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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Are You Ready for Football!!! CPD Football Team Begins Second Season

The Chicago Police football team will kick off their new season April 1 with the second annual inter-squad scrimmage.

The event, which will be held at St. Xavier University, 3700 W. 103rd St., is scheduled to begin at noon.

"The Enforcers" are part of the National Public Safety Football League, which consists of 16 teams from across the country.  All of the teams are made up of only police and fire personnel.  Chicago's team is the newest member of the league.  The NPSFL plays full contact football following NCAA rules.

This year, Chicago's head coach James Ade welcomes the newest member of his coaching staff, former Chicago Bear great Shaun Gayle.

The Chicago team is made up of sworn members of the Chicago Police Department and play to raise money for various local charities including the Gold Star Families, the Chicago Police Memorial and the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Open the file below to view the 2007 football season.  Come out and support CPD football and the charities they represent.

Download 2007_season_schedule.doc

Friday, 30 March 2007

004th District Continues Its Drive Against Gang Crimes

Gang Related Arrests

004th District Officers continued their pressure on area gangs in an attempt to quell escalating gang conflicts. From 24 through 28 March 2007, various teams have aggressively patroled areas where an increase of gang activity has been noted. As a result, the officers have arrested eight (8) subjects and recovered five (5) weapons. By maintaining a constant presence in areas where conflict occurs, the officers are able to quickly respond to in progress calls, use traffic violations to stop suspect vehicles and uphold quality of life issues for area residents.

Arrested:         Ramos, Kendall Latin Dragon

                        Montanez, Michael

                        Hernandez, Valentino

                        Alvarez, Juan IR

                        Lomax, William Gangster Disciple

                        Snerliing, Landon Gangster Disciple

                        Reed, Max Gangster Disciple

                        Romero, Jose Latin Count

Robbery Arrests

Armed Robbery Arrest

On 14 Mar 07 Beats 463B and 423 were responding to an armed robbery in progress at above location when victim stated to responding units that offender #1 had just robbed him at gun point. The officers gave chase and offender #1 was apprehended.  Also the weapon used to commit the robbery was recovered from offender #1.  Offender #2 was positively identified by the victim.  Three hundred eighty-nine dollars ($389) USC was recovered from offender #1. Felony charges were approved.

In custody- Thurman Bruce, Leader 4-Corner Hustlers

                    Grandberry Andre

Strong Armed Robbery Arrest in Level I DOC Area

Members of tactical team 463 responded to an OEC simulcast of a ‘robbery’ just occurred. The victim stated that he was standing at the bus stop when the offenders approached. The offenders grabbed the victim by the neck and threw him to the ground then began going through the victim’s pockets. The offenders stated, “give up the phone!” The victim complied and the offenders fled northbound on Colfax.  The officers toured the area and apprehended the offenders who were positively identified by the victim. A custodial search of the offenders revealed the victim’s phone in the pocket of offender

In custody- #1 Chester, Corlandis (Convicted Felon for Robbery)- Black P Stone gang member

                   #2 Chester, Maurice Gangster Disciple gang member ( Arrested in past for

                        Robbery )

14th District Coppers Nab Bank Robber

On Monday, 26 March 2007, 014th District officers responded to a call of a “robbery in progress” at a bank.  Once on the scene, the officers learned an offender had just robbed the Chase bank at 2639 N.  Milwaukee.  The bank employees informed the officers the offender intimated he had a weapon while demanding money.  The employees turned over some money to the offender who then fled. 

The officers were provided with a description of the offender and then developed a plan of action.  Officers were assigned to search the neighborhood while others went to the “el” stations to search the trains after CTA was notified to stop the blue line.  The officers found the offender on the “el” train and conducted a show-up where he was immediately identified by one of the bank employees. 

The time between the robbery and the arrest of the offender was minutes. 

The arresting officer, P.O. Wayne Patnett, and the assisting personnel: Sgt. James Kuyken, P.O. Michael Takaki, P.O. Willie Crawford, P.O. Patrick Romano, P.P.O. Jola Lech, P.P.O. Sean Lewis and P.P.O. Marchand Wright should be commended for their quick response and their effective searching techniques which led to the arrest and charging of a bank robber. 

Commander Salvador Avila

014th District

Thursday, 29 March 2007


I know that thousands upon thousands of Chicago Police Officers do their job honorably, and do it well, everyday.  I see it when I’m on the street and I hear it from the public.  I know this is a stressful and dangerous job.  I know that you are the ones who make this Department a success everyday and I know that what we have seen in the last few weeks does not represent the Chicago Police Department.  This is not us.  This does not represent who we are.   

Everyday when we put on our star, we realize the importance it holds and the responsibility that it carries.  We took this job to serve and protect.  I am saddened when misdeeds of a few give the entire department a bad name.  I know you too are hurting because of the actions of a few. 

We need to move forward and stay focused on our mission.  The outstanding reputation that we have built must not be overlooked.  You are the ones that people call when they need help.  This is what you do.  You save lives, you make a difference.


We have the finest employee assistance program in the country.  It has helped hundreds of police officers and their families.  It’s confidential and it’s available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If you need it, use it.  312-747-5492

You have made this city a safer place to live and work.  You are a member of the best Police Department in the world.  Always remember that police officers are held to a higher standard both on and off duty.  I am confident that you will continue to meet and exceed these standards.  Continue to do the courageous deeds you do everyday.  You make me proud to be the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department.  Stay safe, and make sure at the end of your tour of duty, you go home safely to your family.

2nd District Officers Convince Offender to Turn Himself In

Submitted by the 002nd District.  This shows how true police work is done.  There is more than one way to catch an offender.  These officers' knowledge of the neighborhood and relationship with its residents proved to be their most valuable tool.

An aggravated battery occurred in the Ida B. Wells Housing Complex in the 002nd District on 24 Mar 07.

Tactical Housing Team Bt. 264 conducted an investigation and spoke with several witness about the incident. R/O's were able to learn that there was a Gang Conflict going on with the Gangster Disciples in the Ida B. Wells Housing Complex.

Tactical Officers were also able to establish the identity of the offender involved in the shooting. Tactical Officers contacted the offender's family and associates and aggressively patrolled the area in which the offender frequented.

After being sought aggressively by the 002nd District Tactical Officers, the offender eventually contacted 002nd District Tactical Officers Smith , Mohammed & Nash. R/O's were able to convince the offender to turn himself in and tell them his whereabouts.

Officers relocated to the 022nd District (111th & Throop) and apprehended the offender, read offender his rights, relocated to the 002nd District, and processed the offender accordingly.

In Custody: Wilson, Charles

Charges: Aggravated Battery with a Firearm

Team work

A recent string of robberies in the 1st and 18th District resulted in a Business Alert being issued by Area #3 Detectives.  The alert provided surveillance photos and a description of the wanted offender.  Detective Cruz Reyes was interviewed on Channel 2 after the Business Alert was sent to the media by News Affairs.  Missions were set up in the 1st District on March 28th.  The offender struck again at 400 S. Financial at 1620 hours.    Bt 163D, E. Olson, T. Johnson and A. Hoyou put out a Flash for the wanted offender.  At approximately 1632 hours at 155 W. Van Buren, SOS units 4321 and 4324, Officers D. Balesteri,  D. Oboikovity, J. Rodrigues, K Osborn and Sgt. I. Hernandez spotted an individual fitting the given description of the offender entering a cab.  While removing the individual from the cab the victim of the robbery came up to the officers and informed them that the offender had just robbed her.  Keith Parnell Talley,  38, of the 4700 block of South Indiana, was charged with seven counts of armed robbery, two counts attempted robbery, Agg Batt and Agg Assault. 

Good team work by several units of the Chicago Police Department.  Good Job.

15th District Officers Hold the Line Against Crime

These were recently submitted to the CC by the District.  Please keep sending us these positive police stories and we will publish them.  While they may not appear in the major media, that does not diminish the good police work and the positive affect it has on the community.


     On 26 January, Officers Gonzalez and Dougherty responded to a death investigation at Loyola hospital regarding the death of a 2 month old infant. Along with Officers Manjarrez and Delannoy , the officers questioned the father of the dead infant and were able to ascertain important and incriminating information. The officers then notified Area 5 detectives who responded to the hospital. The officers ultimately placed the father into custody after being Mirandized and admitting to shaking the baby violently, thereby causing the victim's death. Due to the officers skillful questioning and attention to duty a violent criminal was removed from the Austin community.

     On 1 March, 15th District Probationary Officer Rashida Young (her father, 15th District Officer Gregory Young, was killed during a robbery attempt in the late 1990's) and Officer Mark Czapla were on routine patrol when they on-viewed a CTA bus driver fighting on the ground with a  female subject. The officers were able to break up the fight and safely recover a loaded handgun from the offender. The officers later learned that the offender had threatened to shoot the bus driver. The offender was later found to be in possession of cannabis. PPO Rashida Young is hitting the ground running, and we're sure that somewhere up in heaven her dad is grinning from ear to ear.


     On 4 March,  Officers Joseph Roman, Kevin Mangerich, Bernard Veleta, Jacob Czarnik and Guy Daily, responded to a sexual assault in progress.  Upon arrival, the officers discovered that a twelve year old victim had just been sexually assaulted by a twenty year old offender. As the officers were attempting to place the Predatory Criminal Assault offender into custody, he began to fight with the officers. The offender then attempted to disarm P.O. ROMAN during his resistance to the lawful arrest. Assisting officers were able to apprehend the offender without further incident. The offender was placed into custody and charged accordingly. Due to all the officers' quick response and dedication to each other's safety, no Police Officers were injured, and a felonious individual was apprehended on the scene before making good his escape.

29 March 07


Representatives from Calumet College of St. Joseph’s Public Safety Management (Bachelors) and Public Safety Administration (Masters) Programs will be available on Thursday, 29 Mar. 07, from 1000 hours to 1700 hours at the Education and Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson Blvd. Students attend class one day a week, with mirror classes held in the morning and evening. Registration is ongoing. For Bachelors Degree information contact Michael McCafferty at 773-721-0202 (ext. 278)  or email: mmccaffe@ccsj.edu. Masters Degree information contact Mary Severa at (773) 721-0202 (ext. 295) or email: msevera@ccsj.edu.


