WWF Smackdown Results
    Submitted by Big Calbowski on Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 10:10 PM EST

    WWF Smackdown Results 07/26/01
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    We're shown some stills of Invasion and some footage of the events involving the main players on Raw.

    We kick off Smackdown with the Hardy Boyz entering the arena with Lita.

    Enter Billy Kidman and Hurrican Helms.

    Hardy Boyz vs. Billy Kidman and Hurricane Helms
    WCW charges the ring. Jeff leg drops Helms between the legs. Matt with right hands on Kidman. Double team on Kidman. Matt drops a fist and Jeff with a rolling drop on Kidman. Jeff knocks Helms off the apron. Kidman with a spine buster. Tag to Helms. Helms with right hands. Helms with a back breaker. 2 count. Helms chokes Jeff on the middle rope. Tag to Kidman. Helms with a suplex. Kidman over the top and leg drops Jeff. Cover. 2 count. Jeff coming back with chops and rights. Kidman throws Jeff into the middle turnbuckle. Kidman up top. Jeff drop kicks Kidman on the way down. Tag to Helms. Tag to Matt. Matt with right hands knocking down Kidman and Helms. Matt with a swinging neckbreaker to Helms. Cover. Kidman breaks it up. Matt with a double clothesline. Kidman into the corner. Poetry In Motion on Kidman. Miss a Poetry in Motion on Helms. Helms rolls up Matt. 2 count. Kidman cross body blocks Jeff and the two go over the top rope. Cover by Helms on Matt. 2 count. Lita with a hurricanrana on Kidman on the outside. Helms mocks a Twist of Fate on Matt. Matt rolls away and delivers the Twist of Fate on Helms. Jeff with the swanton on Helms. Cover by Matt for the victory.
    Winners: Hardy Boyz

    Billy Gunn is shown working out in the back. Big Show walks in and says he's got a fantastic idea. Billy Gunn says that would be a first. Show says they should call themselves Show-Gunns. Gunn says that's a stupid idea. Show says to think of it this way. People won't be calling him RockaBilly, Mr. Ass, or The One With No Talent anymore. Gunn says it's not such a bad idea now that he thinks about it and says that people won't call him The Giant, The Big Slow, or the a big sack of horse...Show stops him and says that Show-Gunns it is. Gunn asks when the last time he was in the gym. Show says he just came from the gym and hulks himself up. Gunn says coming from the parking lot doesn't count.

    Wyyooooooow. Wyooooooow. Enter Stephanie, Shane, and Heyman. Heyman gets down on one knee and kisses Stephanie's hand. Stephanie has the mic. She looks out at everyone in the arena and sees some non believers. None of them believed that the alliance would crush the WWF at Invasion. Every one of them was all wrong. She, Heyman, and Shane were all right. Not only did they strike a fatal blow to the WWF, but they have taken almost all the WWF championships. She introduces the gold card carriers of the alliance. She starts off by introducing the WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. Out comes Palumbo and O'Haire. She introduces the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman. Here comes Billy Kidman. She introduces the WWF Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam. Enter RVD. She introduces the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Lance Storm. Enter Lance Storm. She introduces the WCW World and US champion, Booker T. Booker T enters carrying both belts. She says Booker T has been so gracious as to donate the WCW US title to a deserving individual in Chris Kanyon. Enter a weeping Chris Kanyon. Kanyon shakes hands with everyone and cries. She introduces the crown jewel of the alliance and sports entertainment, the WWF World Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Enter Austin. Stephanie brags a bit about how everyone in the ring has the gold.

    Medal hits and Kurt Angle enters the arena. Kurt stops on the stage. Kurt says to hold on a second. They can stand there with all the gold they want, but none of them will ever be an Olympic gold medallist. Holder of the gold, this is his gold and they are in Pittsburgh, PA. His hometown. Wooo! Nothing would please him more than to fight Stone Cold Steve Austin here tonight and bring the WWF title back home where it belongs. Oh it's true! It's damn true! Huge Austin sucks chant breaks out.

