WWF Smackdown Results
    Submitted by Calvin Martin on Thursday, August 30, 2001 at 10:08 PM EST

    WWF Smackdown
    Thursday, August 30, 2001
    Taped from Detroit, Michigan
    Announcers: Tazz and Michael Cole

    Smackdown kicks off with a six man tag team matchup.

    Dudley Boyz and Test vs APA and Big Show
    Dvon attacks Bradshaw from behind. Bradshaw with a suplex on Dvon for a two count. APA Dudleyz with a double neckbreaker on Faarooq. Test with a runiing clothesline on Faarooq. Faarooq with a stiff forearm to the face of Test. Bradshaw knocks Dvon down with a big boot. Bradshaw kicks Test in the face. Bradshaw with a fall away slam on Dvon. Bubba and Test come in and double team. Big Show tagged in and cleans house. Test and Dudleyz do a triple 3D on Show. APA come in and take out Bubba and Test. Bradshaw hits Dvon with the clothesline from hell for the pin.
    Winners: APA and Big Show


    Kurt Angle comes to the ring. Austin, I tried to be a nice guy. At Summerslam I was nice enought to kick out of 3 stunners and let these people enjoy a classic match only to see yourself get disqualified because you realized you could not beat be. Then the following night you had your Austin appreciation night. Again, I was nice enought to supply you with some milk. And you didn't even thank me. Last Monday night I was nice enough again to invite you to be apart of a tag team match. You ignored my invitation, showed up at ringside, attacked me, and ran off with my gold medals. Since you were nice enough to take something from me, I will return the favor. You wanna wear my medals and take my most prized possession? I want your most prized possession, the WWF Championship. This isn't the first time I've had my medals taken from me. And we all know that I will eventually get them back. Why don't you come out here and face me like a man and allow me to take my medals from your big red neck.

    Shane McMahon and Booker T come to the ring. Booker gets on the mic. You gots to be kidding me? You come out here talking about having your gold medals stolen? Hell, eveeryone knows I'm the one who was robbed. At Summerslam the WCW title was stolen from me by the Rock. You talk about what you did in the olympics. It means nothing. And the book means nothing...compared to the fact that I am a 5 time WCW champion. I am the Booker Man.

    Hold on a second. Did the spinaroonie all the sudden become an olympic sport? Why don't you go back to your dressing room, practice your dancing, send in an audition tape for Soul Train, and get the hell out of this ring.

    You didn't say that. Tell me he did not just say that. I came out here because I felt like we were in the same boat, having both been robbed, but I realize that we are not nothing alike.

    Wow Booker, you are a sharp guy.

    Yeah I am a sharp guy. I know a whole lot of this. Like this city has a disgraceful crime rate. I'm gonna add to it tonight by mugging you in this ring later tonight.

    If your challenging me to a match I say that's fine. After I take care of business with Austin I'm gonna...

    Shane gets on the mic. Hey, who do you think you are talking to? You should show some respect. This is the 5 time WCW champion. I'm sensing something big. This is the man. The most electrifying move in sports entertainment today. What are you gonna do about that olympic hero?

    Angle clocks Shane. Angle knocks Booker out of the ring and gives Shane the angle slam. Booker and Shane leave.

    Austin is shown on the oval tron. Austin asks Angle if he wants the WCW championship or the medals. Austin says he is in the back of the arena. Austin tells Angle if he wants the medals to come and get them. Angle runs to the back.


    Angle is shown in the back looking for Austin. Angle runs into Scotty Too Hotty and asks if he has seen Austin. Scotty says after Austin seen Angle running to the back, he left.

    Undertaker vs Albert w/ X-Pac
    Albert and Xpac rush the ring to double team UT. UT kicks Xpac in the head. Albert gives UT a baldo bomb followed up by a splash for a two count. Albert with a clothesline. UT with a jumping ddt followed up by a big boot to the face. Xpac puts a chair in the ring. UT pulls Xpac in the ring. Albert hits UT in the back with the chair followed up by a big splash for a two count. UT kicks the chair in Albert's face. UT hits Albert over the head with the chair. The referee calls for the bell. UT goes after the referee. Xpac hits UT in the head with the chair. UT gives Xpac the last ride powerbomb.
    Winner by DQ: Undertaker

    Backstage, Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Keibler are walking the hallway. Stacy is carrying a covered food tray. Shawn asks her is she really thinks their plan will work. Stacy tells Shawn to let her do all the talking.


    Backstage, Shawn and Stacy enter Debra's dressing room. They apologize for the soured milk incident and Stacy gives Debra some of her "Keibler cookies" she made as a peace offering. Debra tries one and says they are good. Debra then slaps the cookie tray in Stacy's face and tells them to get out.

    Backstage, Christian is shown on the phone but his grandmother won't accept the charges. Edge walks up and says he wants to go out to the ring by himself tonight. Christian agrees.

    Austin is shown in the parking lot. Austin says Angle's medals would make a good hood ornament. Austin says he is getting bored.


    Angle is shown in the parking lot looking for Austin. Tommy Dreamer pulls up in a car. Angle pulls Dreamer out of the car and leaves him laying. Austin is shown at the other end of the parking lot teasing Angle with his medals. Austin leaves the parking lot.