Effective 29 March 2007, the Evidence & Recovered Property Section located at 1011 S. Homan Ave., will be closed between 2400 hours and 0600 hours. Personnel needing evidence for court purposes will be allowed in at 0600 hours.


The opportunity to learn stress management techniques and applications is still available. This training is valuable but scarce. If interested call Pat Suchocki at F.O.P. (312) 733-7776 for applications. Available dates are:

24, 25 May

26, 27 July

20, 21 Sep.

29, 30 Nov.

Training will be held at Chicago Lake Shore Hospital, 4840 N. Marine Dr., 5th floor conference room.


Per AMFN Facsimile Message #071132, the Internal Affairs Division has revised the 8 listed forms:

CPD 44.108 - CL Investigators Checklist

CPD 44.112 - Summary Report

CPD 44.112-A - Summary Report Digest

CPD 44.113 - Command Channel Review

CPD 44.114 - Request for Time Extension

CPD 44.201 - Complaint Log Investigation Conflict Certification

CPD 44.223 - Investigator Unable to Contact Complainant/Witness (English/Spanish)

CPD 44.304 - Termination of Complaint (English/Spanish)

These forms show a revision date of 1/07 (Rev. 1/07). If the above forms have a different revision date they are no longer valid. These forms are available on the Department Intranet in Automated Directives and the Internal Affairs Division website which is available in Bureau Sites under the Office of the Superintendent.


Eleanor Ward, mother of Evidence Technician James Ward, assigned to Evidence Technician Team-North, passed away 26 March 2007. Waked at Cumberland Funeral Home, 8300 W. Lawrence, 29 Mar., 1300-2100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours. Services St. Francis Borgia Church, 8033 W. Addison, 30 Mar., 0930 hours. Interment All Saints Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

Benita Martinez, mother of Police Officer Louis Martinez, assigned to the 17th District, passed away 25 March 2007. Waked at Alvarez Funeral Home, 2500 N. Cicero, 29 Mar., 1600-2100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours. Services Resurrection Church, 2840 W. Nelson, 30 Mar., 1000 hours. Interment Mt. Olive Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

Jean Maria Ewing, sister of civilian Crossing Guard Eugenia Phillips, assigned to the 21st District, passed away 22 March 2007. Waked at AA Rayner Funeral Home, 318 E. 71st St., 31 Mar., 1000-1100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1045 hours. Services and interment to follow.

* * * * * * * >

11th District Keeps Rolling Along

Here's a few success stories from the 11th District:
On the 27th of March, Beats 1169A, B and C responded to a DOC bulletin for AREA FOUR which featured MANN, Frank (MAFIA INSANE VICE LORD) as wanted for the Aggravated Battery shooting of DUETT, Darnell  (BLACK P STONE). 
The shooting occurred at 3832 W. Fulton on 20 Mar 07.  Officer Kelly of the Gang Team 1169B conducted the interview of victim DUETT at the time of the shooting.  Using the CLEAR system and information obtained from the victim, P.O Kelly identified MANN as the possible offender.  1169A, B, and C conducted an intense search of the area and took MANN into custody without incident. 
Area Four Detective Kelly was notified.  Subsequent information received from Det. Kelly also resulted in the arrest of another wanted offender:  COLLINS, Anthony.  The investigation continues and charges are pending.
Also on 27 Mar 07 at 0310 hrs a seatbelt mission was conducted at 3400 W. Flournoy in response to an Aggravated Battery which occurred on 26Mar07 at 3443 W. Flournoy.  Officers curbed a red 92 Pontiac Grand Am because the driver KELLY, Willie was not wearing a seatbelt. Officer Nikolakakis observed the passenger making furtive movements with her purse.  Officer Nikolakakis had the offender put the purse down and exit the vehicle.  At that time the officer observed the grip of an apparent handgun sticking out of the purse. 
Further investigation revealed the weapon to be a F.I.E. Titan .25 caliber 2.5" barrel, no magazine, one round chambered.  Also recovered from the purse was a plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance suspect cannabis.  Offender BOURGOUIS, Dominque was taken into custody and charged with UUW, Poss Cannabis, Firearm w/o FOID, and Registration of Firearms.
Good job to these officers.  Stay alert.  Stay safe.

CPD Raises $100,000 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Chicago

At 9:30 a.m. today, First Deputy Superintendent Dana Starks presented a check for $100,730 to Art Mollenhauer, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.  In conjunction with the Chicago Police Special Activities Section, 1,100 police officers participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters  "Cops for Kid's Sake " 25th Anniversary Bowling Fund raiser which took place on the 24th and 25th of February, 2007, at six different bowling alleys in the City.  In the past 25 years, the Chicago Police Department has raised over $1,250,000 for this organization. 

Thanks to all who gave their time and money for this worthy cause.

Fallen Heroes


Gerald E. Doll------------------------------1967

Wendell H. Hicks------------------------1973

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Superintendent Cline's Response to Recent Incidents

Let me say, that the past two weeks have been disheartening and embarrassing for me personally and professionally.

It's especially demoralizing to the more than 13,600 officers who serve this department honorably everyday who put their lives on the line to save and protect the citizens of Chicago.

They too are sickened and embarrassed by the actions of their fellow officers who have blemished the reputation of this department.

I want to provide an update on the two incidents that have been reported on over the past couple days involving off-duty police officers engaging in inappropriate behavior.

I have spent almost 38 years of my life as a police officer and I am disgusted to witness this type of conduct-especially because these individuals are supposed to be upholding the law, not breaking it.

To see an intoxicated, off-duty police officer on video, beating a helpless victim is shameful and wrong and there is no other way to look at it.

Anthony Abbate has been arrested, criminally charged, stripped of his police powers and we are moving to fire him.

The Jefferson Tap Bar incident is currently under investigation by the State's Attorney's Office and OPS.

I know that many of you have inquired about video of the incident, however, we have been asked not to release it by the State's Attorney's Office because it is still being reviewed as part of their investigation.

What I can tell you is that there appears to be a physical altercation involving an off-duty police officer and an off-duty Sergeant who appears to impede police response to the scene.

After the incident occurred, OPS initiated an investigation, obtained video from the bar and viewed it on December 20.

We consulted with the State's Attorney's Office and showed them the video on December 27.

We reassigned the officers individually and following procedure, waited to see if criminal charges would be brought and against which officers.

Investigators assigned to this case started gathering information but the victims refused to talk to anyone from the police department or OPS.

As a result, we were not aware of the seriousness of the victim's injuries until we received the medical statements shortly after interviewing them because they all refused medical treatment on the scene.

In hindsight this incident should have been handled differently and these officers should have been stripped of their police powers sooner.

This incident has made me realize that we need to tighten up our process to ensure that officers that participate in this type of behavior do not remain on the street.

Today, after meeting with State's Attorney Dick Devine, I am announcing a new procedure that will expedite the investigative process.

Forty-eight hours after referring a matter involving a police officer to the State's Attorney's Office, my Chief of Staff, the head of Office of Professional Standards and the head of the Internal Affairs Division will meet with the Deputy Chief of Special Prosecutions of the State's Attorney's Office to determine if the evidence can lead to criminal charges.

If the answer is yes, we will take the officer off the street and strip him of his police powers immediately without waiting for criminal charges to be brought.

We can no longer wait for the final determination of whether criminal charges will be brought forward.

I cannot monitor every single police officer's behavior, but I can enforce a disciplinary process and demand that members at a supervisory level are accountable.

State's Attorney Devine has pledged his office's full partnership with this new process.

I have since stripped the officers involved in the Jefferson Tap incident but under this new process, the officers involved would have been stripped earlier as soon as we determined that criminal charges would be pursued.

I am confident that this is a positive step forward.

I also believe that the reputation we have built and established worldwide in our community policing philosophy cannot be overlooked or dismissed because of the regrettable actions of a few.

I will not tolerate this kind of behavior...The Chicago Police Department will not tolerate this kind of behavior...

I expect every Chicago Police Officer to uphold the law both on and off duty.

When the public witnesses this type of behavior, it erodes trust between the public and the Department.

Public trust cannot be taken for granted.

Police officers are held to a higher standard in our society and should lead by example. If they cannot accept this responsibility, they do not deserve to be a Chicago Police Officer.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007



Edward C. Finnegan................................1926

Monday, 26 March 2007

Stay Focused - Stay Professional

We are all aware of the recent negative incidents that have garnered national media attention.  We also all know that these isolated incidents are not representative of the men and women in the Chicago Police Department. 

The sad part is that we ALL take a hit for the stupid actions of a few.  We perform heroic acts every day of the week and at times are recognized for these events.  Positive news is very difficult to keep in the media.  Negative news has a life of its own.  Video tapes of negative events will be played, re-played and played some more.  We know these are not the actions of the "real police". 

Stick to your training.  Maintain your professional attitude and ethical behavior.  We, the majority of working police officers,  will continue to take hits for the behavior of a few.  The best way to overcome adversity is to maintain your professionalism.  When a police officer makes the conscious decision to act like a criminal and behave like a criminal, he gives up the right to be called a police officer and he should be treated like a criminal. 

As police officers we usually do not try to explain why criminals do what they do.  We should not have to explain why those in this profession who choose to become criminals do what they do.

Good Work On St. Pat's Day Parade

The Deputy Chief of Central Control Group would like to extend his gratitude to the officers who participated in the Downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Because of your dedication, the safety of the participants and the citizens were never in question.  Your professionalism speaks volumes.  Thank you for another successful event.

Kevin Hannigan


Central Control Group


Retired Police Officer Joseph Mitchello, formerly assigned to Central Detention, passed away  23 March 2001.  Waked at Conboy Funeral Home,  W. Cermak, Westchester, IL, 26 March, 1500-2100 hours.  Services at St. Barbara Church, 4008 Prairie Ave., 27 March, 0900 hours.