    Austin takes the mic. He says alright. He wants to face Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight in his hometown? Yeah it's true! It's true! He'll tell him why it's true. He says that he's very selfish to want the WWF title. He's already got that gold around his neck, but he's very selfish to want Stone Cold Steve Austin's gold. The problem is that Stone Cold Steve Austin is very selfish too. Right here in front of all these mealey mouthed steel workers...he asks if anyone's gonna do anything about it. He says he'll be happy to whip his ass. He says he'll be happy to whip his ass, but not tonight. He says that he is an American, he says Kurt claims to be about America with the red, white, and blue, but he is all about opportunity. He's a champion's champion. He says he won't get him tonight, but he can understand that he wants championship gold. That's why he's gonna fight Booker T. Booker T and Austin have a stare down.

    Kurt says he has no problem with that.

    Austin says that he talked about how on Monday night, he put Booker T through a table on Monday night. Austin says that he's been saying how he can beat that sucka anytime, anywhere.

    Kurt says he can beat that sucka anytime, anywhere.

    Booker T says to Austin to tell him that he didn't say that.

    Austin says that he it's true, he called him sucka.

    Booker T says that he'll be happy to face him and that his ass belongs to him.

    Kurt says that first of all, his ass belongs to nobody. He says that after tonight when he beats Booker T for the WCW title, Stone Cold will be next and his ass will belong to him. Oh it's true! It's true! Wooo!!

    Regal is in his office with Tajiri. He's proud to have someone like Kurt Angle in the WWF. Kanyon walks in. Regal tells him to get his bloody alliance affiliate out of his office. Kanyon says he wants a rematch with Chris Jericho tonight because who's better than Kanyon. Regal tells him to put his US title on the line. Kanyon says he just won it and he won't do that. Regal says that he must say She sells sea shells by the sea shore ten times. Kanyon says easy. He tries as Tajiri and Regal laugh. Regal says Tajiri actually speaks more coherent English than he does. Regal says it will be Tajiri and Jericho against Kanyon and a partner of his choice. Kanyon says RVD and leaves.

    Bombs away and enter the Dudley Boyz.

    Weeeelll. Well it's the Big Show. Here comes the new tag team Show-Gunns.

    Show-Gunns vs. Dudley Boyz
    Gunn and D-Von start. Grapple. Gunn with right hands. Gunn leap frogs over D-Von and gets a clothesline from Bubba Ray. Dudleyz knock Show off the apron. Headbutt into Gunn's crotch. Show tries to come in and the ref stops him. Dudleyz double team Gunn on the outside. They throw him back in. D-Von chokes him. Tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray with slaps to the chest. Bubba Ray with rights. Tag to D-Von. D-Von with right hands knocking down Gunn. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Bubba Ray. Double team. Gunn ducks a double clothesline. Gunn with a double DDT. Tag to Show. Show with right hands knocking down both Dudleyz. Sidewalk salm to D-Von. Show squashes Bubba Ray in the corner. Show goes for the chokeslam on D-Von. Bubba Ray stops him. Tag to Gunn. Show throws Gunn into both Dudleyz on opposite sides of the ring. Clothesline to D-Von and he goes over the top. Fame-asser on Bubba Ray. Cover. D-Von breaks it up. Gunn sets up the One and Only on D-Von. Bubba Ray with a low blow. Show comes into the ring. Show attempts a clothesline on Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray ducks and Show levels Gunn. Dudleyz clothesline Show out of the ring. 3D on Gunn. Bubba Ray with the cover and the victory.
    Winner: Dudley Boyz

    JR says The Rock will be back on Raw this Monday night. We're shown a recap of Vince lifting the suspension of The Rock as well as some Rock moments from the past.

    Austin, Debra, Booker T, Shane, Stephanie and Heyman are shown watching all this on a monitor in the locker room. Booker T says who cares about The Rock and who cares about the WWF. He says to hell with The Rock and to hell with the WWF. Austin says they don't need that attitude right now and he needs to focus on Kurt Angle tonight. Austin says he better watch out for that Olympic Slam. Austin says The Rock might not come back to the WWF and that he might find a home in the alliance.

