Creator: Takeshi Konomi
Publisher: Viz
Age Rating: All Ages
Genres: Action, Sports
RRP: $7.99
The Prince of Tennis v17
Reviewed by Michael Aronson

�Shusuke and Jin�s match continues! Both pull out all the stops, but it�s the Haku Gei, also known as the White Whale, that�s the move to beat. Will it be enough? You gotta read to find out who the loser is in this one!�

I don�t know whether it�s an ongoing trend in the series as a whole or just repetition from the previous volume, but it seems the athletes of both teams in Prince of Tennis are playing to win at the stake � or cost � of their own well being. It�s pretty cool that there�s more on the line than bragging rights as it makes each match that much more intense, but like I said, these were the stakes last volume too. If the entire series feature matches in which the players try to weaken and destroy each other�s physical stamina, that�s just a little sadistic, ain�t it?

The main match has Kunimitsu from Seishun taking on Keigo from Hyotei. I like the work done on Keigo to make him an arrogant aggressor in his game tactics, but Kunimitsu comes off looking more passive and stiff in contrast. Though Kunimitsu�s backstory tries to flesh him out comparably to Keigo, it doesn�t quite make it. The fact that the reader never really gets in his head holds him back from being a likeable protagonist.

It�s too bad that much manga starts out serialized in chapters, as the collections often have to end and pick up between story arcs. It hurts the momentum and creates forced cliffhangers in places they probably weren�t intended. Prince of Tennis suffers in this way, but the story is generally strong enough to round out each individual volume.

12 October 2007
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