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PunBB - Glasnost · 2007-09-18 13:23

Glasnost, a policy of maximal publicity, openness, and transparency.

June of 2004, that’s when Radek Hulan, creator of BLOG:CMS, turned me on to PunBB. At first I thought he was joking, it looked too spartan, but then I installed the forum on my server and have used it ever since.

PunBB was the second project I became involved with, mainly hung out on the forums and later became a moderator. For one release, I helped Rickard and Paul with the docs and I was officially named part of the team.

Ultimately, I became the PunBB cheerleader, everywhere I went, I brought along my pom poms.

June of 2007, that’s when Rickard announced to the developers that he was approached by SoftDeluxe, a company based in Russia. SoftDeluxe wanted to buy the rights to PunBB, keep the present developers, all would be the same, etc.

In my 25 years in IT, I’ve written just as many lines of code that have gone live as those lines that some pointy haired boss decided to scrap. That’s why I decided to get involved with Open Source, I knew that what I did would see the light of day, no matter what.

The SoftDeluxe news hit me the wrong way, I decided to resign from PunBB rather than argue against it.

3 months have passed, I guess the sale went through, though there is no official word. The SVN commits have been few, only Rickard and Smartys doing the coding, the other 5 developers, silent. On the support forum, again it’s Smartys with Paul chiming in every so often, the other 5 developers, quiet.

Thanks Rickard, it was a nice ride.



  1. That explain some things, yup.

    Jérémie · Sep 18, 10:31 PM · #

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