The Story Behind "Almost Home"

written by Kerry Kurt Phillips, Craig Morgan

performed by: Craig Morgan

| Interview with Kerry Kurt Phillips conducted by Adam Olson & Jason Henke |

I met Craig before he was a star at a benefit in Ft. Campbell, KY. Craig, who was still active in the service at the time, played in the round with me and a few other songwriters there. Years went by, and Craig was signed as an artist to Atlantic Records and had some mild success. After signing a deal at Broken Bow Records, we somehow we ran into each other and ended up getting together to write for the first time.

He came up to my house in Hendersonville and we kicked some ideas around. We started talking about a guy on a plane who fell asleep, and was dreaming. He was this high-powered businessman...probably some execuitive going somewhere. He was dreaming about the simple life, and the guy wakes up and says “I was almost home.�" We played around with that for a while – the double entendre of him almost physically being home and then being close to home in his dream. We kicked that around for a few hours, and ended up with a homeless guy that had a run in with the singer of the song. The homeless guy was reminiscing about his earlier life.

A lot of people ask me if the guy almost died...was he dying or dreaming" It's funny how people have different interpretations. That's the neat thing about a song, and I think understatement is the key to a good song...leaving enough room for the listener to draw their own I never answer them on that. I guess it's up to the listener.

We wrote the song over the course of a year or a year and a half. Craig was touring, so we ended up getting together four to six times before we finished it. I felt like it was a hit from the first day we wrote on it. Craig sang the demo and Phil did a great job in the studio producing it.

Sometimes when your songs get recorded the final result isn’t what you envisioned. But “Almost Home�" was one recording I was very proud of in every aspect. This was probably the most emotionally provoking song I’ve had a hand in writing. People have commented often about the "Cottonwood Song" and I say, "You mean 'Almost Home'" and they say, “Yeah, the 'Cottonwood Song.'"


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