WWF Smackdown Results
    Submitted by Big Calbowski on Thursday, November 8, 2001 at 10:11 PM EST

    WWF Smackdown Results 11/08/01
    East Rutherford, New Jersey

    We're shown a recap of the major announcement on Raw by Vince McMahon leading to the Alliance not trusting Austin.

    Tonight, Undertaker and Kane face Austin and Kurt Angle. The Rock defends the WCW title against Booker T.

    Enter the APA accompanied by Jacqueline.

    Bombs away. Out come the Dudley Boyz accompanied by Stacy Keibler.

    WCW Tag Team Championship Match
    APA vs. Dudley Boyz

    Bradshaw starts with D-Von. Bradshaw with a knee and right hands. D-Von with a flying clothesline. D-Von with right hands. Bradshaw with right hands and chops. Bradshaw with a DDT. Cover. 2 count. Bradshaw with a hangman's neck breaker. Cover. 2 count. Bradshaw with right hands. Bradshaw with kicks. D-Von with a swinging neck breaker. Tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray with slaps to the chest and right hands. Bradshaw with a shoulder block. Tag to Faarooq. Faarooq with right hands. Double shoulder tackle by the APA. Cover. 2 count. Faarooq knocks off D-Von. Bubba Ray comes back and tags D-Von. Faarooq with right hands. Tag to Bradshaw. Bradshaw with forearms to the head. Bradshaw catches D-Von and hits a fallaway slam. Stacy gets on the apron and shakes her ass. Bradshaw smacks her ass. Bubba Ray with a side suplex while D-Von neck breakers him. Bubba Ray with right hands. Bubba Ray with elbows. Bubba Ray with right hands. Bubba Ray goes to the middle rope. Bradshaw hits him in the gut. Bradshaw with a superplex. Tag to D-Von. Tag to Faarooq. Faarooq with right hands knocking down Faarooq. Faarooq with a back body drop. Faarooq knocks down Bubba Ray. Power slam on D-Von. Cover. Bubba Ray breaks it up. Bradshaw comes after Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray knocks down Bradshaw on the outside. Spinebuster on D-Von. Cover. Stacy comes in to break it up. Jackie runs in and takes Stacy to the outside. Bubba Ray comes in the ring. Faarooq with right hands to Bubba Ray. Faarooq into the ropes. 3D on Faarooq. Cover by D-Von and the victory.
    Winners and still WCW Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz

    Austin and Debra are backstage. Austin says he doesn't need Debra to take notes for him. What? He says he's gonna get the trust of the Alliance. Regal comes in. Austin says he wants the entire Alliance in the ring. He says he's got some questions to ask. Regal leaves to get the Alliance.

    Lita is show backstage getting some food. Matt surprises her. Matt says he's got a chance to win the IC title through Test. He says it's his night. Lita says she thought it was gonna be there night where she and Matt were gonna fight Test and Storm. Matt says he'll think about it later because his match with Test is next.

    Enter Regal with the Alliance. Regal says they have been summoned because their leader has something to get off his chest. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Alliance awaits you.

    Glass breaks. Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin takes the mic. Last Monday night, Vince McMahon came out here and said Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna jump to the WWF at Survivor Series. So he came down to his ring, put his foot in his gut, and gave him the Stunner. What? He said he gave that sumbitch the Stunner right in the middle of his ring. It all comes down to trust. He has got to know they trust him. He asks Chavo why is he looking at him like that. What? Chavo tries to say something. What? Why are you looking at me like that? What? He asks if Chavo trusts him. Chavo says he does. Austin asks Hugh Morris why he's got his finger in his nose and putting his boogers inside his ring. Austin says it's not humorous is it? He asks if he trusts him. Hugh says he trusts him. Stand back there's a hurricane coming through. Austin asks if he's suppose to be impressed with him. What? He asks if he trusts him. Hurricane says he does. He asks why Stasiak is looking at him like that. What? He asks if he trusts him. Stasiak says sure Austin, I trust you. He's got his answers, he's got a big group in there. He says Billy Kidman if he's got a problem. He asks if that's cool. He says Kidman is leaning on the ropes and has his hair greased back. What? He says he's got no hair to grease back. Let's not talk about his haircut. He asks if he trusts him. Kidman says he does. Austin now asks how bout that beany eyed Tazz. Austin taunts Tazz to come in the ring. Austin says he's been talking trash about him. What? x 10 or so. Tazz gets in the ring. Austin says someone needs a tic tac and some deodorant. That includes you and points to D-Von. Tazz says let him cut him off if he doesn't mind. Tazz goes to talk. Austin says he's gonna cut him off. Tazz says ok. Austin wants to know what's so important that he's got to say. Tazz says he's got something no one else in the ring has got the guts to say and he's not gonna like it. Austin says what? Tazz says he didn't stutter. Austin walks away. Tazz says he's over there. He says speaking for most of the Alliance, they don't like him. They're tired of him treating them like trailer park trash. And as for the trust thing, he lives by a motto called DTA. Austin says he does live by it. Tazz says for most of the people in the ring right now, DTA means Don't Trust Austin. Austin laughs looking at Bubba Ray. Austin stops. Austin laughs and looks at Hugh Morris. He stops. Tazz says Hey boss, I'm over here. Austin gives Tazz the Stunner and beats him down. Austin stomps him. As Austin stomps down Tazz, the Alliance members except for Regal leave the ring. Austin sees them leaving. He calls to all of them. What? He tells them to come back as they all walk out. Austin stomps Tazz some more. Austin and Regal stand next to each other to talk.

