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Famitsu: Beautiful Katamari Cancelled For PS3

The rumors have been flying concerning the possible cancellation of Beautiful Katamari for the PS3, much to the chagrin of some fans. For a while, the game seemed to only be in development for the Xbox 360 and Wii, because Namco had run into some programming issues on the PS3. Unfortunately, those problems must've proved too big to ignore, as the game is now officially off Sony's next-gen system.

Famitsu magazine has indeed confirmed the cancellation, and Beautiful Katamari will continue forward for the 360 and Wii. At one point, there was speculation that the game might actually appear on the PlayStation Store as a downloadable title, and that may not be impossible in the future. But for now, one of the most unique and entertaining action/puzzle titles won't be arriving for the PS3 as a standard Blu-Ray disc.

Considering the series' first two installments were exclusive to the PS2, this may come as a shock to fans. But things are definitely changing this generation, especially with the complexity of the PS3's architecture, which may not endear itself to the relative simplicity of a game like Beautiful Katamari.

7/4/2007  Ben Dutka

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  PS3 News: Famitsu: Beautiful Katamari Cancelled For PS3   PS1PS2 | PS3PSP | XBOX | XBOX 360Forums 


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