 - 14:9:19PM
BY: Jim Davidson
When punch card ballots were new in the 1930s, governor of Louisiana Huey Long was shown one of the much-admired "voting machines" in a private session. He came out of the session and told reporters that he could get that machine to whistle "Dixie" - meaning that he could rig any election with the supposedly fraud-proof vote counting machines. It does not take much cynicism to suppose that the people who like the Diebold voting machines are the same people who control, well, machine politics. Including in Iowa, one would suppose.

4.   8/3/2007 - 14:17:31PM
BY: Ken J.
Gee, I want to be able to hear from and to vote for America’s best hope, Ron Paul. ...But, then there are those who do not believe in free debates, free speech via campaign restrictions, or free election. The frog is finally cooked if the voting machines are being hacked or rigged. I hope those who count the votes via the electronic voting machines don't use their absolute power in ways that corrupt the election, absolutely...

Can’t we get a paper receipt showing a random serial number with complete "as you voted" data that can be approved right on the spot and/or destroyed by the voter, or retained and then later matched to a published list of all vote data (with an indication that each serial number was unique and only accessed once) to check on the published election results.

The voter could destroy their paper receipt, or keep it to privately to check for vote fraud after the election.

Publish the computer source code. Offer a cash reward if two or more voters find they have the same "random" serial number or have provable vote fraud evidence.

How about harsh punishment for any convicted voting machine manufacturer’s CEO, employee, contractor, poll watcher and/or any hacker that facilitates a grab for absolute power by manipulating an election via the voting process (and thus invalidating the entire election).

5.   8/3/2007 - 14:38:29PM
BY: Derrick
Re: the IA straw poll and Ron Paul. I had heard that Diebold
machines were going to used for tabulating votes.

If a paper ballot/write-in is not allowed, DO NOT BOTHER TO
VOTE. By all means attend Ron Paul's booth, but the e-vote fix
will be in.

In Story Co., IA, the last three elections I have voted write-in for
my candidates. And these write ins showed up in the newspaper
printed precinct tabulations. Having checked each time with my
co. voting commission, it is legal to write in a candidate's
name even if that name is already on the ballot, and the vote
will count. For example, if John J. Doe (D) is running against
Joan J. Roe (R), appearing that way on the ballot, if you
instead write in Joan J. Roe (R) it will count as a ballot for
Ms. Roe. At least in Story Co. I presume this is true everywhere
in IA, but it needs to be checked.

If the Repugs in charge of the straw poll do not allow paper
ballots, they should be LOUDLY denounced by the Ron Paul
supporters as ANTI-IOWAN.

6.   8/3/2007 - 15:16:35PM
BY: Curt Maynard
Condit is absolutely right. We Americans have to consider the idea that elections are once again being rigged and if Paul is defeated or not allowed to run, we have to consider radically changing the status quo.

7.   8/7/2007 - 13:23:40PM
BY: Joan P Green, Utah
The "Diebold" electronic voting machines were "adjusted" shall we say, when used in the Bush/Kerry election....I, for one don't trust them anymore! I will only use "paper" ballots now, and I will watch to see that they are counted correctly......

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