Leona Lewis Is Back With “Bleeding Love”

Posted on Sep 17 07

Owen Williams

Leona Lewis

Bleeding Love is the first single to be released from Leona Lewis’s hugely anticipated debut album, due later this year. Since winning the X Factor in 2006 Leona has been recording and writing for her album, taking her time to get it absolutely right. Bleeding Love gives us the first glimpse of what we can expect and is well worth the wait.

Bleeding Love was written and produced by LA’s hottest emerging talent, Ryan Tedder, whose credits include Mary J Blige, JLO, Timbaland and Natasha Bedingfield. Recorded in LA this track perfectly showcases Leona’s impressive vocal prowess and from the moment she opens her mouth we are instantly reminded about her amazing voice, capable of heart stopping intensity and a playful light touch. Bleeding Love is melody driven and emotionally fuelled. From its opening it slowly and subtly builds, until it climaxes with a soaring and heart-felt finale. It leaves you wanting to hear more.

Leona first came into our lives over a year ago and it was clear she had something special about her. Leona Lewis was the first X Factor winner with international potential. Even before the night of the final American music mogul Clive Davis had called Simon Cowell saying, “I think you might have the next Whitney on your hands”. In December 2006 she won the X Factor and had a massive Christmas Number 1 hit with A Moment Like This, the most downloaded track in the UK of last year, with an amazing 50,000 downloads in the first half hour alone. This immediately thrust Leona to having the biggest ever debut single for a female artist. As Simon Cowell simply put it: “She’s mesmerising. I literally couldn’t believe how good she was.” People were quick to compare Leona to the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, which is good company to be in, but Bleeding Love is set to remind people that she has her own unique sound.

Leona set off to the US in February of this year to perform an intimate industry only showcase hosted by the legendary Clive Davis where Leona won the hearts of the world’s biggest songwriters and producers who have been lining up to work with Leona whilst she has been jet-setting between London, Atlanta, Miami, New York and LA, earning her international status. She has been working with Dallas Austin, Soulshock and Carlin, Jam and Lewis, Walter Afanasieff And Salaam Remi. Between them they have worked with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Usher, TLC and Michael Jackson. Every track on her forthcoming debut album has the potential to be a single.

The album which is the first partnership of Simon Cowell and Clive Davis, is set for release later this year and will be released in the US in 2008. It could have been easy for the Leona to rush her album to capitalise quickly on her X Factor success, but she wouldn’t have been keeping true to herself. Good things are worth waiting for and this is no exception. The debut album is likely to surprise critics. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Bleeding Love will be released through Simon Cowell’s record label SyCo Music on Monday October 22nd 2007.

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  1. Comment on Jonny September 18, 2007

    I’ve heard her second single and it is certainly a change from the material she has been singing to date. It has the spirit of a 80s Whitney/90s Mariah yet with a beat that makes it catchy enough for today’s market. You’re likely to be unsure at first because it’s so different from what we’re used to, but by the second hearing you’re sure to love it. She demonstrates her five-octave vocal range in a way that pitches her as a world-class artist breaking through into stardom.

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