Interment Queen of Heaven Cemetery

Salute to Fallen Hero

We here at Checkerboard want to take the time to offer our prayers and condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Firefighter William Grant.

Too often we tend to disregard the everyday dangers of the job, comfortable in our routines until something tragic like this happens.

Grant and the other Firefighters who were injured in the accident are true heroes, not just because of the media attention given to this tragedy.  They are heroes because they chose a profession that, by its very nature, can place them in harm's way.

Only the bravest of individuals would choose the potential of risking their life at every ring of the alarm bell.  Firefighters respond to the most dire of situations and rush to save those who need them. . . regardless of race, social status, age. . . whatever.  These heroes know the risks involved and gladly answer the call.

We mourn the loss of this father, husband and friend.  We are saddened by the injury of his colleagues.

And we thank all of those who wear the uniform.  Heroes all.  Every day.



Martin Wolski------------------------1975

Sunday, 25 March 2007

25 MARCH 2007


The Targeted Response Unit is looking for Sergeants and Police Officers to be assigned to the unit. The unit is a high visibility unit which targets high crime areas. We are looking for aggressive, hardworking Sergeants and Police Officers. Minimum 2 years experience for the Police Officers. The unit works in uniform, in marked police vehicles every day of the week during 3rd watch hours. You will be assigned to a Day- Off-Group. If you are interested, please fill out the application which can be found on the CPD Intranet under Automated Directives, and return it to Unit 253. You will then be scheduled for an interview. We will try and accommodate partners. For further information, please call (312) 745-4069.

The Chicago Inspector Generals Office is currently seeking resumes from Detectives for investigative positions. Duties are varied and include surveillance, conducting interviews and preparation of detailed reports. As an investigator, the successful candidate will maintain an active caseload of investigations and will make arrests, conduct searches and other police-related activity on both their cases and in assistance to others. The candidate must be energetic, self motivated and possess strong writing and communication skills. Interested personnel must fax a resume and a one page cover letter to Mary Hodge in the Inspector Generals Office, fax (773) 478-3949. For further information, contact Lt. Penelope Trahanas at (312) 745-6305.


The Education & Training Division is Offering a class on search warrant preparation taught by Superintendent Philip J. Cline. The class will be held on 16 April 07 from 1800-2100 hours in the Multi-Purpose Room at Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave. This class is open to all sworn personnel. Class size is restricted. Please call Training Officer Diane Livingston at (312) 746-8310 ext. 128 to register.


The Chicago Police Soccer Team is starting to train for the 2007 season.
All members interested in playing are encouraged to contact P.O. Kellam at cpdsoccer@yahoo.com. For further information check www.cpdsoccer.com.


The petitioner cannot be arrested For a Violation of an Order of Protection; only the respondent can violate the order of protection. Department policy requires mandatory arrest for two offenses – Violation of an Order of Protection (720 ILCS 5/12-30) and Violation of Bail Bond (725 ILCS 5/110-10d). The responding officer will:

1. Make an arrest when there is probable cause to believe that either of these two offenses have been committed, even if the victim does not want the offender arrested.

2. Sign the complaint for a Violation of an Order of Protection if the petitioner will not sign the complaint.

3. Always be the complainant for a Violation of Bail Bond.


The Assyrian American Police Association will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, 28 Mar. 07 at the AANF Building, 2450 W. Peterson at 1930 hours. All members are encouraged to attend. Refreshments served after the meeting.


Per AMFN Facsimile Message #071132, the Internal Affairs Division has revised the 8 listed forms:
CPD 44.108 - CL Investigators Checklist
CPD 44.112 - Summary Report
CPD 44.112-A - Summary Report Digest
CPD 44.113 - Command Channel Review
CPD 44.114 - Request for Time Extension
CPD 44.201 - Complaint Log Investigation Conflict Certification
CPD 44.223 - Investigator Unable to Contact Complainant/Witness (English/Spanish)
CPD 44.304 - Termination of Complaint (English/ Spanish)

These forms show a revision date of 1/07 (Rev. 1/07). If the above forms have a different revision date they are no longer valid. These forms are available on the Department Intranet in Automated Directives and the Internal Affairs Division website which is available in Bureau Sites under the Office of the Superintendent.

Saturday, 24 March 2007




Patrick J. O’Neill-------------------------1921

Joseph F. Higgins------------------------1975




Michael R. Palese---------------------1977

Dell O. Fountain--------------------------1996

24 MARCH 2007


Detective Unit 606/ Violent Crimes Task Force Salutes 20th District Officers: Sgt. J. Morley, P.O. D. Fowler, P.O. R. O’Brien, P.O. B. Pruente, P.O. S. Kaldis, P.O. K. Carsten,

On 13 May 06, an armed robbery of a bank occurred at 5247 N. Broadway.  The above officers responded to the scene and were able to determine the identity of the offender. An extensive search of the area resulted in the apprehension of the offender who was positively identified by witnesses from the bank. The officers also recovered some of the proceeds from the robbery.  Due to the officers attention to duty and  aggressiveness the offender was subsequently charged in federal court with Bank Robbery. Thanks for a job well done.


Any Department member coming in contact with suspected or known members of the street gang MS13 (mara salvatrucha 13) are requested to fax information to the Deployment Operations Center. Attn: P.O. Tim Tremaine Fax (312) 745-6710.


The opportunity to learn stress management techniques and  applications is still available. This training is valuable but scarce. If interested call Pat Suchocki at F.O.P. (312) 733-7776 for applications. Available dates are:

24, 25 May

26, 27 July

20, 21 Sep.

29, 30 Nov.

Training will be held at Chicago Lake Shore Hospital, 4840 N. Marine Dr., 5th floor conference room.


All CPD personnel working within the CPD Headquarters facility are reminded that there will be NO ILLEGAL PARKING permitted in the areas surrounding the Headquarters facility. Parking violators will be ticketed and their vehicles subject to tow.


The Education and Training Division is currently accepting resumes for the position of Firearms Instructor. Qualified applicants must have completed at least five years of service with the Chicago Police Department. Applicants must be proficient with their firearm and be able to pass the State Mandated course of fire with a minimum score of 85% before being considered for the position. Applicants must be comfortable with speaking in front of large groups of people. Applicants must utilize and be able to demonstrate safe weapon handling techniques as well as the proper operation of department authorized weapons. Resumes should be sent to Sergeant Richard Plotke at the Area 5 Range or via e-mail at richardplotke@chicagopolice.org.   747-3424. Authority: Area 1 Detective Division.


Department personnel interested in learning more about purchasing or rehabilitating a home or multi-unit property are invited to attend one of two upcoming Police Officer and Firefigther Housing Expos. Over 30 vendors will be present to discuss incentive programs and special products that are available to members of the department. This event will be held on 14 April 2007 from 1000-1400 hours in the Multi-Purpose Room. For more information, please contact William Townsell at 7-9984.


The Police Mass this month will be held on Sunday, 25 Mar., 1100 hours at 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. Refreshments will be served after Mass. For further information contact Father Nangle at (312) 738-7588.

Friday, 23 March 2007

23 Mar 2007


On behalf of Superintendent Philip J. Cline, I would like to thank the men and women of the Chicago Police Department for the outstanding job done by everyone for the Festival of Rights Protest March on 20 March 2007. Your dedication and professionalism demonstrated why we are considered one of the finest police departments in the country. Keep up the good work and stay safe. Thank you for a job well done.


Charles L. Williams

Deputy Superintendent

Bureau of Patrol

Friday, 23 MAR 07


15 May 2007 marks the 26th Annual National Police Officers Memorial Service in Washington, D.C. Help honor Police Officer Eric Solorio, #13609 and all the fallenOfficers. Information guides are being sent to Districts and Units. If you need more information please contact Preventive Programs at 5-5823 or Pax 0304.


The next scheduled meeting of LEGENDS, the Law Enforcement Greeks Letter Organizations Educating, Nurturing, Developing and Serving will be held on Monday, 26 Mar., 1800 hours at the Education & Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson. All are invited to attend.


The City of Chicago Department of Human Resources is currently taking applications for Aviation Security Officer hourly positions). The official Notice Of Job Opportunity announcement can be found on bulletin boards throughout CPD headquarters or by visiting www.cityofchicago.org/careerworks, clicking on the search for jobs tab and typing in keyword aviation in the search by keyword section. If you have any additional questions, please direct your inquires to Human Resources Analyst Dennis Temple at (312) 744-8898.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Alert Officers Save Victims from Domestic Rampage

Everyday, officers patrol their assigned beats, keeping in mind that they have to always be alert and watchful. . . anything could jump off at any time.  Here's a case in point where alert officers rushed to the aid of domestic battery victims.

Bt. 4607 was on patrol in the area of the 2100 block of S. Allport when they on-viewed a car being rammed by another vehicle.  Officers Maldonado and Romero saw the rammed vehicle burst into flames as it struck a fire hydrant.

As assist units arrived, the PO's saw the car burst into flames and rushed to the aid of the victims.  PO's Maldonado and Romero showed exemplary bravery as they pulled three victims from the burning vehicle to safety.

The offender was captured a short distance away.

Further investigation revealed that the offender was involved with one of the victims in an on-going domestic dispute, was in violation of an order of protection and, in a fit of rage, had rammed the vehicle with his own, causing the victims to run off the road.

Due to the quick actions of these officers and the assisting units, three victims (including a small child) were saved from what would have been a horrifying death.

Job well done.  Stay sharp officers and be safe.  Thanks for not hesitating to put yourselves on the line to save others.

