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Feeling a moment

This was one of the first songs written for the album. I actually started recording that song in the studio on my own at the Crypt. The song was written at home, as soon as I had that intro, the vocal “woo who” bit – what ever you want to call it – that was a really important hook for the song. It starts off backwards, like the tracks being turned backwards and then it kicks into the intro. I think it is a more typical Feeder track, we felt it was a powerful start to the album. Lyrically, its trying to put your self in somebody’s mind – in somebody’s head space, that could be somebody close to you or whatever – trying to kind of imagine how they feel about either you or about how they see things or how they feel about the world, wondering whether they have similar feelings to yourself. It’s quite hard to explain, but that’s where it’s coming from.

Bitter Glass

Again that was one of the earlier songs written for the album, it’s probably one of my favourite songs. It’s one of those tracks that when you have an idea for a song, and when you start writing it down, it is very hard to get that idea in your head down on recording. But I felt like I really captured what I was trying to get from the original idea in this one. Lyrically, it is probably one of the darker songs on the album – it does have echoes of the past and what happened and stuff. But I think it is uplifting and has quite an optimistic feeling in the chorus. It has a hypnotic feel, I love the piano in the verses, it gives it a kind of haunting melody to it. I think there are different meanings to all songs and it is all down to the listener. I don’t want to drown out people’s thoughts on this record. I want them to find their own image from it. It’s as simple as that really. These songs can be interpreted in loads of different ways – they could be love songs, they could be songs about a break up with a partner……… 

Tumble and Fall

Again this is about the ups and downs of life. It’s about life in general and how you deal with it. It covers the journey of life and how you have to take the ups with the downs. I wasn’t going to record this song. It took me a long time to finish it, to be happy with it, because the song went through various stages. I wasn’t sure if we really needed a tune like that on the album. But I decided to go to the studio to record an acoustic version just to see what happened and that’s how the song started. It was a completely one take vocal, live with the acoustic guitar and we built everything else around it. It is an acoustic track that grew into what it is now. So that was the only song that we recorded like that on the album, so it is a bit different for that reason and is probably why it has an organic feel to it.


This was a song which I wrote on the piano. I just started writing that little intro and thought that it had a really strong hook. I wasn’t sure if it would stay on piano or whether I would change that line and put it on a guitar or something else. I got so use to that nursery rhyme intro it has. It’s a song about how you recover – it’s a healing song.

Pushing the senses

I had most of this song finished by the end of our last tour – the end of 2003. I had some of the lyrics, but it wasn’t completely finished and was a song which I had been working on here and there. It was a track which could be recorded in many different ways. The way we have done it is quite up tempo- a kind of rock song but we could have done it with strings and slowed it down. I really liked the album title “Pushing the Senses” and it was an idea I had very early on, on my album list. It is probably one of the most up beat songs on the album – it is quite classic Feeder – a really good, energetic track. I was trying to get that slightly more indie thing with the guitars. 


We recorded this song in Liverpool. It is a very simple song that was written on piano. We laid down the piano track first and we just built the drums and everything else around it. It is a very simple song and I wanted to do kind of what John Lennon did in some of his earlier stuff. It is probably one of my favourite tracks on the album again – it’s so different to what I have done before. The closest I have done to a song like this in the past would probably be something like ‘Radio Man’. I wasn’t purposely trying to do piano songs; it’s just that I purposely tried to write on different instruments. I just felt that some of the songs sounded better on piano rather than guitar this time round. It took me a long time to finish this song, I know it sounds very simple, but it was quite a difficult song to get right. Although some songs sound simple, often, they are the hardest ones.

Morning Life

I wanted this be a very atmospheric track, something that would be great when you are driving around in your car. I wanted it to have quite a cinematic intro to it – it is quite sort of dark, but then you have a really uplifting chorus which is what I like about it. I like songs to have quite a few messages in them in some way. But it is a song that is down to the sounds that we use to gain that whole atmosphere but it’s a song that I think gets better the more you hear it. It’s a track that most people who have already bought the album are starting to pick up on – they seem to pick up on that one after they have heard the album a few times. It’s one that takes a while to get but once you listen to the album a few times – it becomes very strong. It’s a really good song that could have been made in so many different ways. I could have recorded it in a much more commercial way which would have probably made it a more obvious radio song but I really like the atmosphere as it was and didn’t want to mess with it too much. It’s on that we might re-work actually and make another version of it. I think that song has a lot more to it and another version is a possibility. 

Pilgrim Soul

Probably the heaviest song on the album - a song that will probably appeal to some of the earlier fans. It’s a track we love playing and is definitely a good live song. It has that classic Feeder in there which I really felt the album needed just to give it a lift at the end of the record. I think the chorus is really positive – you just have to get on with it. It has quite a dark verse – you are on this slightly negative journey but there is almost a sort of answer in the chorus. It has quite a sing-a-long chorus which is what I think makes a song work for me. We wanted the album to be like an old and to make sure the second half of the album have something that could really lift it in a kind of rocky way – that’s why we decide to break at “Pushing the Senses” and have this song at the start of the other side.

Pain on Pain

This is a song which is quite a different track for us – I haven’t really written anything like this before I don’t think. It felt like a great song to put at the end of the album it felt very uplifting. Pain on pain has a high vocal range, even though the music hasn’t got any guitars in it, just a few odd little bits, it’s a real sell out vocal on that song.

Dove Grey Sands

It is a calm, mellow end of the “film” kind of track. I did try and make this like a film, I know that sounds odd but I really wanted it to be not overly long – I wanted to leave you wanting a bit more but also leave you feeling like you have been on a really nice journey. “Dove Greys Sounds” felt like the perfect outro – it’s really calming, makes you drift off and hopefully bring the album to a nice end. It was a relatively easy track to record and it really evolves round the acoustic guitar.