WWF Smackdown Results
    Submitted by Big Calbowski on Thursday, November 1, 2001 at 10:10 PM EST

    WWF Smackdown Results 11/01/01
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    We're shown a recap of WWF/Alliance saga from Raw leading up to Kurt Angle's turn on the WWF.

    Tonight Kurt Angle will put the U.S. title on the line against Kane. Austin defends the WWF title against The Undertaker.

    If you smellllll...what The Rock...is cookin. Out comes The Rock. We're shown a recap of Rock and Jericho unable to co-exist as a team on Raw.

    Y2J countdown. Boom. Come on. You know I gotcha. Yeah. One. Break the wall down!!!! Enter Chris Jericho. We're shown more footage of the tag team champs inability to co-exist on Raw.

    Test. This is a test. Test. Test. This is a Test. Here comes Test.

    Can you dig it, sucka? Out comes Booker T.

    WWF Tag Team Championship Match
    The Rock and Chris Jericho vs. Booker T and Test

    Test and Jericho start. Test with a knee. Test with a right hand. Test with more right hand shots. Jericho ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick. Jericho with right hands and chops. Jericho with kicks in the corner. Jericho with right hands. Jericho with a back elbow. Test catches Jericho in the air and Jericho sends him into the turnbuckle. Jericho with shots to the back. Jericho with a side suplex. Cover. 2 count. Jericho with chops. Test with a short arm clothesline. Tag to Booker T. Booker T with a kick to the ribs. Booker T with right hands. Jericho with a hip toss. Jericho with a hurricanrana. Tag to Rock. Rock with right hands. Boker T with a kick to the gut. Rock with a flying clothesline. Rock with kicks. Rock with a suplex. Cover. 2 count. Booker T with a thumb to the eye. Tag to Test. Test with right hands. Test with back elbows and right hands. Test kicks down Rock in the corner. Test shoves his boot in Rock's face. Rock with a clothesline. Rock with right hands. Booker T hits Rock in the back. Rock clotheslines Test. Rock knocks down Booker T. Rock with right hands on Test. Booker T pulls the rope and Rock falls to the outside. Booker T and Test double team Rock on the outside. Booker T bounces Rock off the announce table. Test with right hands at the announce table. Test throws Rock back in the ring. Tag to Booker T. Booker T with a right hand. Rock comes back with right hands. Booker T with a spin wheel kick. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Test. Test puts Rock ion the corner. Test kicks down Rock. Test chokes Rock in the corner. Rock comes back with right hands. Test with a sidewalk slam. Cover. Jericho pulls Test off. Tag to Booker T. Booker T with a kick to the ribs. Booker T sends Rock into the corner. Booker T chokes Rock with his foot in the corner. Booker T with a chop. Booker T with another chop. Booker T with another chop. Booker T misses a chop. Rock delivers chops to Booker T. Booker T misses a spin kick. Rock knocks him down. Rock knocks Test off the apron. Rock puts Booker T in the sharp shooter. Test clotheslines Rock down. Tag to Test. Tag to Jericho. Jericho with right hands and chops. Jericho with a flying forearm. Flapjack on Booker T. Swinging neck breaker on Test. Springboard drop kick to Booker T. Bulldog to Test. Jericho attempts a lionsault. Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho on Test. Booker T clotheslines him. Rock tags himself in. Rock with a belly to belly on Booker T. DDT on Test. Rock with right hands to Booker T. Rock sends Booker T to the outside. Jericho tries a missile drop kick on Test. Test moves and Jericho hits The Rock. Test with a big boot to Rock. Booker T holds Jericho back. Test covers Rock and gets the victory. We have new WWF tag team champions.
    Winners and new WWF Tag Team Champions: Booker T and Test

    Rock is now to his feet in the ring. Jericho is staring at him in front of the announce table. Rock stares him down. Jericho gets in the ring. Rock goes to leave. Jericho pulls him back. Rock and Jericho brawl. Jericho with lots of right hands. Rock Bottom on Jericho. Rock leaves the ring. Rock walks up the ramp and pauses. Jericho gets back up and staggers around the ring. Rock returns to the ring. Rock plants Jericho with another Rock Bottom.

    We're shown WWF NY.

    We're shown a recap of the closing moments of the previous match with Test and Booker T winning the WWF Tag Team Championships as well as the brawl between Rock and Jericho following the match.

