itunes for your Mobile Phone FAQ

General Information

Which mobile phones have iTunes?

There are several phone models now available with iTunes. Get more details about availability and where to purchase.

How much do the iTunes-enabled phones cost?

The price of the phones will vary across the different geographic locations. In the US, visit Cingular for the current pricing information.

Is iTunes available on any mobile phone?

Currently, iTunes is only available on these handsets and is not downloadable to other phones.

Music and Audio

How do I manage my music on my phone?

Your mobile phone with iTunes allows you to enjoy your music in many ways. On your phone, you can listen to playlists that you transfer from your iTunes library on your Mac or PC, browse for music by song, artist or album, and view album art and song information while a song is playing. You can also shuffle your songs to listen to them in a random order.

Can I transfer music that I’ve purchased from the iTunes Music Store to my phone?

Absolutely. Just as you can with music imported from a CD, just drag and drop your purchased songs from your library to your phone. The iTunes Music Store has millions of songs to choose from, so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

What happens to my music playback when I have an incoming call?

If a call comes in while you’re listening to music in iTunes on your phone, your music automatically pauses and you’ll have the option to answer the incoming call, or to continue listening to your music. If you decide to continue listening, your music will automatically resume playback. If you decide to answer the call, after you finish talking, all you need to do is to press a button to start your music again. Now you can enjoy both your music and talk on your phone without missing a beat.

Will I be able to play podcasts on my phone?

Yes, MP3- and AAC-format podcasts will play on your mobile phone with iTunes. To add podcasts to your phone, simply drag them from your podcast list to your phone. Keep in mind that podcasts can be very large files. One podcast file could consume your entire flash memory card.

Will I be able to play audiobooks?

Mobile phones with iTunes can store and play audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Keep in mind that audiobooks are typically very large files. One audiobook file could consume your entire flash memory card.

Will I be able to play videos?

Playback and transfer of videos from your iTunes Library aren’t currently supported on mobile phones with iTunes.

Will I be able to buy songs directly from my phone?

Direct purchase of songs from the phone is not supported, but you can still be visit the iTunes Music Store from your Mac or PC and choose from over 2 million tracks that you can then sync to your iTunes-enabled phone.

Can I take another person’s mobile phone with iTunes and browse or play its content on my machine?

iTunes will not allow you to do this. Keep in mind that each phone can only be synchronized with one music library.

How many phones can I synchronize with at one time?

iTunes allows you to transfer music to one mobile phone at a time, but you can transfer music from your library to as many phones as you like.

Can I use my iTunes songs as ringtones?


System & Hardware Requirements

Can I use my mobile phone with iTunes on both Macintosh and Windows computers?

Yes. iTunes is fully compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs.

What are the system requirements needed to use iTunes on my mobile phone?

  • SLVR, RAZR : iTunes 6.0.1 or later
  • Mac: Mac OS X v10.3.6 or later
  • PC: Windows 2000 or Windows XP

What type of memory card is supported on my mobile phone with iTunes?

Mobile phones with iTunes manufactured by Motorola accept TransFlash memory cards.

How much flash storage will I need to store songs on my phone?

Most phones will come bundled with 512MB flash cards, which allow you to store up to 100 average-length songs. If your phone doesn’t come with a 512MB card, you will need 128MB of available flash storage space to store 25 average-length songs on your phone. To store 50 average-length songs on your phone, you will need 256MB of available flash storage.

Can I use Bluetooth or USB to transfer music to my phone?

To transfer music to your phone, you need to use iTunes 4.9 or later and the USB cable that came with your phone. Most phones support USB 1.1.

Can I transfer data to my mobile phone with iTunes from multiple computers when in disk mode?

Yes, you can when you enable disk mode on the computer. To do this, select the “Phone” tab under iTunes Preferences and check the box “Enable disk use.” You can also choose how much space you’d like to store for both music and data.


When I connect my phone, it doesn’t show up in the source list in iTunes. What should I do?

First check that you meet the minimum system requirements mentioned above. Be sure that you’ve either installed iTunes from the CD that came with your phone or installed it from the iTunes download web page. Visit to download the latest version of iTunes. Be sure that your phone is in “Memory Card” mode: go to Settings > Connection > USB Settings. Be sure the Default Connection has “Memory Card” selected. If you are still having difficulty, choose iTunes Music Store Service & Support from the Help menu in iTunes. For hardware issues with your phone, visit: or contact your cellular phone provider.

What should I do if my album artwork is not displaying on my phone?

If the songs you sync have album art associated with them, go to the “Phone” tab under iTunes Preferences and check the box “Display album artwork on this mobile phone.” Album art is shown by default.

I manually transferred music to my flash card, but it won’t play on my phone. What should I do?

In order to play songs in iTunes on your phone, the songs must be transferred to the phone using the iTunes desktop application.

If my songs are deleted from my TransFlash card, have I lost them forever?

When you transfer songs to your mobile phone, the original music files stay in your iTunes library on your computer. If you accidentally delete songs from your TransFlash card, you can simply re-transfer these songs from your computer to your phone using iTunes.

Where can I get additional support for my phone?

Visit or contact your cellular phone provider.

If I have further questions about the iTunes desktop application or the iTunes Music Store, where do I go for support?

Visit or choose iTunes Music Store Service & Support from the Help menu in iTunes.

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