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No Doubt singer flies solo and hits the dance floor for her first solo album, Gwen Stefani could have gone the solemn schlock route. But fortunately, she obeys her disco instincts on Love, Angel, Music, Baby. It's an irresistible party: trashy, hedonistic and deeply weird. Stefani's gum-snapping sass brings out the beast in her beatmasters, especially the Neptunes in "Hollaback Girl" and Andre 3000 in "Bubble Pop Electric." Dr. Dre and Eve appear in the Fiddler on the Roof goof "Rich Girl." She sings repeatedly about her obsession with "Harajaku Girls," until she sounds like a Japanese pop princess in Valley Girl drag. And anyone who can get New Order on the same track as Wendy and Lisa ("Real Thing") is some kind of visionary.


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Review 1 of 5

churchill91 writes:

4of 5 Stars

very good

Jun 4, 2007 17:09:30

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Review 2 of 5

zanes1 writes:

4of 5 Stars

Gwen Stefani flies solo and hits the dance floor, you say? True. And she succeeds? True. After 16 years with No Doubt, Gwen goes solo. Scared and alone of album sales and critics, Gwen did it and comes out stronger than ever. The album has an 80s dance-pop theme for the strongest tracks like "Cool" and "Bubble Pop Electric." "What You Waiting For?," the leading single is a stand-out and Gwen speaks to herself and her solo carrer in lyrics such as "Naturally I'm worried if I do it alone/Who cares 'cause if your life/You never know it could be great." And with those 3 lines, she could never be more right.

Apr 20, 2007 09:55:06

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Review 3 of 5

TONY writes:

Not Rated


Mar 16, 2006 13:47:33

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Review 4 of 5

iluvbritney writes:

5of 5 Stars

Love.Angel.Music.Baby was definitely album of the year. The sound of this album was unique and new but is a classic. All of the songs could've been released as singles and had the potential to be hits. From the hype, foul-mouthed "What You Waitin' For?" to the hip-hop thugged out "Luxurious" to the foot-stomping club ready "Hollaback Girl", LAMB offers a wild, electric party of entertainment. Some "super-kuwaii" (super cute) tracks on LAMB are the 80s Madonna-esque "Serious", the homoerotic "Harajuku Girls", the Hollaback Girl part 2 "Crash", and the laid-back, summer hit "Cool". All in all, Gwen Stefani definitely deserved the Best Pop Vocal Album & Album of the Year Grammys for this delightfully weird & entertaining album.

Feb 9, 2006 14:07:38

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Review 5 of 5

Curdey writes:

2of 5 Stars

I've got two words for you - "Harajuku Trash". Gwen Stefani's debut solo release is nothing but Bubble Pop Crap that does not deserve the recent hype going around in reviews about it. It'll make you a fan, but a disappointed fan at that. The first song to appear - 'What You Waiting For' is a hit - with it's catchy chorus and unusual sounds, it's sure to hook Gwen-haters (like I was). Then this short-lived train ride gets derailed too soon with the yawner - Rich Girl, slow, boring etc. (I can't even be bothered to talk about it). Hollaback Girl is bittersweet as it almost pulls this derailed train ride back up, but when listening to lyrics that sound like they were written by a foul-mouthed two-year-old, it makes you feel sorry for this 36 year old veteran to the music industry. Cool is a surprisingly good song, probably because it's over and done in 3 minutes, and has an 80's feel to it. Bubble Pop Electric, featuring Johnny Vulture, is the second best track, under What You Waiting For?, with a cool story and awesome groovy sounds. Luxurious is half-decent, but repeats itself way too much, and Gwen's terrible singing voice does not help. The rest of the album's a blur, as I think I dozed off quite a few times, Crash is trash, Stefani's sick obsession with the Harajuku culture goes WAY too far in Harajuku Girls, come on Gwen, they looked like ugly gothics, they're not THAT fashionable...anyway, the rest of the album is too boring to mention, except for The Real Thing and the last song, Long Way To Go, which is about black and white relationships, that is great until they dabble on way too long after Gwen and Andre have actually finished singing (if that's what you can call what they're doing). Overall, and in the words of Hollaback Girl, "This my sh*t, this my sh*t" - yes Gwen, this IS sh*t!

Jan 30, 2006 23:43:48

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