Using parts from old drum kits, James Rolfe puts together his own set and begins playing drums as a side hobby from his filmmaking. By the next two summers, he feels ready to get a band together. The name of the band: “Cybersushi Deluxe.”


Rolfe reunited with old friends, Ed Shayka and Joe Morrotto, actors from his earlier films such as “Rumble in the Jungle”, “Red Zombie”, and “Bicycle Speed.” Morrotto’s loud screaming from his starring role in “Mighty Joe Rampage”, back in 1996, made him the ideal choice for the singer, assuming the band was going to be death metal. Ed Shayka’s mean guitar riffs also sounded death metal, so that’s the way it went. The band jammed for one day in Rolfe’s garage, but nothing amounted of it. The name “CyberSushi Deluxe”  was disliked by the rest of the group and the band became completely inactive.

A month later, Joe met a punk rock band called “Eviction Notice” with Jim McNally on guitar, Jason Nelky on bass and Jul Meao on drums. The band had just lost its singer, and Jul became bored with drums, so she wanted to play guitar instead. Now with two guitarists, a bassist, they needed a new singer and drummer, which is where Joe and Rolfe fit in perfectly. They jammed for many days, covering pieces of many songs including “Gone Away” by The Offspring. It turned out that the name “Eviction Notice” was already taken, so the band changed to “The DayStarr.”

Joe wrote original lyrics for two new songs “Wishful Thinking” and “Moment’s Notice” which went over well when played with the band, but progress was extremely slow. Jim was always “grounded” by his dad and never allowed out of the house. They had to sneak him out of the house once a week to practice, for brief periods of time which were always too short to get much accomplished. Also, tension was building between bassist Nelky and Joe, since they didn’t seem to like each other at all. The final blow was when the band decided to change positions. Jul was already fed up with playing guitar and wanted to go back on drums, realizing that Rolfe had a secret hobby of also playing guitar. Rolfe, however, did not want to switch and Nelky wanted to kick Joe out anyway, so both Rolfe and Joe left the band since nobody ever did anything but argue. The name “DayStarr” was also scrapped.

Guitarist Jim, the neutral one in the bunch, decided to play in both bands.  “The Unemployed”  and “DRAXONIZ.”  Joe, Jim and Rolfe, are currently without a bass player, but it doesn’t seem to matter much, because practice is now becoming much more productive. New songs are being written, a CD has been recorded and show dates are about to be scheduled.