    Lugz Boot of the Week is Test winning the IC title on Raw.

    Austin is in the back with Heyman, Shane, and Stephanie. Austin says this whole thing is making him sick. Austin complains that while he was stomping a mudhole in a man, the Alliance with the exception of three others could have joined in to help him. He says those Alliance members are weak and says that he's gonna get to the bottom of it. He tells Shane to get Booker T so he can ask him some questions. Shane goes to get Booker T. Austin tells Heyman to get RVD. He says his watch says it's time for him to get RVD. Heyman goes to get RVD. Austin tells Stephanie to go get her buddy Kurt Angle. Stephanie goes to get him.

    Test, test, this is a test. Out comes Test. JR has joined Michael Cole for commentary.

    Out comes Matt Hardy.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
    Matt Hardy vs. Test

    Grapple. Matt with a side headlock. Matt with a backslide. 2 count. Matt with a small package. 2 count. Matt taunts Test. Matt with the floating clothesline. Matt with a clothesline. Matt with another clothesline. Matt with a body slam. Matt jumps to the middle rope. Test cuts him off delivering right hands. Test tosses Matt half way across the ring. Test with a kick to the gut. Test goes for a pump handle. Matt counters it into an inverted DDT. Cover. 2 count. Matt with a kick to the gut and signals for the Twist of Fate. Test with a clothesline. Test with a rollup and puts his feet on the ropes. Ref notices and breaks the count. Matt with a roll up. 2 count. Test with a clothesline. Test goes up top. Test misses an elbow drop. Matt with a kick to the gut. Matt signals the Twist of Fate. Test sends him into the ropes. Matt with a hangman's neckbreaker. Cover. 2 count. Matt jumps to the middle rope and delivers a leg drop. Cover. Test puts his foot on the rope. Matt thinks it's a three. Test with a big boot. Test makes the cover and gets the victory.
    Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Test

    Test celebrates on the stage. Test turns around. Edge spears Test. Edge taunts him.

    Austin is in the back with Booker T and Shane. Austin asks if he knows how to break dance. Austin says they have something in common. Austin says when he was a kid he use to spin around on his head. Austin says that's not why he's got him there. Austin asks if he's with him or against him. Booker T says that he's been with the Alliance since day one. Austin says to sit down and let's take a trip down memory lane. He shows him some footage. It's Booker T's attack on Austin at King Of The Ring. Austin says look at the two of them. Austin says he looked like a piece of trash. Austin says it all makes sense. It's Booker T's chance to become a big star. Austin says he's gonna go to the WWF and become a star. Austin says spit it out sucka. Booker T tells Shane tell him he didn't say that. Booker T says he did that for the Alliance. He says the guy he's looking for is RVD. Vince McMahon provided the limo. Shane says tonight Booker T will bring back the WCW Championship back to the Alliance. He tells Booker that he owns The Rock. Booker T leaves. Shane tells Austin that it's not Booker.

    The Rock is shown backstage getting his injured elbow taped up. We're shown a video package of the WCW title match between The Rock and Chris Jericho on Raw. The Rock is still being taped up. Vince comes in and wants to talk to him. Vince checks on his elbow and says it's messed up pretty bad. He says he hopes that he and Jericho can put their differences aside. He's elbow is pretty banged up and hopes that he can still compete at Survivor Series. He's a little concerned. He says it's not right that Shane and Stephanie made him defend the title tonight. Rock says his concern is as fake as his daughter's breasts. Vince says he's gotta let it go and at Survivor Series, the WWF must survive. Rock says that he's absolutely right. Rock says he's got nothing to worry about. Vince says good. Rock says the only thing he's gotta worry about is Jericho surviving period.