CPD Marine Unit Assists in Search for Missing Boater

Yesterday members of the Marine Unit were requested by the Illinois Conservation Police to assist in locating a missing person.  MU members arrived on the 21st at 1100 hrs to assist in the dive operation.
Officers Johnson, Beltran and Sgt. Mazzola conducted 10 SONAR  "DROPS"  using advanced Sector Scan Sonar equipment and directed members of the local fire department dive team to points of interest.
While dive operations were suspended at nightfall, SONAR ops continued till 2100 Hrs in the hopes of locating the victim and marking the location in the water. 
The subject of the search (an 8 year old boy) was involved in a boating accident in which a boat he was in along with two family members went over a spillway. Two family member's remains were located hours later; however, the remains of the third victim are still missing. 
Despite the officers' determined efforts, against unfavorable environmental conditions, they were not able to successfully complete the recovery mission.
We thank these and all of the other officers and divers involved who tried their best to provide closure to this tragic accident.
We appreciate your efforts.  Stay safe.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Off-duty P.O. makes arrest--while out at dinner!!

"No rest for the weary." This phrase was never more true than on the night of 21 March 2007.  PO Pat Bryant was off-duty and having what I'm sure he thought would be a peaceful dinner with a friend, when he noticed something strange. 

The officer observed a subject wearing glasses and a fake beard staring at a bank in the area of Webster and Halsted.  The officer took a moment from his dinner to investigate and observed the knucklehead try to open the doors of the bank--which were locked.

Knowing that something bizarre was up, PO Bryant called for backup as he followed the subject around the corner.  He then saw the subject remove his disguise and go check out another bank on a nearby corner.  (I'm sure his dinner guest was thinking, "What in the world. . . . !?")

Anyway, this subject (who probably will NOT win the "Evil Genius" Award) then tried to open the second bank's LOCKED doors and then put his "clever disguise" back on.

As responding units arrived, the offender was observed trying to tear up a piece of paper.  Well, this guy was taken into custody (along with his disguise) with a note that said something like "Give me your money and don't use dye packs!!!"  What a genius.

The subject was charged with Aggravated Attempt Robbery.

Hats off to this quick-thinking officer and ALL of the responding units who provided backup and made the arrest.  Sorry about dinner. . . hope dessert was better!

Job well done 18th District officers ; stay safe.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Police vs. FIre Hockey Game

Come out and support our "Boys in Blue" as the Chicago Police hockey team takes on the Chicago Fire Department's best in a battle on the ice!
WHAT: 14th Annual Police/Fire Charity Hockey Game
WHEN: Saturday March 24th, 2007
WHERE: United Center, 1901 W. Madison
Gates open at 1130HRS-Puck Drops at 1200HRS
Tickets $5.00, Children 12 and under are free-everyone entering the building must have a ticket.
Tickets are available the United Center Box Office.
Proceeds to benefit the Disabled Chicago Police officers Fund and the
Chicago Police Memorial
For more info contact Jim Bailey at 773-919-4865
Come on out, show your support and have a good time!

P.O. Donald Urbon, assigned to Mass Transit, passed away on 20 march 2007.  P.O. Urbon was the brother of Det. Susan Joyce, assigned to A/2 and Det. Kenneth Urbon (Ret.) formerly assigned to A/2 Detective Division.

Wake will be held on 22 March 2007 at: Beverly Ridge Funeral Home, 10431 S. Kedzie, from 1500 to 2100 hrs.  St. Jude will meet at 1900 hrs.

Funeral will be held on 23 March 2007 at 0930 hrs at:  St. Christina Church, 1100 S. Christiana.

CPD Memorial "Run to Remember" Donations

Moderator's note:  This letter was sent to us by the family of P.O. Michael P. Gordon, who died in the line of duty in 2004. 

Please support this and other efforts to memorialize those officers who have sacrificed their lives for our safety.

CPD Memorial- Run to Remember Donations

"First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Chicago Police Memorial through our page.  Your generosity and support have continued to amazed me.  In one week we have already raised $870.00!" 

Thank you again,

India, Malik, and Cullen Gordon

If anyone else would be interested in viewing the slide show created in Mike's memory and in supporting the cause please click the following link:

$2.2 Million to be Used to Equip Beat Cars with Video Cameras

Mayor Daley recently announced the he will set aside $2.2 million to purchase an additional 280 video cameras to be installed in our squad cars and hopes to find the money to equip the rest of the fleet "as quickly as possible." We currently have 30 cameras being tested in various districts around the City including marked cars patrolling Lake Shore Drive, the Chicago Skyway, the Jefferson Park District and the Pullman District, where Senator James Meeks said he was a victim of racial profiling. This new initiative will provide enough cameras to equip a squad car on every beat .

Each sqaud car is equipped with two cameras that can be activated manually or automatically when emergency lights are turned on. One camera records the back seat while the other faces forward - mounted on the windshield. Officers will carry a microphone the size of a pager which records sounds within a 1,000 foot range of the vehicle. Real-time audio and video is transmitted to the district station.

The video from these cameras have actually been used as evidence in at least 10 cases - some of which prompting guilty pleas. The cameras are said to "keep everyone honest" and provides proof for officers who are accused of misconduct in unwarranted complaints.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

21 MARCH 2007


Area 3 Detective Division Salutes 24th District Police Officers:

Sgt. N. Skipper,

Sgt. B. Sweeney,

Sgt. K. Koconis,

P.O. A. Otano,

P.O. E. Figeroa,

P.O. Y. Samuels,

P.O. M. Hawlitzky,

P.O. J. Geisbush, and

P.O. M. Bresnahan.

On 13 Nov. 06, a citizen was robbed at gunpoint on the street in Rogers Park. The officers canvassed the area and located a witness that saw two people matching the description of the suspects run into an apartment building. A consent search was obtained and two subjects were found hiding in a closet. After searching further, the gun and the proceeds from the robbery were located. The subjects found hiding were positively identified as the offenders by the victim. Due to the officers combined efforts, two dangerous robbers are in jail awaiting trial.

Thanks for a job well done.


The next meeting of the Chicago Chapter of N.O.B.L.E. will be held on Thursday 22 Mar. 07, 1800 hours on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, 3rd Fl., Illinois Room C, 750 S. Halsted. Free parking is available inside the parking structure at Halsted & Taylor/Polk Halsted.


The Education & Training Division will host Semi-Automatic Pistol Skill Courses on the dates listed below. Each course is a 3 hour session and is limited to 12 officers. Registration is required. Officers must bring 300 rounds of ammunition to participate. The Basic and Advance courses must have been taken in to take part in the Defensive Course (scenarios). The instructor is Jack Manfre Range Officer, CPD retired. Call the Police Academy Range at (312) 746-4728.

14 April 2007 - Basic Course 0830 / Advance Course 1230

28 April 2007 - Basic Course 0830 / Advance Course 1230

12 May 2007 - Basic Course 0830 / Defensive Course 0830

9 June 2007 - Basic Course 0830 / Defensive Course 1230


Representative Neil Cook from Nationwide Retirement Solutions, (Deferred Compensation), will be at Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave., Thursday, 22 Mar. 07, in the vendeteria on the second floor from 1030-1500 hours.

ALWAYS REMEMBERED Roscoe C. Johnston--------------------1933 Melvin A. Galloway Jr.-------------------1971

Haymarket Statue Taken in a Theft

There is absolutely NO TRUTH to the rumor that someone actually walked off with the Haymarket Statue from the courtyard of the Training Academy.  The statue has been removed and sent to a company for restoration.  On completion it will then be placed outside of Police Headquarters.  The Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the base of the statue will take place on March 23rd on the west end of the building.

004th District Targets Gang Activity

On 3 Mar 07, 4th District Tactical Team 462 developed information regarding members of the Latin King street gang and the location of some weapons. The officers executed the search warrant and recovered 11 weapons and 30 grams of cocaine.

Arrested- #1 Cuevas, Carlos

                  Latin King Gang member

              #2 Cuevas, Trinidad 

                  Latin King Gang member

Based on evidence the officers gathered, they were able to learn that when a weapon had been used by a gang member, the weapon would be turned in to have the barrel changed in an attempt to defeat ballistics if the weapon is ever recovered. It is believed that one of the weapons recovered may have been used in the double Homicide in Griffith Indiana. The officers also learned that another weapon may have been used in at least two other incidents in Indiana. 

13 Mar 07  Eluterio Chavez was observed driving a 1989 Buick Regal. He committed a minor traffic violation and was curbed without incident. As the Sergeant who initiated the stop approached the vehicle, he observed Chavez stuffing something under the seat. Chavez was ordered from the vehicle and the object retrieved.

The Sgt recovered a plastic bag containing over $17,000.00 USC along with a small bag of suspect cannabis. Chavez was placed under arrest and the appropriate charges were filed. Once in the 004 District station, K-9 Beat 4637A arrived in the station and gave a positive alert on the money. Also recovered from Chavez was a Safety Deposit key. Asset Forfeiture was notified and is investigating further.

Arrested-Chavez, Eluterio 

Gang affiliation: Latin King

Kudos to the 004th District and its aggressive work against dangerous gangs.  Job well done.

Continue to Remember Our Fallen

Monday, 19 Mar. 07 marked the 5th Anniversary of Officer Donald Marquez’ death.

The Marquez family would like to thank the entire Chicago Police Department and friends who have supported and continue to support them.

Continue to remember those who have paid the highest price in serving others.

In the future, we will make an effort to post anniversary dates of our fallen officers as they approach. 

Going Above and Beyond

You won't see it as part of the 4:00 news or read about it in the Trib or Times, but there was a Department Awards Ceremony today at Police Headquarters.  Over 100 police officers and their families were in attendance to be recognized for the work that they do that is "above and beyond".  As police officers,  all too often we have the tendency to look at these awards and kind of shrug our shoulders and think "big deal". 

Come down to one of these ceremonies and see the expressions on the faces of the children of these officers or their parents as the awards are presented and you will soon realize it is a "big deal" for those involved.

Congratulations to all those officers were recognized for their heroic works that continue to make the Chicago Police Department the best department in the world.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Just Doing Their Job

Sometimes when people do what they are supposed to do, evil people are taken off the streets.  The police are supposed to do exactly that, take the bad guys off the streets and here is a case where it worked exactly the way it is supposed to.

