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In 2004 EWS initiated the Company Train (CoT) project to provide a replacement to the company's aged inspection saloon with a modern equivalent utilising MK3 vehicles.

ESG has managed the complete package of concept, detail design, modification and certification of EWS's Company Train. Based around a push-pull high-speed train concept, using a Cl.67 locomotive with ex-WCML MkIII DVT and 3 trailer coaches, the train features a fully converted interior to adapt the train for its future use, including a board room, cinema and lounge/bar area. All this achieved within ground-breaking costs and timescales. But the real achievement has been how ESG has turned into reality the concept of using the 125mph Cl.67 with a DVT to provide a versatile and efficient trainset concept.
Essentially a moving office, the train will enable EWS to be fully active in the field, enhancing the delivery of reliable services. The new train will also be used for customers, management, staff trips, functions and charity events. The concept was to provide a "Conference" coach with cinema and conference suites, a "Dining" coach with reception and bar area and a "Sleeper" coach containing five bedrooms, two with En-suite bathrooms. The train consist is a push / pull configuration with a Class 67 locomotive and MKIII DVT and has been finished in a distinctive livery.
Project Overview
The Company Train project involved the following conversions:
Class 67 Locomotive
  • Fixed fire system to allow remote operation
  • Forward facing video camera's in both cab


  • 50" plasma screens displaying forward and reverse facing camera's
  • Cinema seating
  • 7 Metre conference table and 14 Swivel seats
  • Interior door and partition alterations
  • Roof mounted antennae
  • Electrical racks housing the on-train network and entertainment system


  • Reception and bar area
  • LED lighting
  • Longitudinal seating
  • Electrical rack housing the on-train network
MKIII Sleeper
  • Bedroom conversions to 5 suites
  • 2 En-suite bathrooms & 1 communal bathroom
  • Additional CET Tank
  • Water heaters for showers
  • Forward facing video camera
  • DVT control system and through train wiring for class 67 / DVT push pull operation
  • Gauging assessment allowing increased route clearance
Based on our past performance in providing turnkey projects, EWS commissioned ESG to provide detailed designs, structural calculations and provide a comprehensive design scrutiny submission document that could be presented to a Conformance Certification Body in support of a Certificate of Conformance - Vehicle Design. Project management of the conference coach, DVT and locomotive conversions was also included.
Key Features
  • Convert conceptual designs into detailed drawings
  • Design scrutiny (against Railway Group Standards)
  • Increased route clearance for WCML DVT
  • Liaison with regulatory bodies
  • Selection and control of third-party sub contractors
  • Documentation and reporting
Skills Profile
  • Knowledge of content and application of Railway Group Standards
  • Structural Assessment
  • Braking Principles
  • Gauge assessment
  • Project Management
  • Review and creation of technical documentation

Now proven in this way, the Cl.67/DVT concept provides an attractive range of options for otherwise redundant LHCS vehicles, such as those recently displaced from WCML services.

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Photographs and project detail reproduced by kind permission of EWS Railway Ltd