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Monday, 08 October 2007


The Medical Services Section is seeking sworn members, below the rank of Sergeant, interested in working as Case Managers/Nurses in the MSS. Qualified applicants MUST be classified as a Registered Nurse-R.N. and possess a current Illinois license. Interested members will submit a current resume and TO-FROM report to Inspector Thomas K. Schaedel, Commanding Officer of the Medical Services Section.


The Carter Harrison/Lambert Tree ceremony will be held on Tuesday, 9 Oct. 07 in City Hall Council Chambers at 1100 hours. This year, a member from the Chicago Police Department will receive the Carter Harrison medal.

ARE YOU AWARE? The Mental Health - Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program is now assigned to the Education and Training Division. The CIT office and training center is located at the CPD’s Alternate Training Facility, Near North High School, 1450 North Larrabee Street, Room 176. The phone number is (312) 337-2853 and fax number is (312) 475-1870.


Interested in becoming a G.R.E.A.T. Instructor? Access the application on the CPD Intranet. Open Bureau Sites, click on Office of the First Deputy Superintendent, click on Preventive Programs in the tool bar and print the application in the Resources and Forms section. Return the completed application to Unit 132 via fax at 5-6980. For further information contact P.O. Catino at 5-5841. A two week training is scheduled for January 2008.