Biblical Errancy
Dennis McKinsey

Listed below are the contents of the all 192 issues of Dennis McKinsey's Biblical Errancy. Click on what interests you. At the bottom of each link there will be a place to click to return to this menu, or press the back button of your browser. The issues raised in Biblical Errancy represent a challenge to Bible inerrantists, and religion in general. Dennis McKinsey can be reached at:
            Biblical Errancy
            2500 Punderson Drive
            Hilliard, Ohio  43026

            (614) 527-1703

If you would like to converse with me directly or simply hear what I have to say, don't forget to tune in EVERY Sunday evening at 8 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time) for a one hour broadcast of THE BIBLICAL ERRANCY SHOW which exposes the incredible number of errors, contradictions, and fallacies in scripture.
Go to:
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Dennis McKinsey has also collected the material presented here and similar biblical contradictions and errors into a book: The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy. Contact him to obtain details for obtaining this valuable work. Click here to Send McKinsey E-Mail.

Dennis also has published two pamphlets that can be handed to Bible believers, asking pertinant questions of their faith. They are available from Dennis at the above address, and also are reproduced on this site. Click here to access the Pamphlets in English.
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Everyone interested in helping with our philosophy can contribute mightily by playing our video tapes (100 half hour programs are available) on their local public access TV stations. Please contact Dennis McKinsey for the specifics.
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