On 18 March 07, at approximately 1110 hrs, Beat # 1406, Officer M. Arcillas and V. Delapasaqua, monitored a flash message of an offender wanted for a stabbing on the 3400 block of West Diversey. They spot an individual matching the description of the wanted offender running on Elbridge.  After a short foot chase, Luis Irazarry, 26, of the 1500 block of North Hollywood was taken into custody with a knife in his possession.  The victim immediately id'd the offender as the one who had just attacked him and slashed him on the chest and head.  The bad guy was picked out in 5 line-ups as the offender who has spent the last few days attacking people at random, slashing them with a knife, for no particular reason.  Irazarry was charged with 5 counts of Aggravated Battery with a knife.  One of his victims sustained lacerations that required over 40 stitches to repair.  After being mirandized the offender admitted attacking the victims because he was angry.  Go figure. 

Thanks to the police for being there when they are needed.  Thanks to the citizen who took the time to call 911 when she saw the attack taking place.  Make no mistake there is evil in this world and perhaps more importantly, there are good people in this world who do the "right thing" simply because it is the right thing.

Who Protects the Protectors?? - An Editorial

Moderator's Note:  This is a LONG post.  It was submitted to us and we thought it should be posted.  There are a few revisions. . .done to conserve space, not to alter content.

From "A Concerned P.O.":


No one signed up for this job thinking they would go their whole career without getting hurt. It is as much a part of the job as anything we do. There will always be the offender who refuses to go to jail and is willing to fight to avoid it.

There are countless ways we get can get hurt, and every day we hit the streets we have that in the back of our minds. We don’t and can’t obsess about it, because that is just our nature. We do what we do because it is who we are and most of the time we don’t think of the possible outcomes until the event is over.

How many times have you chased down a man with a gun and caught him without anyone getting shot? How many times have you fought with a domestic battery offender and got him into cuffs without injury yourself or your partner? Probably too many to count and it seems normal because your training sets in and you do what you have to do, it is part of the job.

But when it is over, after the adrenaline finally leaves the system, we re-live the experience while writing our paper, or telling the stories to friends or loved ones and sometimes we realize “wow that could have gone really bad.” Often times we won’t admit this to anyone, sometimes we won’t even admit it to ourselves, because the possible outcomes are too scary -- and thinking that way can get you hurt the next time.

However, when one of us is victimized, we can’t help but think of the “what ifs”, because at that point the realities of this job are staring us in the face.

There have been three officers attacked in the last month. Now that number does not seem like a lot considering the number of encounters officers have with violent offenders on a daily basis. However, this number IS  a lot because in all three incidents the officers were off-duty.

A good cop is a cop ALL the time. Whether we like it or not and as much as we try to live “normally” our nature and training forbids us from normalcy. We see things most civilians don’t. We recognize danger and harm long before most regular people. And because it is in our nature we react and try to help.

On March 11, an officer was returning to his South Side home at about 12 a.m. when he noticed a group of males drinking alcohol near their cars in front of his home. He told them he was the police and asked them to move along. Even after knowing he was an officer, one of the men approached the 10-year-veteran and punched him! The officer, obviously, attempted to defend himself and this guy’s two buddies decided to join in the attack on the officer.

Luckily the officer only suffered abrasions and swelling to his head. He was treated and released from the hospital. We are not identifying him or the location for obvious safety reasons, but this officer was quick-thinking and tactically sound and therefore avoided serious injury, as he was being attacked by three men between the ages of 18 and 23.

Officers in the district where this occurred need to be commended as well, their quick response lead to the arrest and charging of these three thugs, who are affiliated with the Gangster Disciples, with aggravated battery to a police officer.

However, on March 4, another off-duty officer was not so lucky. While leaving a club in Lincoln Park he was confronted by several members of the Insane Deuce street gang.

Again after identifying himself as an officer and telling the group to back off, they jumped him, stabbed him and beat him while he was down. Thankfully, these five offenders were also found and charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery to a police officer. Great job to all those who worked on that case!! The officer is recovering from his injuries but we still should keep him in our thoughts.

What has been in our thoughts recently was the senseless murder of Police Officer Jose Vazquez. He was gunned down in the rear of his West Side condo building as he returned home from a side job.

PO Vazquez was a hardworking police officer who, as one could tell by the turn out at his services, was well liked and respected by all who knew and worked with him. I met him several times a few years ago when he worked in 025 and he always had a smile on his face.

The slaying of PO Vazquez attracted a lot of media attention, as it should. However, it’s been a month, the attention has died down and the murderer is still on the loose. A $26,000 reward, from a combination of people and organizations, has been offered in connection with this case and still no offender has been captured.

Has our city and it’s residents become immune to violence against those who are here to protect them??

The citizens rally and march when a child is killed, or when an innocent by-stander is shot in gang crossfire, or when smoke detectors don’t work properly and an entire family dies in a fire.

Where were the marchers speaking out against what happened to Jose??

Where were the outraged community leaders denouncing violence against police??

Where were the rallies calling for our citizens to put their guns DOWN when told to do so by police officers??

Maybe I missed them. If you know of any let me know, I will apologize for the above rant.

The fact that three different officers in three different areas of the city were all attacked so violently got me thinking: "Are the consequences for fighting with the police severe and certain enough to deter these criminals?"

My answer: No.

I don’t have a ton of time on this job. But I have been around cops my whole life. In my years on the job I have seen my share of agg batt to PO cases tossed, or taken down to misdemeanor levels and I have also seen the officers’ disappointment when that happens.

In some districts, if you are not hospitalized, don’t even bother trying to charge the felony, it won’t fly. That doesn’t make sense to me. What kind of message does that send to the bad guys when they get just a slap on the wrist for fighting with the police?

Even the small physical transgression, like spitting and pushing that are not often pursued properly need to be taken seriously by charging the offenders with FELONY Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer. It is as simple as the “broken windows theory” of crime in association with neighborhoods. The theory, which most of us are familiar with, states on a very basic level, if you "nip the small issues in the bud" then they are less likely to become bigger problems in the future. Fix the broken window in the car parked on the street and criminals are less apt to strip it,  kids are less apt to vandalize it and so on. Therefore, if we go after the people when they start refusing to cooperate with police from the get go, maybe we would have less injured and killed officers.

It seems to me the message the bad guy is getting from the current state of affairs is, that it is ok to fight the police and in fact they seem to be getting more and more aggressive (hence three brutal attacks on three officers in less than two months).

As I said, I know violence is part of this job, however, curbing violence is also part of our job and if we can’t deter them from targeting us, that leaves the whole city in harm's way.

If these types of people aren’t afraid of taking on the police, who will they move on to next?

I shudder to think.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

17 MARCH 07


Monday, 19 Mar. 07 marks the 5th Anniversary of Officer Donald Marquez’s death. The Marquez family would like to thank the entire Chicago Police Department and friends who have supported and continue to support them. The Marquez family will be having a prayer vigil on Monday, 19 Mar. 07, 1800 hours at Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. All are welcome to attend.


The Chicago Police Department Regimental Concert Chorale rehearsal is Scheduled for Saturday, 17 Mar. 2007 from 0930-1100 hours at the Education & Training Academy, 1300 W. Jackson Blvd. Come and join us or call (312) 294-3427.


The Education & Training Division will host Semi-Automatic Pistol Skill Courses on the dates listed below. Each course is a 3 hour session and is limited to 12 officers. Registration is required. Officers must bring 300 rounds of ammunition to participate. The Basic and Advance courses must have been taken in order to take part in the Defensive Course (scenarios). The instructor is Jack Manfre, Range Officer, CPD retired. Call the Police Academy Range at (312) 746-4728 14 April 2007 Basic Course 0830 Advance Course 1230 28 April 2007 Basic Course 0830 Advance Course 1230 12 May 2007 Basic Course 0830 Defensive Course 0830 9 June 2007 Basic Course 0830 Defensive Course 1230


15 May 2007 marks the 26th Annual National Police Officers Memorial Service in Washington, D.C. Help honor Police Officer Eric Solorio, #13609 and all the fallen Officers. Information guides are being sent to Districts and Units. If you need more information please contact  reventive Programs at 5-5823 or Pax 0304.


The Education and Training Division is looking for Department members who can sing the National Anthem at Department events, i.e. graduations and promotional ceremonies. Please contact Lt. Engstrom at 745-8310 ext. 111 for further information.


Unit 606 FBI Violent Crimes Task Force Salutes 5th District Tactical Officers: P.O. V. Newman and P.O. W. Zavala.

On 11 Sep. 06, a bank was robbed in the 22nd District, by an unknown offender who was known to frequent the area. The FBI radioed for assistance and the officers who were in the area responded. TheFBI with the assisting officers took the bank robbery offender into federal custody from a known drug house. Thanks to the immediate response and the knowledge of the area, a dangerous felon was taken off the streets.Thanks for a job well done.


According to D.S.O. 04-12-01 ILI AA the Asset Forfeiture Unit is to be immediately notified not only for the recovery of bank records, keys to safety deposit boxes, or the recovery of United States Currency in excess of $10,000 Also for any large seizure of a controlled substance. In cases where United States Currency in excess of $10,000 is recovered, per D.S.O. 04-01 V14c note, the recovering officer will Not begin to bag the currency prior to a response from personnel from the Asset Forfeiture Unit if it is determined that the currency is suspect narcotics related.

Honorable Mention for Quick Thinking 18th District Officers

On 18 February 2007, a theft from person occurred outside the CTA subway station at Clark and Division Streets. A detailed flash description along with the proceeds taken, including the victim's cell phone, was broadcast by Officer Alfred. Within a short period of time, the offender was observed in the Cabrini Green area and taken into custody by Officer Chaplin, where a positive identification was made by the victim. Search incidental to arrest however, did not result in the recovery of the stolen cell phone.

Suspecting that the phone may have been sold in the area to obtain money for narcotics, a follow-up plan was devised. Officers Economos, O'Flaherty, Figueroa and Cazares relocated to cover all the convenience stores within the Cabrini area. After a prearranged radio signal, the victim's cell phone was called from the 018th District desk. Officers O'Flaherty and Economos, now within the Cabrini Food Mart at 647 W. Division, heard a phone ring and observed the clerk remove a cell phone from his pocket and attempt to silence it. When queried, the clerk indicated that he had just purchased it for $15.00 from an individual who had just purchased a single cigarette over the counter. An inspection of the phone display indicated a missed call from the 018 District desk number.