    Vince is backstage with The Rock. Vince is begging him to countdown. On Monday, they lost Kurt Angle. Tonight Rock and Jericho lost the WWF Tag Team Titles. He says that Survivor Series is around the corner. Vince says that they all have to get along. Vince says that Shane has got Austin, Angle, Booker T, RVD, and now he's inserted himself in the match. Vince says now he has to put himself in the match. Vince tells Rock that he may be unemployed after Survivor Series. Rock says no matter what happens, he will always be the WWF. Rock goes to leave. Vince tells him that he should apologize to Jericho. Vince says that tonight Kane is gonna kick Kurt Angle's ass for the US title and Undertaker is gonna beat Austin for the WWF title. Vince tells him to calm down. Jericho comes in. Rock and Jericho start to brawl. Vince and officials have to separate them. Officials push The Rock out through the door. Vince keeps telling Jericho to calm down.

    We're shown a recap of the Matt Hardy/Lita/Stacy Keibler situation on Raw. Jeff is shown in the locker room preparing. Lita knocks on the door and asks if they're ready. Lita comes in and asks where Matt is. Jeff doesn't know. Lita asks if Matt's said anything about Stacy Keibler. Jeff sees the bruise on Lita's face and says it's a real bad bruise. Lita says she'll be ok. Jeff holds her face to look at it. Matt comes in and says he's sorry he interrupted their little moment and says that they're match is next. Lita says that Jeff cares about her eye unlike someone else and walks out. Matt tells Jeff that it was an accident and that he's sick of apologizing so he's not gonna do it anymore. Matt says that they're next and the Hardyz walk out of the locker room.

    Out come the Hardy Boyz and Lita.

    Bombs away. Yeah we're comin now. Enter the Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler.

    6 Person Tag Team Match
    Hardy Boyz and Lita vs. Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler

    Matt and D-Von start. D-Von with right hands. D-Von with a spinning elbow. Matt with an inverted DDT. Lita tags herself in. Lita moonsaults D-Von. 2 count. Lita with right hands to D-Von. Lita ducks a clothesline and Bubba Ray pulls her hair down to the ground. Tag to Stacy. Stacy with kicks to the ribs. Stacy puts her foot in Lita's face. Stacy with a body slam. Cover. 2 count. Lita battles back with a right hand. Lita clotheslines Stacy in the corner. Lita clotheslines Stacy in the other corner. Snap mare by Lita. Lita sits on Stacy and delivers shots to the face. The ref backs her off. Tag to Bubba Ray. Tag to Jeff. Jeff with an arm drag. Jeff with another arm drag. Jeff with a flying clothesline. Jeff drop kicks Bubba Ray in the corner. D-Von tries to bring in a table. Jeff drop kicks the table. Stacy bends over on the apron to check on D-Von. Jeff smacks Stacy's ass. Bubba Ray with a Bubba Bomb. Tag to D-Von. D-Von with right hands. Tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray with shots to the back. Bubba Ray with slaps to the chest. Bubba Ray with right hands. Jeff with Whisper In The Wind. Tag to D-Von. Tag to Matt. Matt with a right hand. Matt with a clothesline. Matt with a side Russian leg sweep. DDT to Bubba Ray. D-Von runs into a back elbow. Matt with a leg drop off the middle rope. Cover. Stacy breaks it up. Lita tackles Stacy to the outside. Poetry in Motion to D-Von. Matt knocks down Bubba Ray. Attempted Poetry in Motion to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray moves. Matt goes for a Twist of Fate on Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray shoves him into Lita on the apron. Matt unloads on the Dudleyz. Jeff attends to Lita on the outside. 3D on Matt. D-Von covers Matt for the victory.
    Winners: Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler

    Earlier today, Kurt Angle answered why he joined the Alliance. He wants to answer some questions he has been getting since Monday night. Why? What were you thinking? How could you do this to your country? I'm still you're Olympic hero. He's still an American hero. He represents what is great about America. He is a winner. Who does he want on his side at the Survivor Series? Undertaker? He's been here for a long time. He's done more in two years than Taker has in a decade. Kane? He's a follower and lets the guy who burned him drag him around. Chris Jericho? Rock? These are the two most ego-maniacal guys in WWF history. Now who can he trust? Stone Cold Steve Austin. Think about it. He names some PPV events involving Austin. Does Austin cheat? Yes. Does he play fair? No. When it's all on the line, does he get the job done? Oh hell yeah. He feels safe putting his career in his hands. He is the toughest S.O.B. ever. He knows how to win. He still loves his country, but he still loves his job. He wants to keep his job. The camera backs off and it shows Shane and Austin on each of Kurt's sides. Kurt will still have a job after Survivor Series. It's true. It's damn true. Shane says good job. Austin says he's proud of him. Kurt slaps Austin's shoulder with the belt on it.

