Dark Archon
History and Description of the Dark Archon
During their long exile, the Dark Templars have faced many challenges. Struggling and adapting their arsenal of skills and converting their biology to suit their harsh environment has ultimately resulted in the Dark Archon.

Like their High Templar brethren, two Dark Templars sacrifice themselves in a psionic melding giving rise to the Dark Archon. The powers of these avatars of psionic might extend well beyond those of the regular Archon, more than compensating for their lack of any physical attack capability:

All Dark Archon power stems from manipulation of psychic energies. So great is their mastery of these techniques that they can affect the energies of other beings. Creating a forceful whiplash effect, the Dark Archon turns the power of its enemies against themselves.

All living things have minds for the Dark Archon to shape and mold. With a powerful surge of mental energy the Dark Archon can stun a group of erstwhile attackers.

Mind Control
The ability to control the minds of others has long been thought to be impossible. This is the ultimate weapon in the Dark Archon's arsenal. Through a huge effort of will and energy, the Dark Archon dominates the mind of another being. This unit and its powers and knowledge now become the property of the Dark Archon.

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