    Boot of the Week is the post match happenings of Undertaker vs. Rhyno on Raw including Sara taking a chair shot.

    Bang!! Yo it's me. It's me. It's D-D-P. Enter Diamond Dallas Page.

    Boom. Kane comes out of the fire. Kane charges the ring.

    Kane vs. Diamond Dallas Page
    Kane with right hands knocking down DDP. Kane with right hands in the corner. Kane kicks DDP down. Kane intimidates Nick Patrick. DDP tries to mount some offence. Kane with a big clothesline. Kane with a big boot. Kane up top. Kane with a flying clothesline. Kane holds his hand up. Kane grabs DDP's throat. DDP elbows his way out and hits an unusual looking DDT. DDP with a kick and swinging neckbreaker. DDP catches Kane's foot. DDP swings Kane around and clotheslines him. DDP stomps Kane. DDP with a camel clutch. DDP with stomps. DDP goes up top. DDP with a flying clothesline. Cover. 2 count. DDP with right hands. Kane attempts a running powerslam. DDP gets out and attempts a Diamond Cutter. Kane with a powerslam. Kane throws DDP into the corner and perches horizontally on the top. Kane with kicks to DDP's ribs. Kane with a sidewalk slam. Kane clotheslines DDP over the top. Kane goes after him. Kane with right hands by the announce table. DDP with a knee to the gut and sends Kane into the steel steps. DDP with right hands to Kane on the ground. DDP throws Kane back in the ring. DDP grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. DDP attempts to smash Kane with the chair. Kane kicks him in the stomach and gives him a forearm across the back. Kane grabs the chair and rams DDP in the ribs. Nick Patrick calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ: Diamond Dallas Page

    Kane approaches Patrick. DDP smashes Kane with the chair. Kane falls, but sits back up. DDP runs out of the ring. Kane chokeslams Patrick and sets his pyro off.

    Perry Saturn is in the back with his mop. Lance Storm walks in and can't believe that Saturn is his first title defense. Storm says that what he does with his mop in his own time is his own business. He tells him not to bring the mop to the ring and make a mockery out of his title defense. He says a title defense is serious business and asks if he makes himself clear. Perry says that titles are fun to wear. You're welcome! Perry leaves. Storm wonders if that's a yes.

    Slam of the Week are Austin's events from Invasion.

    Edge and Christian are walking down the hall having a good time. They walk into what they think is Kurt Angle's dressing room, but finds out it is Tazz's dressing room. They mock Tazz about his old catchphrases including going to sleep in their Thug like bed, going on vacation in the thug like club med, etc. Edge and Christian leave. Tazz laughs and gets up.

    Y2J countdown. Enter Chris Jericho.

    Gong. Tajiri enters the arena.

    Enter Chris Kanyon.

    Here comes Rob Van Dam.

    Chris Jericho and Tajiri vs. Chris Kanyon and Rob Van Dam
    Kanyon and Jericho start. Grapple. Headlock by Kanyon. Kanyon with a shoulder block. Jericho with a chop. Tag to Tajiri. Double team on Kanyon. Tajiri with a baseball slide and a face plant on Tajiri. Tajiri slaps Kanyon's head. Tag to RVD. Tajiri with a stiff kick. RVD throws Tajiri in the air. Tajiri with a hurricanrana. RVD accidentally knocks down Kanyon. RVD takes the advantage and drops a leg on Tajiri. Tag to Kanyon. RVD with a kick to the gut. Kanyon with an inverted power bomb. Kanyon with a fireman's carry and goes to the middle rope. Jericho pushes him off and Tajiri with a sunset flip. 2 count. Tag to RVD. Tag to Jericho. Knock downs by Jericho. Jericho with punches and a bulldog. Jericho knocks down Kanyon. Walls of Jericho on RVD. Kanyon comes in and Jericho ducks a shot. Jericho sends Kanyon to the outside. Tag to Tajiri. Jericho goes after him. Tajiri with a kick to RVD's head. Tajiri with a tarantula. Kanyon smashes Tajiri in the face with the US title. RVD with a Five Star Frog Splash to Tajiri and gets the win.
    Winners: Chris Kanyon and Rob Van Dam