    Kane is shown walking to the ring.

    WWF Smack of the Night is Kurt Angle defecting to the Alliance.

    Medal hits and Kurt Angle enters the arena.

    Boom. Kane comes out of the fire.

    WCW U.S. Championship Match
    Kane vs. Kurt Angle

    Kurt backs Kane into the corner. Kane with forearms across the back. Kane with right hands. Kane with a kick to the gut. Kane winds up Kurt's arm and kicks him several times in the gut. Kane misses an elbow drop. Kurt tries backing Kane into the corner. Kurt with a fireman's carry takeover. Kane with right hands. Kane with a back elbow. Kurt with a German suplex. Kane sits up. Kurt hits him with right hands. Kane grabs his throat and gets up. Kane with a back elbow. Kane with a big boot. Kane with a clothesline. Kane with a running powerslam. Cover. 2 count. Kurt gets the ankle lock on Kane. Kane counters and shoves him away. Kurt is on the apron. Kane boots him down. Kane goes to the outside. Kane smashes Kurt's face on the stairs. Kane with a right hand. Kane sends Kurt over the barricade. Kane goes after him. Kane whips Kurt into the barricade. Kane runs into a back elbow. Kurt jumps over the barricade. Austin sneaks up behind Kane in the crowd and smashes him with a chair. Austin smashes him in the ankle. Undertaker runs down the ramp and goes after Austin. Austin runs off while Taker chases him. Kurt drags Kane back and slams his ankle on the steps. Kurt shoves Kane back in the ring. Kurt stomps the ankle. Kurt sits on Kane and delivers shots to the head. Kurt puts Kane's foot on the bottom rope and sits on it. Kurt grabs Kane's foot. Kane with an insiguerri. Kane with right hands. Kane with a back body drop. Kane clotheslines Kurt in the corner. Kane with a suplex. Kane holds on. Kane with another suplex. Kane holds on. Kane with a third suplex. Kane holds on. Kane with a fourth suplex and lets go this time. Kane to his feet. Kane goes to the outside and climbs up top. Kane with a clothesline off the top. Kane to his feet. Kane holds his hand in the air. Kane grabs Kurt's throat. Kurt drops down and locks the ankle lock. Kane sends Kurt flying across the ring. Kurt goes after Kane again. Kane grabs his throat and chokeslams him. Both men are down. Kane to his feet. Kane puts the ankle lock on Kurt. Kurt rolls forward. Kane sets up Kurt for the tombstone. Kurt grabs Kane's leg and slips down. Kurt with the ankle lock. Kane tries to roll over, but Kurt holds on. Kane is trying to get to the ropes. Kurt bends the ankle even more. Kane keeps trying to make it to the ropes. Kurt keeps pulling him back to the middle of the ring. Kane tries to hype himself up. Kane gives in and taps out.
    Winner and still WCW US Champion: Kurt Angle

    Commissioner Regal is in his office. Tajiri and Torrie Wilson walk in. Regal is glad that he's there. They haven't had much time together for a while. Regal says he gave him an opportunity and Tajiri made himself a big WWF superstar. Regal says since he's the Alliance Commissioner and he loves working with him, he offers Tajiri a spot in the Alliance. Torrie tells him not to. Tajiri signals that it's ok. Tajiri says no. Regal says he respects his decision and sometimes a man must stand on his own two feet so he can do the right thing. Regal and Tajiri shake hands. Regal pulls him down on the desk and gives him a beat down. Regal says if he wants him, he'll meet him in the ring later on. Regal berates Torrie. Tajiri kicks Regal back and leaves with Torrie. Regal is sitting in his chair holding his face.

    Austin and Debra are in the back. Austin says he knew Kurt could do it. Kurt comes in and says he won. Austin says he knows. Kurt thanks Austin for helping him. Austin says he's had his eye on him and he loves him. Kurt says you love me? Austin wants to give him something. Kurt has a weird look on his face. Austin says relax. He gives him an Austin 3:16 hat. Kurt says he's always wanted an Austin 3:16 hat. Now he's an S.O.B. Austin opens a case and gives Kurt his gold medals. Austin said it took him a while to fish those medals out of the Detroit river. He tells Kurt to put them on, but don't forget about the hat. Kurt puts on the medals and the hat. He says this is the happiest day of his life besides winning the gold medals. He gives Austin a hug and says he loves him too. Austin has an uneasy look on his face.