Further investigation revealed that the business licenses were both expired, and the owner was in possession of a replica firearm that was kept behind the counter in plain view. The collaboration and innovative approach by these members resulted in three arrests along with the recovery of the evidence that was instrumental in the approval of charges.

Based upon the recommendation of Sgt. Al Piantkowski, the undersigned District Commander, in recognition of the aforementioned talents and determination, hereby presents this Honorable Mention Award, adding his personal gratitude for a job well done. Award #8015946

Police Officers:







Congrats to these innovative officers.  Job well done.  Stay safe.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Dear Superintendent Cline,

Enclosed here is a letter pertaining to one of your police officers:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter to you. I have thought about you a lot since the day of December II, 2006. I don't know if you remember this day, but I sure do.

At Chicago Ave and N. Orleans, around 1:15 - I walked over to the police car you and your partner were in and asked you a question pertaining to parking. After you answered my question I went back across the street and was then hit by a Ford Expedition, thrown up and over in the air like a rag doll and landed on the ground with a broken femur.

After realizing what condition my leg was in and being terrified and in agony the very next thing I remember was you. You were right there next to me, allowing me to probably deplete the blood circulation to your hand while squeezing it and asking me questions about the Boston Red Sox. I remember screaming that my favorite player was "Jason  FuJ',&%$  Varitek."

I cannot ever begin to express my gratitude to you Officer Doyle. You kept me calm, (as calm as I could be) and you assured me help was on the way, and you just stayed with me per my request. I also remember your partner running about and organizing cars to clear out so the ambulance could come, and also arresting the man who hit me.

You handled this situation with professionalism and stayed composed throughout the whole ordeal. I even heard your voice when I was in the ambulance and it was a comfort. If I didn't know any better I would assume you and your partner had done that three times already that day.

Since this trauma I have had a lot of time to think. It is moments like these where people's true colors show. It was an opportunity to showcase your professional demeanor and caring nature that separates good cops from great cops. You, Officer Doyle are a great cop! It may be 'just doing the job' to you, but to me it was excellence.

My intention of this letter is to commend you on a job that went above; and beyond the call of duty. You should be very proud of yourself. I understand you also came to Northwestern and spoke with my brother who also greatly appreciated your presence and your comfort.

I have often heard the term 'decorated' officer. I am not sure if you are or will be for that day. . . if you are not, know that I consider you a decorated officer.  The Chicago Police Department and, more so, the citizens  are lucky to have you on the force.

Please keep up the excellent work Officer Doyle, and on days when you feel that your job can be thankless or you are dealing with more 'bad guys' than good guys. . . Remember that I will never forget that on that day when I was unable to help myself and in my darkest hour after a near death experience, that you were there. You will always be remembered by me as a true hero.

A thousand thanks to you Officer Doyle and partner, may God Bless you, and keep up the wonderful work you are doing for our great city.


Sheila Carideo

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Attention!! Officers Need Our Help and Support!!

PO Andres Zayas, Jr. has been activated into the military and sent to Afghanistan.  His company has been shipped off to a remote location 6000 ft. above sea level.  The locals do not have many things there and, in fact, use dried feces and animal dung for cooking and heating fuel.  Since this is such a depressing location, Andres has asked if we could send some stuff from home to make their lives a little easier. 

We are looking for donations of the following items:

Twin  fitted or flat sheets: You don't have to go out and buy new sheets.  Look through your closets and storage spaces, wash the sheets and send 'em on!  These guys aren't picky:  any sheets will do. 

Particle masks:  These soldiers need disposable paper masks.  Because the air is filled with the stench and debris from the burning of various fuel sources, the men and women are beginning to cough, wheeze and have other respiratory problems.

Alcohol Wipes: Any packages will do.

Pocket Pack of Kleenex tissues:  Again, bad air = respiratory problems.

Fly paper, fly traps: There are flies EVERYWHERE.  Having these traps may help  eliminate some of the pests, so the personnel can get some rest at night.

Lysol Spray:  Any size, any scent will do.  Enough said.

These soldiers are also looking for some "Americana" to remind them of home.  So if any of your donated items has logos (X-Men, Spiderman, Barbie, SpongeBob, catchy phrases---whatever--feel free to send them!

Any donations will be welcome.  Sgt. Frank Iglinski in the Bureau of Patrol is collecting these items to ship to Andres  and his colleagues.  Shipments will go out as items continue to flow in.  Call 312-745-6210 or Pax 0306 if you have any questions.

Thank you. 

Let's show our support for those who protect our freedom both here and abroad.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Don't Miss the 3rd Annual Run to Remember

Image001 Please join us for the 3rd Annual Run To Remember 5K run and walk.  Saturday, May 5, 2007 8:00 a.m. at Gold Star Families Memorial and Park.

Click www.cpdmemorial.org/run for details and registration or call 312-745-5286

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Good police work helps one of our own

On 04 March 2007, @0411hrs, at 2642 N Lincoln, an aggravated battery occurred where an off duty Police Officer was attacked and stabbed by a group of Insane Deuce gang members.

Officers on beat 1904, William Seski & David Cintron, observed the in progress incident . The officers observed a male lying face down on the ground, who was later identified as an off duty Chicago Police officer, and the offenders running from the location.

The officers took immediate action, rendering aid to the victim and detaining five offenders. The officer's quick response prevented further harm to the victim and their quick, decisive actions led to five arrests and charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery lodged against these dangerous gang members.

The off duty officer sustained two stab wounds and is currently recovering from his injuries.

The 19th District thanks you.  All of us in blue thank you. Thanks for being the police.

Command Changes

Congratulations to the following on their promotions:

Michael A. Patton has been promoted from Commander (Airport Law Enforcement) to Deputy Chief, Area 3 Patrol Division.  D/C Patton replaces D/C Lee Epplen who retired recently.

Leo P. Schmitz has been promoted from Lieutenant (12th District) to Commander, 8th District.

The following is a lateral move:

Commander James G. Carroll (008) is now the Commander of Airport Law Enforcement.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Another "Routine" traffic stop results in finding armed bad guys.

TRU Unit Officers S. Cho, M.Navia, J. Bala and D. Burright were assigned to work the 5th District.  At approximately 2325 hrs, 10 Mar 07, they observe a 1995 Infinity commit several traffic violations in the vicinity of 116th and State.  The vehicle is pulled over and as the officer approached the vehicle the driver is observed attempting to hide a handgun under the front seat.  The driver, Demetrius Stewart, 18 of Riverdale, as well as four other 16 year-old male passengers in the vehicle were immediately removed from the vehicle.  A .22 Cal revolver with a 5" barrel, loaded with four rounds, was removed from under the front seat.  The officers then hear a noise coming from the trunk of the vehicle.  As the officers open the trunk to investigate, a 16 year-old male is observed holding a sawed off 12 gauge Winchester shot-gun, loaded with 1 round and four additional rounds in the trunk.

Stewart and the juvenile in the trunk were charged with the appropriate weapons charges.  The four juvenile passengers were charged with curfew violations and released to their parents/guardians.  Everyone involved denied any gang affiliation.  Six deep in a vehicle with a .22 and a sawed off and no gang connection?  Yea, right!

The bottom line remains good police work has safely taken two guns off the street.  Stay alert and focused and we will continue to make sure the good guys make it home after their shift.  Some solid  police work results in a great job!

That so called "routine" traffic stop does it again

It is 0130 hrs, 10 Mar 07, Beat 822, Officer I. Lopez and R. Bell, see a 1997 Mercury commit several traffic violations in the vicinity of 58th & Kedzie.  They pull the vehicle over and as they are approaching the driver, Pedro Fuentes, 26, of 5000 block of S. LaVergne, they see him making unusual movements with his right hand trying to hide an object between the seats.  Fuentes was removed from the vehicle and placed into custody.  A custodial search of the vehicle revealed a .22 Cal Baretta. loaded with 4 rounds.  Fuentes was taken into 008 and processed for traffic violations and Aggravated UUW. 

And now for the rest of the story:

Detectives respond to a homicide scene on the 5200 block of South Winchester , at approximately 0200 hours, 10 Mar 07, where Edgar Cisneros, 22 of Chicago is the victim of a domestic related homicide.  The dicks are given information that implicate Pedro Fuentes as the ex-boyfriend who came to the ex-girlfiends apartment using duplicate keys to enter, became involved in a physical altercation with current boyfried Cisneros and Fuentes pulls the .22 and shoots the victim numerous times then Fuentes books up.  The detectives go to the LaVergne address and were told Fuentes was currently in the 8th District under arrest.

Area #1 Detectives M. Hughes, M. Bell and D. Brandt  transported Fuentes to Area #1 where he was charged with 1st Degree Murder, Home Invasion and UUW and Traffic violations.

The only thing  that is "routine" about any traffic stop is the "bad guy" knows exactly what he has done and the police have no idea.  Be careful, stay alert and everyone involved did a good job. 

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Bootleg Bust: 2nd Dist Tact Officers "Burn" Illegal DVD Makers

In February  2007,  Tactical Officers S. Wilson and D. Armstrong received information from a citizen that illegal copies of currently-playing movies were being sold at the "Platinum Plus Records" store on east Garfield Blvd.

Officers arrived on scene at the store and conducted surveillance where they observed someone purchase DVD copies of "Daddy's Little Girls," "Ghost Rider," and "Hannibal Rising"--all of which are currently in theaters.

