Zerg Lurker
Zerg Lurker Classifications
Type : Heavy Defense Warrior
Core Genus : Hydralisk
Primary Attack : Subterranean Spines

Description of the Zerg Lurker
Mutated and bred from the Hydralisk genus, the Lurker represents one of the deadliest strains found in the Zerg Swarm. These subterranean dwellers serve as defensive warriors for the core Hive Clusters and the outlying Zerg colonies.

Burrowing beneath the ground, Lurkers employ the element of surprise by firing spines through the planetary surface -- with deadly results. These supra-dense spines are capable of tearing through flesh, steel-alloy, and even reinforced armor plating with frightening ease. Enemies trapped in the thunderous crossfire find themselves instantly impaled.

Given their ability to escape detection and attack while submerged beneath the earth, the only true weakness of the Lurker is that they are virtually defenseless when caught above ground.

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