    Perry Saturn is looking through garbage in the back looking for Moppy. Terri walks in with the mop and asks if he's looking for this. Terri says that he has been giving the mop more attention than her. She says the mop is stupid and he is stupid. She says to choose between the mop and her. Perry takes the mop and says you're welcome. Perry leaves. Terri says that he's an idiot.

    WWF Rewind was Lance Storm winning the IC title on Raw from Albert.

    Enter Lance Storm.

    Sirens hit. Perry Saturn enters with his mop and no Terri.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
    Perry Saturn vs. Lance Storm

    Storm with a back heel kick. Storm kicks down Saturn. Storm with a clothesline. Cover. 2 count. Saturn with right hands to the gut. Storm with a jaw breaker. Storm with a chop. Saturn coming back with right hands. Saturn throws Storm into the turnbuckle and hits a flap jack. Saturn with a big clothesline. Saturn with a belly to belly. Saturn runs Storm upside down into the corner. Saturn goes up top. Storm stops him and delivers a superplex. Storm ducks a clothesline and hits a superkick. Cover. 2 count. Storm leap frogs over Saturn in the corner. Storm attempts a hurricanrana. Saturn with a powerbomb. Saturn gives moppy a thumbs up and sling shots Storm into moppy. Saturn with the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credunza. 2 count. Storm rolls into the Maple Leaf. Saturn crawls over to moppy and grabs the rope. Storm lets go. Storm grabs Moppy and mocks Saturn. Storm puts Moppy between his legs. Saturn takes down Storm and covers Moppy. Storm stomps him. Saturn smashes Storm with Moppy. Referee calls for the bell.
    Winner by DQ and still Intercontinental Champion: Lance Storm

    Saturn knocks Storm out of the ring with Moppy. Saturn dives to the outside knocking down Storm with Moppy. Saturn continues to hit Storm with Moppy.

    Shane, Stephanie, and Heyman are shown backstage. Shane says that someone needs to remind The Rock what their father has done to him in the past. Shane heads for the ring. Stephanie says she loves her brother. Heyman says he hates her father.

    Here comes the money, here comes the money, money, money, money, money. Enter Shane McMahon. Shane does some Booker T raise the roof in the ring. Shane grabs the mic. This message goes out to the hottest free agent in sports entertainment history, The Rock. He knows The Rock is watching and his dad is in Miami and will soon be knocking on his door. They showed some great moments earlier to pump anyone up for the return of The Rock. Shane says it's his responsibility to show some more footage. Shane directs everyone to the Ovaltron and shows the bad things that Vince has done to The Rock in the past. He says the choice belongs to The Rock. They will all find out the answer on Monday night. He can accept Vince's invitation to return to the WWF and they all know how that will end up. Or he can take that invitation, shine it up real nice, and stick it straight up Vince's candy ass. He tells The Rock the choice is his and will see him on Monday.

    Austin is shown in the back asking Booker T is ready. Booker T is ready. Austin says that tonight he's got a chance to make a big name for himself in Kurt's hometown. Booker T says who cares about Kurt Angle. Austin says he's gonna hurt him tonight and hurt his mama. Booker T says who cares about his mama, but he'll hurt her if she gets in the ring. Austin asks if he can dig it. Booker T says he can dig it.

    You think you know me. You think you know me. Enter Edge and Christian.

    We get a heartbeat. We get a flatliner. Boom. Tazz enters the arena.

    Enter Rhyno.