After obtaining a detailed description of the offender "Dixon" (the store clerk who sold the movies), the Officers entered the store and placed the offender into custody.  Further investigation revealed a small blue steel .380 Smith & Wesson handgun, which the officers recovered.  The offender informed the Officers that he had an ADDITIONAL  weapon behind the counter, which the Officers ALSO immediately recovered.
While still on the scene, the Officers conducted a protective pat down of a customer (D. Hyde) who was in the store and was found to possess a blue steel Rohm .22 caliber handgun.  This offender (and his weapon) was ALSO immediately placed into custody. During further investigation, the Officers discovered mass amounts of illegal DVD's, with a street value of $10,000USC, and 2 DVD burners.
Both offenders were charged accordingly and await trial. Because of the Officers' quick actions, dedication to the community and outstanding investigative skills, (3) three illegal and dangerous weapons were removed from the streets of Chicago and an illegal piracy ring eliminated.
Nice pinch, guys!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Area Salute for Officers Who Went Extra Mile


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 14th District Police Officers:

P.O. M. Sanchez and P.O. J. Aaron,

On 16 Jan. 07, the officers' quick response to an attempted robbery call resulted in the arrest of an offender.

P.O. Sanchez & P.O. Aaron, having extensive knowledge of crime patterns in their District noted the similarity to recent robberies in their District. The officers located additional robbery victims and the Detective Division was able to conduct three lineups with the offender being positively identified.

This offender was ultimately charged with 4 robberies and the Detective Division was able to clear two additional cases. Thanks for a job well done.

Nice way to keep track of what's happening in the District.  Good investigative follow-up. Stay safe.

10 MARCH 07


Please join us at the 3rd Annual RUN TO REMEMBER 5K run & walk on Saturday, 5 May 07, 0800 hours at Gold Star Families Memorial and Park. Log on to www.cpdmemorial.org/run to register, donate or volunteer. Proceeds benefit the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. For additional info contact Rhonda Anderson (312) 745-5286.


A Couples Workshop will be held on Saturday, 31 Mar. 07 at the Education & Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson from 0745-1500 hours for couples wanting to improve their relationship. Breakfast & lunch will be served. The workshop is limited to 10 couples. For information contact T.O. Tom Cline at 6-8310, ext. 164 or Chaplain Tori Wilson at 6-8458.


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 14th District Police Officers: P.O. M. Sanchez, and P.O. J. Aaron,

On 16 Jan. 07, the officers' quick response to an attempted robbery call resulted in the arrest of an offender.

P.O. Sanchez & P.O. Aaron, having extensive knowledge of crime patterns in their District noted the similarity to recent robberies in their District. The officers located additional robbery victims and the Detective Division was able to conduct three lineups with the offender being positively identified.

This offender was ultimately charged with 4 robberies and the Detective Division was able to clear two additional cases. Thanks for a job well done.


When on a scene in which animals are present, and in the officers judgement the animals should be removed due to cruelty, the owner must be charged with a criminal offense. This allows for a forfeiture to be filed so that the animals are not returned to the owner.


All CPD personnel working within the CPD Headquarters facility are reminded that there will be NO ILLEGAL PARKING permitted in the areas surrounding the Headquarters facility. Parking violators will be ticketed and their vehicles subject to tow.


The Department of Aviation is looking for retired Police Officers to fill the position of Aviation Security Officer. Applications are available online and accepted only online at the website, www.cityofchicago.org/careerworks

Information on qualifications, residency requirements and job duties are also on the website. Job number AD#S44211-00010206.

The Chicago Police Historic Association is searching for active or retired members of the Department who are descendants of the officers who were present at the Haymarket Riot on May 4, 1886. The CPHA is preparing a display of photos and other memorabilia which links present day officers to those who served on that historic and tragic day. Anyone with information, photos, or memorabilia to share, please contact Officer Russell Schultz (012, 2nd Watch) at 312-746-6627. The CPHA meets once every other month at Police HQ and is open to both active and retired members of the Department who share an interest in our common, professional history. New members are always welcome.


The Chicago Police Lieutenants Association will hold its annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner on 13 Mar. 07, at Harringtons, 4300 N. Central. There will be a general membership meeting at 1800 hours followed by refreshments and dinner. All active and retired members are invited to attend.

Friday, 09 March 2007


As you know, this blog has featured success stories from the Department's Cold Case Files.  The work of this unit continues and would benefit from your contributions.  The Cold Case Unit needs investigative leads and information from the troops at large and the public to assist them with investigating and resolving unsolved murders. 

To that end, the Webpage for Cold Case Unit investigations is up and running.  The page can be accessed through CLEAR or www.chicagopolice.org/coldcase.   It can also be accessed through the Clear Path link on this site.

The unit will continue to add more cases as time progresses and this blog hopes to provide a direct link to the page.

If any Detectives have cases they would like submitted, you may contact the Cold Case Unit at 312-746-9690.

09 MAR 07


Retired Sergeant Otis Fleming, formerly assigned to Preventive Programs and Neighborhood RelationsDivision, passed away 4 March 2007. Waked at Dove Funeral Home, 5744 W. North Ave., 13 Mar., 1830-2100 hours & 14 Mar., 1100-1200 hours. Services and interment to follow.

* * * * * * * *

Retired Police Officer Raymond Pellegrini, formerly assigned to Gang Crimes South, passed away 4 March 2007. All services held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

* * * * * * * *

Eugene Dombowski, father of Lieutenant Gene Dombowski, passed away 7 March 2007. All services held in Wausau, Wisconsin.

* * * * * * * *

Leo Pfest Sr., father of Police Officer Leo Pfest Jr., assigned tothe 16th District, & Police Officer David Pfest, assigned to the 17 District, passed away 6 March 2007. Waked at Benson Funeral Home, 3228 W. Montrose, 9 Mar., 1500-2000 hours. Servicesto follow. Interment Rosehill Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

Civilian Crossing Guard Cora Preston, assigned to the 15th District, passed away 6 March 2007.  Waked at First Corinthians BaptistChurch, 922 S. Keeler, 10 Mar., 1000-1100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1045 hours. Services to follow. Interment Forest Home Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

09 MAR 07


On Saturday, 10 March 2007 at 0900 hours, a Public Auction of Abandoned; Unclaimed vehicles recovered by the Chicago Police Department will be held at Police Pound #1 located at 650 W. 83rd St. This includes approximately 150 police vehicles & confiscated vehicles which the general public may purchase. All sales final, cash only. Vehicles to be sold"AS IS". No Departmentmembers may bid on vehicles


The Education & Training Division will offer the following computer classes:

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Thursday, 15 Mar. 07

Tuesday, 20 Mar. 07

Thursday, 29 Mar. 07

Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint

Tuesday, 13 Mar. 07

Thursday, 22 Mar. 07

Tuesday, 27 Mar. 07

Intermediate Microsoft Word

Wednesday, 28 Mar. 07

All classes are a one day training session and begin at 0800-1600 hours. Classes are subject to availability. Members should not have scheduled court or other matters that will not allow them to complete the entire class instruction. Members who wish to attend the computer classes must have their supervisor or District Manager contact the Computer Training Unit at 746-8310.


The White Sox have dedicated 17 April 2007 as Government Employee Night.  All government employees, their families and friends are invited out to U.S. Cellular Field as the White Sox take on the Texas Rangers at 7:11 pm. Tickets will be specially priced for this event.  Contact Special Activities for order forms at (312) 745-5844.

BERWYN Police Department

Superintendent Philip Cline

Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Cline, I wanted to take a moment and extend my thanks to you, Commander James Jackson, Lieutenant John Andrews, and Police Officers Amanda Wright and Jessica Weir, all of the 011th District for their assistance.

Members of the Berwyn Police Department while working an indecent solicitation via internet case, ran into a hurdle; that is, the offender wanted to speak with the "bait "on the telephone. Smaller agencies do not enjoy the diversity of personnel that the Chicago Police Department does.

I contacted Commander Jackson, who offered assistance as did Lt. Andrews. Officers Weir and Wright agreed to join us in the Berwyn PD for the investigation and pose as the "bait " on the telephone. A meeting was arranged, and the officers joined in the surveillance.

The target, a paramedic from a south suburban agency, arrived, used a pre-arranged signal, and was taken into custody without incident. After being advised of his rights, he provided a full written confession to both investigators and the ASA. He has been charged with one count of Indecent Solicitation of a child. This investigation was successful in large part because of the tremendous spirit of cooperation and professionalism exhibited by Commander Jackson and his personnel.

This proves that "Together we can" extends far beyond the citizens and CPD, and into the relationship between CPD and suburban law enforcement. If the Berwyn Police Department can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to call.

William R. Kushner

Chief of Police

Thursday, 08 March 2007




Superintendent Philip J. Cline

Dear Superintendent Cline,

On behalf of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, I would like to acknowledge Officers W. Roman and G.A. Chavez from the 10th District for their excellent work in the case of People v. Alicia Patterson. This case involved small children bitten about their bodies by their drug addicted mother, and Officers Roman and Chavez were persistent in their efforts to secure a conviction from the beginning.

The Domestic Violence Division is striving to provide consistent and professional services to victims of domestic violence. Without the hard work of dedicated police officers like Officers Roman and Chavez, prosecutors like me would have a difficult time convicting domestic violence offenders.

I truly appreciate their support and dedication.

CASE STATUS / DISPOSITION: Pled Guilty / Found Guilty Domestic Battery I Sentenced to 120 days Cook County Department of Corrections and 18 months Probation.


Ericka Graunke

Assistant State's Attorney

08 MAR 07


Representative Neil Cook from Nationwide Retirement Solutions, (Deferred Compensation), will be at Police Headquarters 3510 S. Michigan Ave., Thursday 08 March 2007 in the vendeteria on the second floor from 1030-1500 hours.


Applications are being accepted from sworn members below the rank of Captain that are currently assigned to District Law Enforcement for Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team training. This is a state certified 40 hour block of instruction. Interested Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Police Officers who have completed their probationary period and are assigned to Districts may obtain applications by accessing I-Clear, selecting automated directives, and then entering 15.518 in the order field. Forward completed applications to CIT Coordinator, Research and Development Division, Unit 127. Further information regarding this program can be obtained by contacting the CIT Coordinator Lt. Jeffry Murphy at 745-5745 or Sgt. William Lange at 745-6071.


