Scientific Computing on the Sony PlayStation 2

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the Computer Science department at the University of Illinois are exploring the use of the Sony PlayStation® 2 game console for scientific computing and high-resolution visualization. The PS2's Emotion Engine CPU has two "vector units" that are designed to manipulate 3-D polygon graphics for gaming. Sony's Linux Kit (for PlayStation 2) provides programmers direct access to the vector units in the CPU, allowing them to be used for these non-graphics tasks.

The pages linked below give some background on the project and outline work done so far.

Emotion Engine CPU
PlayStation 2 Computational Cluster
Learning to Use the Vector Units
Pablo Research Group PS2 Project Overview
Other projects using the PlayStation 2 for scientific work

News Items

As work continues, announcements will be made on this page. To automatically be notified of new developments, subscribe to the PS2 Cluster Announcement Mailing List.

This work is funded in part through the National Science Foundation grant number ACI 02-19597. Sony supports a discussion and technical web site related to Linux kit topics; it is frequently used as a resource for this project.

For additional information or questions about the project, please contact Craig Steffen

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