    RVD is shown doing leg stretches backstage. Booker T walks in and says that he and Austin are not defecting. He says RVD is the mole. RVD says that next time he's got something bad to say about him, he'll say it right to his face. Booker T says he's jealous of him because he can become the 6 time WCW champion. RVD wishes him luck on behalf of the Alliance and some day he'll return the favor. Booker T tells him to sit down. He tells him to stay out of his business and don't get involved in the match. Can you dig that sucka? RVD says he can dig it, but his name isn't sucka. His name is Rob Van Dam. Booker T says just stay out of his way. RVD says whatever. Booker T leaves. RVD goes back to stretching.

    Can you dig it sucka? Here comes Booker T.

    If ya smelll...what The Rock...is cookin. Out comes The Rock. Booker T goes after him on the outside. Rock with right hands. Booker T throws Rock into the barricade. Booker T stomps on the elbow. Booker T sends Rock's elbow into the post. Rock staggers to the announce table. Booker T slams Rock's head on the announce table and sends him back in the ring.

    WCW Championship Match
    The Rock vs. Booker T

    Booker T with kicks to the ribs. Booker T with kicks to the elbow. Rock comes back with right hands. Booker T with a kick to the elbow. Rock with a belly to belly. Booker T with an over head hammer lock. Rock to his feet. Rock with rights to the gut and to the face. Rock with a flying clothesline. Rock comes back with right hands. Booker T kicks the elbow again. Booker T with another kick to the elbow. Samoan Drop by The Rock. Cover. 2 count. Rock with right hands. Rock with a kick. Rock sets up the Rock Bottom. Booker T breaks out. Booker T with a kick to the gut. Booker T with a scissor kick to the back of the head. Booker T with a spinarooni. Booker T attempts the spin wheel kick. Rock ducks and the ref gets hit. Rock with a spine buster. Rock goes for the People's Elbow. Jericho runs in from the audience. Jericho with a bulldog on Rock. Jericho with a Lionsault on Rock. Jericho gets out of the ring. Booker T covers. 2 count. Rock with a DDT. Rock goes after Jericho. Rock with right hands to Jericho. Rock knocks Jericho over the barricade. Booker T attacks Rock and throws him back in the ring. Booker T tries to kick Rock. Rock catches his leg and locks in the sharp shooter. Ref is still down. RVD runs down and delivers a super kick to Rock. Ref calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ: The Rock

    RVD jumps up top and delivers a Five Star Frog Splash to Booker T. RVD taunts Booker T. Rock to his feet. RVD gets a Rock Bottom. Jericho runs back in and delivers a chair shot to Rock's back.

    We're back on Smackdown and we're shown the moments of the previous match.

    Vince is shown pacing around in the back. Undertaker walks in and asks what's up. Vince asks if he can believe what Jericho did. Taker says he doesn't believe a lot of things that he sees. Vince asks where is Kane. Taker says Kane is not here. Vince says he knows Kane is not in his office and asks where he is. Taker says he's not here. Vince says that he's got a tag team match tonight. Taker says he's not here. Vince asks what he's gonna do. Taker says he's gonna do what he does best and he's gonna kick Austin and Angle's ass. He says it's gonna be a handicap match then. Vince asks if he's serious. Taker says ok, they can get a few partners. Vince asks how he's gonna do a handicap match. Taker says that he can have Vince as his partner. Vince says he's flattered, but he doesn't have his gear. Taker asks why he's inviting Austin back to the WWF. Vince says it's business. Taker says he knows what he does and anything else he's done. He says everything Vince does is for himself. Vince says he's sorry he feels that way. Taker says that Austin may not be available at Survivor Series because if he gets a chance, he's taking that boy out. Taker leaves. Vince smiles.

    Out comes Commissioner William Regal. Regal takes the mic. Last Monday night, his business was interrupted by a big useless, disgusting, beast of a man, the Big Show. He tells Big Show to get his miserable carcass to this ring right now so he can show him what happens to people who besmirch his power.

    Weeellll. Well it's the Big Show. Out comes the Big Show. Shawn Stasiak and Billy Kidman try to attack him from behind. Show takes them both out.

