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CBC Radio One and The Georgia Straight presented The CBC Radio Studio One Book Club on September 6 featuring…


William Gibson with Spook Country

Spook Country by William Gibson

William GibsonTo kick-off the Fall 2007 Season of the CBC Radio Studio One Book Club, we are very pleased to announce the encore appearance of William Gibson, with his new novel Spook Country!

Continuing in the vein of Pattern Recognition, Spook Country probes cultural changes in the United States since 9/11. Gibson weaves the story with technology, globalization and terrorism – the effects and consequences of contemporary politics and personal ambition.

Hollis Henry is not quite sure what to make of her present employers. A former bass player and singer for the cult band Curfew, she’s now trying to survive as a freelance journalist and has an investigative assignment in Los Angeles from a magazine called Node – supposedly a European version of Wired. But she has yet to meet anyone from the magazine or anyone else who is writing for them. Node doesn’t exist yet, which is fine. It’s a startup. But it seems to be actively preventing the kind of buzz that magazines usually cultivate before they are launched. Really, really actively. That would be odd, and even a little scary, if Hollis allowed herself to think about it much, which she can’t afford to do.

Come join us for another riveting Studio One Book Club with William Gibson, author of Pattern Recoginition, Idoru, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Neuromancer and more. (For a teaser, you can also listen to his 2003 Book Club.

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