    The Rock is shown walking around in his locker room. Coach comes in and wonders what Rock has to say to Jericho. Rock says he's got three words for Jericho. Just Bring It. Rock challenges Jericho to a match for the WCW Title on Raw and hopes it will end all this crap with them. If you smell...what The Rock...is cookin.

    X-Box Slam of the Week is Edge defeating Rob Van Dam on Raw.

    Kurt is in the back with Austin. Kurt kisses his medals. RVD walks in. Austin says he better do well against Edge tonight. Kurt repeats everything Austin says. RVD tries to talk. Austin says what? Kurt says what? This happens a couple times. RVD says whatever and leaves.

    You think you know me. Enter Edge.

    Out comes Rob Van Dam.

    WWF Hardcore Championship Match
    Edge vs. Rob Van Dam

    Grapple. RVD winds up Edge's arm. Edge winds him up and kicks him down. Edge jumps over a leg sweep. The two exchange leg sweeps and both jump to their feet. RVD brings a chair in the ring. Edge stomps on RVD. RVD makes a come back. RVD throws the chair into Edge. RVD with the cover. 2 count. Edge and RVD fight forth echair. Edge attempts the Edgecutioner. RVD pulls back. Edge with his modified face plant on the chair. RVD clotheslines Edge to the outside. RVD with a moonsault. Cover. 2 count. RVD throws Edge back in the ring. RVD with a kick. RVD with a right hand. RVD sets up the chair in the middle of the ring. RVD jumps on the chair at Edge. Edge spears him. Cover by Edge. 2 count. Edge with an Edge-O-Matic on the chair. Edge starts to go up top. Test walks to the ring. Edge gets distracted and RVD crotches him. RVD tells him it's cool. RVD goes for a superplex. Edge reverses it and drops RVD on the top rope. RVD spills to the outside. Test comes in the ring and delivers a big boot to Edge. RVD comes to and jumps up top. RVD with the Five Star Frog Splash. Cover and the victory.
    Winner and still WWF Hardcore Champion: Rob Van Dam

    Jericho is shown walking in the back. Coach approaches him and lets him know that Rock challenged him for the WCW title on Raw. Coach asks for his response. Jericho says he'll give him a response. He says that on Monday night, he'll... He tells Coach no offense cause he's doing a good job as always, but he's gonna give The Rock his response personally.

    At Survivor Series, it will be a winner take all match. It will Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Shane McMahon taking on Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, Chris Jericho, and Vince McMahon.

    Jericho walks into Rock's locker room. Jericho asks if he wants an snwer. Jericho decks him and the two brawl. Officials have to break them up. Jericho is pushed out of Rock's locker room. Rock comes out through the door and goes after Jericho. Officials have to push Rock back into his locker room.

    Lugz Boot Of The Week are the events earlier tonight involving Commissioner Regal, Tajiri, and Torrie Wilson.

    Out comes Commissioner William Regal.

    Enter Tajiri with Torrie Wilson. Tajiri goes right after him.

    Tajiri vs. Commissioner William Regal
    Tajiri with an insiguerri. Regal sends him to the outside. Regal sends Tajiri's back inot the apron. Regal posts Tajiri's shoulder. Regal shoves Tajiri back in. Regal with a kick to the head. Tajiri with shots to the gut. Regal with a knee lift. Cover. 2 count. Another cover. Kick out. Another cover. Kick out. Regal delivers left hands to Tajiri. Regal attempts a suplex. Tajiri kicks him in the chest. Tajiri with a handspring back elbow. Regal blocks a drop kick and knocks down Tajiri with a left forearm. Regal hits the Union Jack on Tajiri. Regal makes the cover and gets the victory.
    Winner: Commissioner William Regal

    Regal beats on Tajiri some more. Regal gives him a butterfly powerbomb.

    Undertaker is shown getting ready backstage. Vince comes in and says that he knows Taker is gonna bring the WWF title back tonight. He knows he's upset after Kane got hurt tonight and him thinking he would deflect. Vince says he's sorry for doubting him on Raw, but tonight he has no alternative than to beat Austin tonight. Taker says don't worry about Austin cause he's gonna kick his ass tonight. As far as him doubting his loyalty, he can kiss his ass.

    Gong. Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. Undertaker comes riding out to the ring.