    Big Show vs. Commissioner William Regal
    Show with right hands knocking down Regal. Show chokeslams Stasiak and Kidman. Chavo Guerrero, Justin Credible, Raven, and Mike Awesome run in. Ref calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ: Big Show

    Awesome, Credible, Raven, and Chavo back Show into the corner beating on him. Show throws all of them off. Chokeslam to Awesome. Chokeslam to Credible. Chokeslam to Chavo.

    Heyman is holding to the Hardcore title. RVD comes in. Heyman says that it looks cool on him. Heyman says they have to talk to Stone Cold Steve Austin right now. RVD says cool and leaves.

    We're shown a promo of the WWF edition of TheWeakest Link.

    Lita is shown stretching. Matt comes in. Lita says she saw his match and wonders if he's okay. Matt says he's okay and that he's ready for their match. Lita says she's got another tag team partner. Matt asks who. Jeff comes in. Lita says Jeff is her partner and says that they're next. Jeff and Lita leave.

    Big Show comes into Vince's dressing room. Vince says he's been very impressive as of late and wants some insurance for team WWF at Survivor Series. Vince offers him his spot on team WWF. Show says he'll take it and it's show time. Show hugs him. Show leaves. Vince smells his hand.

    Austin is shown in his locker room furious after seeing Big Show join team WWF. Heyman brings RVD back in. Austin sits him down and turns the light down to interrogate him. Austin wants some answers. Austin asks what was the deal with him and Booker T. RVD says it's between him and Booker T. Austin says he could cost him the Alliance. He's the man. Austin continues accusing him. RVD says that if anyone knows anything about turning coat, it's Austin. RVD says maybe the mole is Austin. What? He thinks it maybe Austin. What? Austin thinks it's RVD. RVD says it's Austin. Austin says he has no more questions for him and he can leave. Austin says he doesn't trust him. RVD says see you later and leaves.

    We're shown footage from the Wrestlemania ticket sales.

    Out comes Jeff Hardy and Lita.

    Enter Lance Storm and Ivory.

    Intergender Tag Team Match
    Jeff Hardy and Lita vs. Lance Storm and Ivory

    Jeff and Storm start. Storm with a kick. Storm with right hands. Storm with a back heel kick. Cover. 2 count. Storm with a back breaker. Jeff with a jaw braker. Jeff with a flying clothesline. Jeff with a drop kick and Storm to the outside. Storm tags Ivory. Tag to Lita. Lita spears Ivory and punches her. Lita with a head scissor taker over. Tag to Jeff. Tag to Storm. Jeff with a clothesline. Jeff with another clothesline. Jeff jumps over Storm and dropkicks him into the turnbuckle. Jeff with a variation of the leg drop between the legs. Ivory breaks it up. Jeff leg drops Ivory between the legs while Lita does it to Storm. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff to Storm. Cover. 2 count. Storm with a super kick. Cover. 2 count. Jeff slides under Storm's legs. Storm grabs his foot. Jeff with a reverse insiguerri. Tag to Lita. Hurricanrana on Storm. Side suplex by Lita on Ivory. Jeff sends Storm to the outside. Jeff planchas him on the outside. Lita clotheslines Ivory in the corner. Lita body slams Ivory. Lita with a moonsault and gets the victory.
    Winners: Jeff Hardy and Lita

    Coach is in the back talking to Christian. Coach says neither title is on the line. Christian says he will not refer to him as Christian. He should be called Christiiiiiaaaannnnnn, the champion of Europe. A certain Commissioner asked him to take out that little ingrate. And if he doesn't mind, he's gonna show New Jersey. He puts on a Diamondbacks Jersey, the jersey of real winners. Christian leaves.

    Christiiiiaaaannnn. Christiiiiiiaaaannnnn. At last you're on your ownnnnnnnn. Out comes Christian wearing a Diamondbacks Jersey. Christian takes off the jersey and holds it up showing to everyone. We're shown Tajiri's ambush on Commissioner Regal on Raw.

    Here comes Tajiri accompanied by Torrie Wilson.

