Rare Trax - 2001

01. War
02. Cadaverous Mastication
03. Sovereigns Morbidity
04. Debt of Nature
05. By Emptyness Abducted
06. Don't Speak
07. Abnegating Cecity (demo version -90)
08. Internal Evidence (demo version -90)
09. Concatenation (remix)
10. Ayahuasca Experience
11. MPEG video: New Millenium Cyanide Christ
12. MPEG video: Elastic (live in UmeƄ)
13. MPEG video: Tour and studio clips

Review by Espn:
It's been three years since Meshuggah released the superb album Chaosphere. A new album is in the works, but meanwhile the band now releases "Rare Trax", a collection of demos, videos and other hitherto unavailable material. A couple of the songs here seem a bit unnecessary, like the tedious version of "Concatenation" and the demo versions from the first album. I believe there is better material still hidden in the lockers somewhere, so this collection kind of falls between being a "complete vaults" and "best of the vaults" and being neither.
But finally the first EP from 1989 is now available on CD (tracks 2, 3 and 4). And the highlights on the record are the two demo songs recorded between Destroy Erase Improve and Chaosphere. These two songs ("By Emptyness Abducted" and "Don't Speak") display Meshuggah in fighting fit, and we're once again reminded that Meshuggah is the world's best metal band. This CD is a must for the fans, but others should rather buy Chaosphere or wait for the next album.

Line-up: See cover for details.

CD NB 605-2 (Nuclear Blast) Promo.
CD 27361 66052 (Nuclear Blast) - the first batch of this CD had errors, see below
CD MICP-10259 (Avalon) Japanese version

The drums on tracks "War" and "Concatenation (remix)" are programmed using the digital "Drumkit From Hell". It was created by Fredrik Thordendal, Daniel Bergstrand, Tomas Haake and Mattias Eklund. You can order the complete drumkit at Drumkit From Hell.
The MPEG movies were missing from some CDs with number CD 27361 66052 (the first batch). Click here to get a functioning copy if you bought one where the MPEG movies didn't work.
Another problem with the first batch of CDs was that the song listing printed on the disc was incomplete. A correct song listing was printed on the backside of the booklet (and on this web page, of course).
Also on the first batch, about half of the songs had their starting positions misaligned. This meant that if you're manually pressing the "next song" button on your CD player, you miss the first couple of seconds of some songs. This problem doesn't show if you let the CD play without pressing the "next song" button.