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The Boca Raton Jewish Community has an Eruv which allows its members to carry parcels on Shabbat. Several years ago, the boundaries of the eruv where expanded and the eruv now consists of four sections. Our aim is to have the entire eruv, all four sections, kosher and functional every Shabbos. However, the sectional construction of the eruv enables parts to be usable even in the event that a particular section(s) is broken and irreparable before Shabbos. Please check with the shul on Friday to ensure the sections you wish to utilize are operational.

Eruv News - December 2006

Eruv expanded to include additional communities near BRS West


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1. The Primary Eruv - Shown in GREEN on the map.

  • The boundaries extend between Glades Road and SW 18th Street, north and south, and Powerline Road and Florida's Turnpike, east and west.
  • Glades Road itself and the Raddison Hotel are not inside the primary eruv.
  • On Powerline Road the eruv boundary follows the FPL poles; therefore certain sections of Powerline Road itself are not inside this eruv. When walking on Powerline Road, please consult with one of us regarding what is in and what is out of the eruv.
  • SW 18th Street itself is not inside this primary eruv.
  • The Florida Turnpike is not in the primary or expanded eruv.
  • The primary eruv only includes the section of Palmetto Park Road east of the Boca Del Mar traffic signal until Powerline Road. Therefore, when crossing Palmetto Park Road, the primary eruv only permits carrying when crossing in the crosswalk east of the traffic signal.

2. The Eastern Section - Shown in ORANGE on the map.

  • The eastern section attaches to the primary eruv, expanding the eastern boundary from Powerline Road east to Butts Road / Military Trail.
  • The northern boundary remains Glades Road. Please consult with us if there is a need to walk on Glades Road in this eastern section.
  • The southern boundary remains SW 18th Street with SW 18th Street itself outside the eruv. Please note that the Southern boundary expands to the Hillsboro Canal, south of SW 18th Street and west of Powerline Road (See Southern Section below).

3. The Southern Section - Shown in BLUE on the map.

  • The new Southern section attaches to our primary eruv expanding the southern boundary of the primary eruv.
  • From Military Trail to Powerline Road the Southern boundary remains SW 18th Street, with SW 18th Street outside the eruv.
  • From Powerline Road west to the Florida Turnpike. The border is the Hillsboro Canal.
  • Sections of SW 18th Street are not fully included. Therefore, those wishing to cross SW 18th Street and remain in the eruv must cross east of the signal light at Boca Pointe Drive and walk through Boca Pointe to gain access to Powerline Road.

4. The Western Section - Shown in PURPLE on the map.

  • This section extends the existing western boundary from The Florida Turnpike to US 441 / SR7.
  • With this expanded section all of Palmetto Park Road east of the Florida Turnpike that is not in the primary eruv is included, allowing one to cross Palmetto Park Road at any point.
  • SW 18th Street itself is not included in this eruv.
  • Glades Road itself is not included in this eruv.
  • The Florida Turnpike itself is not included in this eruv.
  • Carrying over the Florida Turnpike is permitted only through Palmetto Park Road overpass.
  • US 441 / SR 7 is included in this eruv. However, not all sidewalks along US 441 / SR 7 are included in this eruv. Sidewalks from Palmetto Park Road to North Central Park Blvd (the access road to West Boca Medical Center) as well as to Palma Vista are included in this eruv. If there is a need to walk elsewhere on US 441 /SR 7 please consult with one of us.


Boca Raton Eruv

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