    Non Title Match
    Tajiri vs. Christian

    Grapple. Christian with arm bar. Tajiri with a hair mare. Tajiri with a cross arm breaker. Christian with ahead lock. Christian with a tackle. Christian attempts a hip toss and Tajiri lands on his feet. Tajiri with a back kick to the face. Tajiri with an inverted surfboard. Tajiri puts him on the ground. Tajiri stands over Christian locking his arms for a roll up. 2 count. Tajiri sends Christian into the corner. Tajiri propels Christian to the outside. Christian goes after Torrie. Tajiri goes after him. Christian with right hands and throws him back in the ring. Christian with stomps. Christian attempts a suplex. Tajiri lands on his feet. Christian ducks a spin kick. Tajiri with a hurricanrana. Tajiri with a spring board back elbow. Tajiri with a tarantula. Tajiri misses a spin kick. Christian tries to lock in his back breaker. Tajiri gets out and tries to roll up Christian. Christian hits the Unprettier and gets the victory.
    Winner: Christian

    Austin is shown walking to the ring. Stephanie finds him with Kurt. Austin asks where they were. Kurt says he was warming up. Austin asks if he's warming up with her. Stephanie can't believe he would even suggest it and leaves. Kurt says let's go. Austin accuses him of wanting to jump. He says they fight for three months and he starts hugging him. Kurt says give him a break. Austin asks what he thinks. Kurt says that he thinks Austin can take his hat and shove it. Kurt walks to the ring. What?

    Slam of the Week are the closing moments of the match between Undertaker and Kurt Angle on Raw.

    Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. Undertaker walks out to the ring.

    Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle.

    Glass breaks. Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin and Kurt exchange words on the ramp. Austin whispers something into his ear. Kurt takes off his medals. The slap hands. Both charge the ring and Austin slips out of the ring.

    Handicap Match
    Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle

    Taker with right hands knocking down Kurt. Taker with a big boot to Kurt. Taker with a leg drop. Cover. 2 count. Taker with a forearm across the back. Kurt ducks a clothesline and slides out of the ring. Austin and Kurt get into another argument and have a shoving match. Taker comes outside after them. Taker misses Kurt and takes down Austin. Taker with right hands to Kurt. Taker slams Kurt's face into the steps. Taker with right hands to Austin. Taker sends Austin into the barricade. Taker slams Autsin's face into the barricade. Kurt charges Taker. Taker back drops him into the crowd. Taker puts Austin in the ring. Taker with shots to the gut. Taker with an arm bar. Taker winds up Austin. Taker walks the tight rope. Taker with a forearm across the back. Cover. 2 count. Kurt finally climbs on the apron. Austin with a kick not phasing Taker. Austin clotheslines Taker to the outside. Taker pulls him out and sends him into the announce table. Kurt tries to jump Taker. Taker catches him and posts him. Austin clotheslines Kurt. Kurt and Austin take turns slamming Taker's face into the announce table. The two take turns with right hands. They put him back in the ring. Austin with stomps on Taker's chest. The ref backs Austin off. Kurt drives elbows from the outside across Taker's throat. Austin with a kick. Austin with right hands. Austin with shoulder blocks to the gut. Austin winds up Taker. Tag to Kurt. Kurt with a kick to the ribs. Kurt with right hands. Taker with a right hand. The two exchange right hands. Taker comes back with right hands. Taker misses a right hand. Kurt with a German suplex. Kurt holds on. Kurt with another German suplex. Kurt holds on. Taker tries to break out. Taker with back elbows and gets out of the waistlock. Taker with a kick to the gut. Taker with a DDT. Tag to Austin. Austin with right hands to Taker. Taker with a flying clothesline. Taker with right hands. Taker with a clothesline. Taker knocks down Kurt who tries to come in. Taker clotheslines Austin in the corner. Taker clotheslines Kurt in the other corner. Taker big boots Austin. Cover. Kurt breaks it up. Kurt with right hands. Taker with a powerslam to Kurt. Cover. Austin breaks it up. Austin with right hands. Taker grabs Austin's throat. Austin with a kick to the gut. Austin goes for the Stunner. Taker shoves him into Kurt. Taker with a roll up and the victory.
    Winner: Undertaker

    Kurt stomps on Taker. Austin joins him. Kurt with punches to the skull. Austin shoves Kurt off. Austin kicks Taker in the gut and gives him the Stunner. Austin kicks Kurt in the gut and gives him the Stunner.

    Austin walks up the ramp. Kurt is in the ring asking why he did that. Austin walks through the curtain. Austin comes back with beers. Austin toasts the beers.

    End of show

    I have the pleasure of attending the Smackdown taping on Tuesday in Albany and I'm actually in good range to get on camera. I'll be wearing my Lords Of Pain t-shirt and carrying a sign that says Big Calbowski with an arrow pointing down.

    Questions, comments, rants, etc. Email me: thebigcalbowski@yahoo.com

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