Terran Medic
ROLE: Combat Physician
AFFILIATION: United Earth Directorate

The Medics of the United Earth Directorate follow a time-honored tradition of selflessly marching into combat zones to aid their injured brethren. These fearless women, aided only by protective shielding, are highly skilled healers, capable of restoring the health and vitality of wounded soldiers. Medics can even cure various Zerg infestations such as Parasite or Ensnare.

While expendable, the massive losses of Terran Marines during the Great War began to become cost prohibitive. The Medic's use of chemical modifiers has greatly enhanced the survival rate of UED forces, lengthening the expected battlefield life expectancy to over nine seconds.

With the introduction of nano-conveyed anesthetic and attenuated laser technology, surgery has made amazing advancements. The death rate resulting from the emergency removal of foreign objects or alien viruses is at an all-time low, making such treatment in the field routine.

Optic Flare
The sole defensive armament of the Medic is the A-13 Flash Grenade Launcher. Originally designed as a way to provide illumination to the battlefield, both the delivery system and the projectile have been modified to discharge a maximum burst in the visible white light as well as ultra-violet spectrum. This has the side effect of severely damaging the retinas or photo-optic receptors of any targeted unit.

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