    Austin ambushes Taker from behind as soon as the bike stops. Austin with right hands while Taker falls into the barricade. Austin with a knee lift. Austin with shots to the back of the head. Austin with kicks. Austin throws Taker into the post. Austin clotheslines Taker on the ramp. Austin gets on Taker's bike. Austin tries to start it up. Taker gets up. Austin looks up. Taker clotheslines him. Taker slams Austin's face into the steps on the barricade. Taker with right hands. Taker delivers shots to the gut. Taker with upper cuts. Taker throws Austin's face into the post. Taker gets Austin up and hits him with another right hand. Taker back elbows Austin. Taker with another right hand. Taker looks at his bike. Taker gets on his bike. Taker starts up the motor cycle. Taker tries to run over Austin. Austin jumps over the barricade and into the crowd. Taker goes over the barricade. Taker with right hands. Taker knocks down Austin in the crowd. Taker rips Austin's shirt. Taker with a back elbow. Taker with an uppercut. Taker with a chop and down goes Austin. Taker tells him to get up. Taker brings Austin back and throws him over the barricade. Taker goes over the barricade. Taker with a big boot and down goes Austin. Taker bounces Austin's face off the steps. Austin tries to battle back with kicks. Austin tries to slam Taker's face on the announce table. Taker slams Austin's face on the table. Austin bounces into the steps. Taker throws him in the ring.

    WWF Championship Match
    The Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Taker gets in the ring and kicks Austin down in the corner. Taker winds up the arm. Taker goes up top and walks the tight rope. Taker with a forearm across the back. Austin winds up Austin again. Taker brings Austin to his knees. Taker winds him up again and goes up top again. Taker walks the tight rope again and delivers a forearm across the back. Cover by Taker. 2 count. Austin with a knee lift. Austin with another knee lift. Austin with a shot to the back of the head. Austin with chops. Austin ducks a clothesline. Austin kicks Taker in the gut and tries a Stunner. Taker shoves him and kicks him. Taker sets up the Last Ride. Austin rolls out of the ring. Austin picks up the title and leaves. Austin walks up the ramp. Taker gets out of the ring and knocks him down on the ramp. Taker delivers shots to the head. Taker headlocks Austin and grabs the title belt. Taker brings them back in the ring. Taker throws the title belt in the ring. Taker taunts Austin and throws him back in the ring. Austin tries to smash him with the title. Taker boots it in his face. Taker tries to hit Austin with the title belt. Earl Hebner pulls it away from him. Austin kicks Taker in the gut and delivers a Stunner. Taker rolls to the outside. Austin goes after him and smashes Taker's face on the announce table. Austin mounts Taker and delivers right hands while Taker is laying on the table. Austin drives an elbow across the throat. Austin throws Taker back in the ring. Austin gets back in. Taker with shots to the gut and a shot to the jaw. Austin with a Lou Thesz Press and delivers more right hands. Austin bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow. Austin covers. 2 count. Austin slams Taker's face in the corner. Taker holds on and decks Austin. Taker slams Austin's face on the turnbuckle. Taker clotheslines Austin in the corner. Taker hoists Austin over his shoulder and drops him on the top turnbuckle. Taker knocks down Austin. Fatigue is setting in on both. Austin goes to the outside. Austin grabs a chair. Taker is sitting in the corner. Austin runs at Taker with the chair. Taker kicks Austin in the gut. Taker comes back with right hands in the corner. Taker inadvertently throws Austin into Hebner. Austin back elbows Taker. Austin knocks down Taker. Austin grabs the chair and smashes Taker's back with the chair. Austin hits Taker's ankle with the chair. Austin puts Taker's ankle in the chair. Austin goes up top. Taker grabs the chair and smashes Austin. Austin is busted open. Taker smashes Austin in the head again with the chair. Taker holds his hand up. Taker grabs the throat. Taker with the chokeslam. Cover. Kurt Angle runs in the ring and breaks it up. Ref calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ: Undertaker

    Taker unloads on Kurt. Austin and Kurt double team Taker. Both kick him to the outside. Austin and Kurt kick Taker down at the barricade. Kurt with a right hand. Austin rolls back in the ring. Kurt rolls Taker back in the ring. Kurt with right hands while Austin stomps on Taker. Taker is busted open. Taker is on his knees. Kurt holds him wide open. Austin says bring him to his feet. Kurt brings Taker to his feet. Austin kicks Taker in the gut and delivers the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin signals for someone to come out. Shane comes to the ring with a cooler. Shane tosses beers in the ring for Austin and Kurt. Shane comes in the ring and has two beers. The three toast beers while Taker is laying in the middle of the ring.

    End of show

    One more Smackdown report until you get to read a Smackdown spoiler from me.

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