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If you ever find yourself at the beach without sunglasses, there's no need to panic. If you can find a public restroom with toilet paper, you can make your own sunglasses with these origami instructions. They're pretty stylin' too. (Check out the photo at the bottom of the page!) Why not practice making sunglasses now, so you'll be ready when you need to know how to do it in a pinch?


Start with two strips - one four squares long, and the other two squares long. If you are using 1-ply, you'd better double it up.
  • Fold the long strip in half length-wise.
  • Fold the short strip diagonally as shown.


Insert the long strip into the short one, as shown. Center it.


Fold over the long strip lengthwise (with the short one wrapped around it) about a third of the way down. Fold it over again, until the entire long strip is one-third of its original width. Crease the folds very well at this stage.


Now shape your frames and lenses. We like to fold up the tips of the lenses to give them a more boxy look.

If you find the glasses are too small, you might want to try making the glasses using five squares for the long strip.

The finished product is really quite attractive.

? ? Did you know ? ?

It takes approximately 394,448 rolls of toilet paper to circle the globe at the equator.*

* When we researched this fact, we ran into trouble. We had successfully laid toilet paper across equatorial Africa, but as soon as we tried to lay some on the ocean, it kept dissolving and being pulled by the currents.

Fortunately, a mathematician friend showed us how we could calculate the number without unrolling even a single roll of toilet paper!

We feel kind of guilty taking the easy way out, but our friend assures us that this result is even more accurate (!) than the result we would have arrived at had we continued the way we were going.

click HERE
for a corny explanation

Now, for more origami instructions for something that will complement your glasses, continue on to . . .


Origami paper folding

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