    The Rock and Chris Jericho vs Rhyno and Rob Van Dam
    Jericho dropkicks RVD in the back. Jericho with a flying forearm on Rhyno. Rock tagged in and gives Rhyno a belly to belly throw for a two count. Rock punches RVD in the corner. Rock clotheslines RVD. Jericho springboard dropkicks Rhyno off the ring apron. RVD with a spinning heel kick on Jericho. RVD and Rhyno double team Jericho. RVD superkicks Jericho followed up by a moonsault for a two count. Jericho with the stroke on RVD. Rock with a flying clothesline on Rhyno. Rock ddt's Rhyno for a two count. Rock puts Rhyno in the sharpshooter. Booker T comes down but Rock knocks him off the ring apron. Rock with a spinebuster on Rhyno. Shane McMahon enters the ring and intercept the people's elbow and mounts the Rock with punches. Jericho with a bulldog on Shane followed up by the walls of Jericho. RVD dropkicks Jericho in the face and out of the ring. Rock bottom on RVD. Booker pops back up from the floor and gives Rock a jawbreaker across the ropes. Rock turns around to receive a gore. Rhyno pins Rock.
    Winners: Rhyno and Rob Van Dam


    Backstage, Torri Wilson enters William Regal's office and asks if she can have a job with his administration. Regal says he could never have an Alliance member working for him. Torrie says she wants the job for more than professional reasons. Torrie says a man with an accent drives her insane. Torrie says that Tajiri is the man of her dreams. Lance Storm busts in and says this administration is a joke. Storm issues a challenge to Tajiri.

    WCW US Championship
    Edge vs Kanyon

    Christian comes walking down to the ring with the KOTR trophy. Edge wonders what he is doing there. Kanyon rolls up Edge from behind for a two count. Christian watches from beside the announce table. Edge with a swinging neckbreaker on Kanyon. Kanyon drops Edge face first across the turnbuckles. Kanyon with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Edge with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Spear by Edge for a two count. Kanyon blocks the buzzkiller. Kanyon Kanyon brings his US title into the ring. Christian stops Kanyon from hitting Edge with the belt. Christian then tries to hit Kanyon with the belt and hits Edge instead. Kanyon gets the easy pin. After the match Christian gets on the mic and says he is sorry. Christian will make it up to him this Monday night on Raw as he will challenge the Rock and totally become the WCW champion. E & C will be NBG, nothing but gold.
    Winner: Kanyon


    Backstage, Lilian Garcia interviews Hurricane Helms. Helms says he and Ivory will be victorious tonight over Spike and Molly.

    Spike Dudley and Molly Holly vs Hurricane helms and Ivory
    Molly with a handspring into a back elbow on Helms. Ivory takes Molly down from behind by the hair. Ivory with a jawbreaker on Molly. Ivory with a missile dropkick on Molly for a two count. Spike with a headscissors takeover on Helms. Ivory and Helms bump into each other. Helms superkicks Molly. Helms with the Eye of the Hurricane on Spike for the pin.
    Winners: Hurricane Helms and Ivory

    Austin is shown out in the street and wants to know where Angle is. Austin says since Angle doesn't wanna talk to him he is feeling down in the dumps. Austin opens up a sewer lid and threatens to drop the medals down it if Angle doesn't show up. Austin teases dropping the medals then says he has a better idea for the medals.


    Rock is shown backstage pacing around.

    Backstage, Regal tells Torrie that she needs to leave Tajiri alone so he can prepare for his match. Saturn walks up. Regal gives saturn an envelope. It's a picture of Moppy and a ransom note for $100,000. saturn has no idea where he will get that kind of money.

    Backstage, Mike Awesome gives Angle a replica championship toy belt, and says that is the only gold he is gonna see as long as Austin has the WWF title. Angle snaps and puts Awesome in the ankle lock.


    Tajiri vs Lance Storm
    Takiri locks on the tarantula. Tajiri shoots back in over the ropes on Storm's knees. Storm with a front face slam for a two count. Tajiri with a handspring into a back elbow. Powerbomb by Storm. Storm with a missile dropkick that sends tajiro out of the ring. Torrie Wilson runs down to help Tajiri back in the ring. Storm superkicks tajiri for the pin. After the match Torrie checks on Tajiri.
    Winner: Lance Storm


    Booker T vs Kurt Angle
    Angle with a back elbow. Angle punches Booker in the corner. Clothesline by Angle. Booker sends Angle to the outside where Shane gets his cheap shots in. Booker slams Angle's head into the announce table. Booker drops Angle across the security wall. Booker sends Angle into the ring post. back in the ring Booker hits a sidekick for a two count. Booker mounts Angle and punches him in the face. Booker kicks Angle in the face for a two count. Booker chops Angle in the corner. Angle with a belly to belly suplex. Angle with a ddt for a two count. Booker hits the axe kick followed up by the spinaroonie for a two count. Angle hits the angle slam but is slow to get up. Shane runs in the ring and gives Angle the angle slam. Rock runs down to the ring and knocks out the referee. Rock kicks Shane down in the corner. Booker attacks Rock from behind. Angle hits Booker from behind with a german suplex for the pin.
    Winner: Kurt Angle

    After the match Rock and Angle clear the ring. Rock tries to leave but Angle does not let him. Angle calls for some milk. Two milk caryons are thrown into the ring. Rock and Angle toast the milk cartons and drink up. Rock leaves. Angle drinks some more milk and salutes the crowd.

    Austin is shown on the oval tron. Austin wonders what Angle will do to get his medals back and to get a shot at the WWF championship. Austin says if Angle wants the medals back all he has to do is ask. Austin changes his mind and says that would be too easy. Austin asks if Angle is too proud to get on his knees and beg for the medals and a title shot. Austin says forget about that, he wants Angle to get on his hands and knees and cry for them. Austin says if Angle doesn't want to beg or cry for his medals he is a spineless coward. Austin says Angle leaves him with no choice. Austin ties the medals to a cinderblock and drops it off the bridge into the river.

    End of show...

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