The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) instructors training will be held at Moraine Valley Community College, 9000 West College Parkway, Palos Hills, Illinois from 14 May 2007 through 25 May 2007. All Department Members interested in participating in this training must submit their request through channels to Preventive Programs and Neighborhood Relations Division no later than the close of business 09 March 2007.


Applications are now being accepted thru 9 Mar. 07 for Police Officer assigned as Mounted Patrol Officer. Refer to D.N. 07-06 for eligibility and application procedures


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation is an Official Charity of the 2007 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. TEAM CPD MEMORIAL is looking for runners of ALL abilities to become charity runners on 7 Oct. 07. Friends and family are welcome to join. For more info and member benefits, visit www.cpdmemorial.org/run or contact P.O. Rhonda Anderson (312) 745-5286.


The gym at Homan Square will be closed on 8 & 9 March 2007 from 0800-1600 hours. Testing for Explosives Technician I applicants will be taking place.


The Hellenic American Police Association will be holding its annual Dinner Dance on Friday, 9 Mar. 07 at the Rosewood Restaurant, 9421 Higgins Road, Rosemont, IL. Reception begins at 1900 hours with dinner served at 2000 hours. For tickets and further info, please call Sgt. Angelo Hitiris at (312) 420-6000.


The Education and Training Division is looking for Department members who can sing the National Anthem at Department events, i.e. graduations and promotional ceremonies. Please contact Lt. Engstrom at 745-8310 ext. 111 for further information.

Good Heads Up Police Work in 15th District

15th District officers: M. Lueuenberger and M. Malm (Bt. 1533) and G. Klimaszewski and R. Espinoza (Bt. 1523) responded to an Armed Robbery call at a Family Dollar  and apprehended the offender on scene. 

The offender was taken into custody and subsequently charged with Armed Robbery and Violation of Parole.

15th Tactical Officers D. Conway and T. Stack also had good pinches:

The officers apprehended an offender wanted for the armed robbery of a victim, from whom he took $7,000 worth of jewelry and $1,500 USC.  Offender was charged with Armed Robbery and Agg. Assault.

These same officers also caught up with an offender who was wanted for firing a handgun at a woman.  Upon his capture, this offender was charged with Agg. Assault and Attempted Murder.

Congrats to these 15th District officers. Job well done.  Stay safe!

Church Burglar "Sees the Light"--BLUE LIGHTS!

Bt. 1861E  was flagged down in response to a theft and approached the offender (who was seated in a vehicle) for investigation. The vehicle, upon further investigation, came up "hot" from a burglary in Elk Grove Village. 

The officers took the offender into custody and a search of the vehicle revealed various items of value. 

When asked about the items, the offender stated, "I got them from the church."  Apparently, the offender had burglarized a CHURCH in Elk Grove Village, IL. and taken gift cards from various retailers.  He also admitted committing other burglaries in nearby suburbs.

In his possession were 92 gift cards totaling more than $3,500! Other stolen property he had included a laptop computer, digital camera, palm pilot and cellular phone.

The offender was charged with PSMV and Theft/Control of stolen property.

This one man mini crime wave faces additional charges from thefts in Villa Park, Park Ridge, and Des Plaines.

Once again, quick response to a "routine" hand-waver nets good results.  You never know what your gonna get . . . .

Good job to 18th District Officers C.J. Pilgrim and M. Tamlo, Bt. 1861E.  Stay safe. 

75 Year St. Jude Tradition Continues

This year, the 75th Anniversary of the St. Jude parade will definitely include some changes, but the tradition, honor and pride of the march will continue. 

On 06 May 2007 the route of the march will change so that the Gold Star Memorial Park will be included.  Obviously we will not be marching from Michigan Avenue to the Gold Star Memorial Park.  The march will take place in the area of Gold Star Park.   The exact details (such as the assembly areas and the march route) have not been finalized.  As soon as this is completed, the information will be posted on this blog.  Parking will be available.  Let's continue to show support for our fallen and their families.

Click the file below for a history of the St. Jude Police League March.

Download st_Jude.pdf

Wednesday, 07 March 2007

CPD Officers Nominated for Illinois Law Enforcement Medal of Honor

We'd like to congratulate all of the 2006 nominees for the Illinois Law Enforcement MEDAL OF HONOR.  These officers were nominated by Command Staff for outstanding acts of heroism, bravery attention to duty and self-sacrifice.

In their own way, each officer's actions exemplify the true spirit and courage of this Department.  No award can truly recognize all that officers do on a daily basis, but these nominations show why so many of us are proud to wear the uniform.


PO E. Solario: Killed in the line of duty.

PO M. Specht: Seriously injured in on-duty traffic crash.

PO T. Hall: Courage and bravery, disabling an armed offender.

PO D. Crowder: Courage and bravery while off-duty.

PO R. Thomas: Injured while apprehending fleeing suspect.

CAPT. G. Carroll: Captured armed murder suspect while off-duty.

PO's G. Woitel and J. Lally: Rescued hostage from armed offender.

SGT R. Sliva and PO's J. Ferraro, H. Bone and M. Brosnan: Captured suspects wanted for a series of armed robberies.

Congrats to the nominees.  Thanks for your service and sacrifice.

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

07 MAR 07

Retired Police Officer Deltca

Ervin, formerly assigned to Staff

Services/Hate Crimes, passed

away 3 March 2007. Waked at

South Shore United Methodist

Church, 7350 S. Jeffery, 10

Mar., 1000-1100 hours. St. Jude

will meet at 1030 hours. Interment

Abraham Lincoln Memorial


* * * * * * * *

18th District Officers Break Robbery Ring

Teamwork and quick response helps 18th District officers make arrests in a series of strong-arm robberies.  Bt 1864 and 1813 arrived on scene, responding to a call of "robbery  just occurred" and found the victim lying on the ground. 

The victim provided officers with good descriptions, which they relayed to other units.  A tour of the area by Bt.'s 1811, 1812 and 4603 netted subjects who matched the descriptions given.

The victim ID'd the offenders . . . and his PROPERTY!! Arrests were made.  Further investigation of reports of past robberies involving I-Pods showed a robbery pattern and yielded descriptions that were VERY similar to the offenders in custody!

A review of these case reports showed that a number of people had been attacked in the same manner by the same or similar number of offenders and had their I-Pods taken.

The rest of the story is in the hands of the ASA's, but ALL offenders were charged with Robbery and three were charged with Agg Batt.

Rightfully, Commander Georgas wanted to thank the officers of 18  and the assisting units for their work:

Officers:   Bt. 1864B: T. Parham, D. Smith;  Bt. 4603: Molina and Maldanado and Wozniak; Bt. 1813 Scanlon and Sniezek; Bt. 1812 Penny and Hurley and Bt. 1811 Mercer

A routine call, that might have been treated as "ROUTINE", turned out to be significant in stopping a bunch of kids from victimizing a neighborhood.

Good job and stay safe.

New Recruits to Graduate on 15 March 2007

The Graduation Ceremony for the Recruit Class 06-9 will be held on Thursday, 15 March 2007 at 0930 hours, in room E451, Level 4 of the Lakeside Center, McCormick Place East Building, located at 2301 South Lakeshore Drive.  50 Recruits will be participating in the graduation ceremony.  Class 06-9 began their training on 25 September 2006.

Good luck to the recruits.  Listen, learn and be safe.


In response to recent questions: the ceremony is open to the public.

Monday, 05 March 2007

Officer Alert: Hidden Cuff Keys

We received an email regarding this hidden handcuff key.  Thought it might be helpful to pass it along.

If you are the police and see this. . . be careful and know what to look for.  If you are a criminal and see this post. . . SO WHAT!  We are on to this trick and if it keeps just one of us safer, then that's good enough.

Download 07021handcuffring.doc

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Brutal Murderer Apprehended by A/2 Detectives

On 28 FEB 07, 005th District officers responded to a "check well being" call on west 118th Street.  There, they found the victim, 27 y/o Tanisha Thurmond, inside the apartment unresponsive.  The preliminary investigation by the on-scene officers determined that there were obvious signs of a struggle.

Area Two Detectives Lazzara, Sandoval, Branigan and Carlassare were assigned the case and immediately began an intensive investigation.  Their investigation led to the victim's boyfriend, Allen Blanch, 35 of 11800 block of Wentworth, as the probable offender. 

The detectives engaged in an expansive search for the offender, whom they believed fled in the victim's vehicle after he murdered her.  Their search turned up the victim's vehicle and the offender at a motel at 7700 S. Cicero.   The offender was taken into custody, where he later confessed admitting he strangling the victim during a domestic fight and then fleeing with her vehicle.  Blanch was charged with First Degree Murder and has a court date in Branch 66 on the 1st of March. 

In 24 hours or so, the murderer of a well-liked, young teacher was cleared with the offender being arrested and charged appropriately.

Excellent work by the A/2 Detective Division and the officers who initially responded to the scene.

An Answer to the PDT Questions

A LOT of officers have sent in comments and questions about our equipment and PDT's.  We spoke to the Commander of Information Services and this is the information we have:
The Information Services Division in conjunction with the Department of Fleet Management and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications is now in the process of replacing all end-of-life MicroSlate Portable Data Terminals (PDTs) with Panasonic Toughbooks. The Toughbooks provide high speed wireless access to CLEAR Data Warehouse and other functionality including the ability to retrieve digital mug shots. Soon, incident reporting, mobile crash reporting, field contact cards, and automated citation writing will occur on these new Toughbooks.
Today, over seven hundred (700) new Panasonics have been installed in twelve (12) districts, TRU, and SOS (now in progress). We anticipate the remaining districts will be complete before the end of 2007. Various funding sources are being utilized, including federal homeland security dollars. Over two thousand devices will be replaced when the project is complete. This is a multi-million dollar effort and is our top technology priority.
The Department, working with the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, is now in the process of replacing hand-held portable radios with units capable of communicating on any appropriate frequency, and a plan is being finalized to upgrade the entire radio infrastructure.
Thanks for the questions.  Keep 'em coming.