    Edge and Christian vs. Tazz and Rhyno
    Edge starts with Rhyno. Edge with right hands. Rhyno with a knee and right hands. Edge with an arm bulldog. Edge with a spinning heel kick. Edge knocks Tazz off the apron. Tazz pulls Edge out of the ring. Edge with right hands to Tazz. Rhyno with a knee to Edge's head. Christian tries to come in, but Charles Robinson holds him back. Tazz with rights to Edge and throws him back in. Tag to Tazz. Tazz with rights. Tazz with a clothesline. Tag to Rhyno. Rhyno with right hands. Rhyno with punches to the gut. Rhyno Gores Edge in the corner. Edge jumps behind Rhyno and hits the Edge-O-Matic. Tag to Tazz. Tag to Christian. Christian with right hands knocking down Tazz. Christian with a hip toss to Rhyno. Christian with a backbreaker to Rhyno. Tazz with a pump handle suplex. Edge with a double clothesline off the top rope. Rhyno with a spine buster to Edge. Tazz locks the Tazzmission on Christian. Rhyno readies to Gore Edge. Edge moves and Rhyno Gores Christian into Tazz. Edge spears Rhyno. Robinson counts Christian on top of Tazz for the victory.
    Winners: Edge and Christian

    Kurt Angle is shown warming up backstage.

    We're shown a recap of Kurt Angle challenging Austin earlier tonight and getting Booker T.

    Enter Booker T.

    Medal hits and here comes Kurt Angle. Earl Hebner tries to calm down Kurt.

    WCW Championship Match
    Kurt Angle vs. Booker T

    Grapple. Kurt with right hands to the face. Kurt ducks a clothesline and hits more right hands. Kurt with a big back body drop. Kurt with a clothesline. Kurt with a flap jack and locks in the ankle lock. Booker T gets out of the ring and Kurt goes after him. Kurt slams Booker T on the announce table. Kurt with right hands. Kurt slams Booker T on the announce table again. Kurt throws him back in. Kurt with a German suplex. Kurt goes up top for a moonsault. Booker T rolls out of the way. Cover by Booker T. 2 count. Booker T with a short arm clothesline. Booker T throws Kurt out of the ring. Booker T goes to the outside. Booker T with a chop. Booker T with another chop. Booker T throws Kurt over the barricade. Booker jumps over the barricade. Booker T with a right hand and kick. Kurt back drops Booker T back over the barricade. Kurt gets back inside the barricade. Booker T throws Kurt into the steps. Booker T slams Kurt's face into the steps. Booker T throws him back in. Booker T with a snap mare take over. Booker drops a knee to the sternum. Cover. 2 count. Booker T with a reverse chin lock. Kurt getting up. Kurt with elbows to the gut. Kurt with right hands. Booker T with a spine buster. Cover. 2 count. Booker T argues with Hebner. Kurt ducks a clothesline. Kurt with a flying forearm. Kurt with a clothesline. Kurt with a belly to belly. Cover. 2 count. Kurt sits Booker T on the top. Kurt with right hands. Kurt goes to the middle rope for a superplex. Kurt hits a superplex. Kanyon and the Dudleyz run to the ring. The locker room empties out on the outside of the ring and a brawl erupts between the WWF and the alliance. Kurt covers Booker T, but Hebner is trying to restore order outside. Kanyon hits Kurt in the back with a chair. Hebner gets back in the ring and counts. The locker room battles out of the arena. Booker T with a cover. 2 count. Booker T with a chop. The two exchange right hands. Kurt comes back with right hands. Harlem side kick by Booker T. Cover. 2 count. Booker T gets Kurt back up and delivers chops to the chest. Kurt throws Booker T into the corner and hits him with right hands. Kurt ducks a Harlem Side Kick. Hebner gets hit with the kick. Booker T misses the axe kick. Kurt with an Olympic Slam. Kurt locks the ankle lock on Booker T. Austin runs to the ring. Austin stuns Kurt. Booker T with a spinaroony. Booker T goes after Kurt. Kurt locks the ankle lock on Booker T. Booker T taps and we have a new WCW champion.
    Winner and new WCW champion: Kurt Angle

    Austin is shocked looking at Kurt Angle. Kurt celebrates in the ring.

    End of show

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    Update on HBK's Big Return to RAW Last Night

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